Would You Pay 25 Grand To Guarantee The Sex Of Your Baby

Thursday, February 8th


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Would you pay 25000. Dollars to guarantee. The sex of your baby. You've read OK okay so tell it feels like why you would you do. Or move them. And so he can guarantee you there that test allows you figure it out you would do. Three boys like Kevin bear cubs. Are irate basic talent that perspective I guess is yes. Hi Ian what do you would you think 25000. Dollars to guarantee the sex of your baby. I at at an accurate when he died out or else. They'll do it or is that what else. And I get it acquired adopt that. The adoption option yeah adoption of his great option. It. Will eat it if you can't. That at look at it. And is somebody. Do you work with adoptions. I never let but the I. So so since you're on the phone with us right now on I believe everyone lands on this show for a reason. Something we need to know about the homeless in western Iraq. Adelaide you are almost people that ask anybody that Britney. Well I. Well I let how to every single day actually and people don't think about it I. And how a lot of what you market it ain't right our daily wrap Eric solid somewhere eight get. Arnold play I you know lack Annie. Higher. People I didn't occur around trees and almost written on at a college there and take it out. And T get that thing. Because people feel that that. Can you tell me one story that you've heard or learned over the years of how someone became homeless because it's. Teachers. Our have got a little little it actually eat like like they get that that's sorry that they target my caddie and he was homeless because he was anchored center. And doing it all got out at our he had now and actions. Lola. Me like why me I really liked the script and I'm but I'm back I had a guy and then you know I'd apartment or eat both the book are Ang. See. At this eat dinner right let me LJ and easily sell well without. Last night and yet now he knows go to that act out and get. That makes out with wild isn't. Colin Angelina aren't you studying plans. And it. And it only lock it and they and I blew it. My husband and I look at other and I think. I I go back to. It I. I. Mean I've got I've got you point out that. I. Would it but it. I. And by way. I can you imagine going through five pregnancies in every time you get a boy why now. And never really like going right your diet that in Sydney with a lot of kids. What you. Yeah. Exactly exactly and and it's so I mean you know my mom had one boy and four girls my other girlfriend and she's got three happy birthday to your mother in an office had enough I don't think my hands you know. You're saying you more than I gotta keep saying. What I say Delaney thank you for Colin yeah I think I'm in the same boat as you and final call hi this is Dennis. That brought Melissa you get the final word on the question would you spend 25000. Dollars. To guarantee the sex of your dream baby. Absolutely not. You I'm asking have done ivy app. Didn't and I hit two beautiful twin baby girl and and that crap that they that they may be that developing and very Alex. Terry implant and so that woman's womb why can't they and take a lack developing embryo just because you want at the facts and your baby. I would like my back camp. Okay that's really always had the option to pick the gender of the best developing embryo. You know resist because it's awesome it really tells the saxophone and I don't currently can now down. You can't gas. But not for me I would take whatever I do want healthy babies. Whatever IQ that farming and we'll take a long at their house they. Are you are you comfortable talking about in vitro. I'll pinky so how many times did taking it was a long like I don't know much about it. We did six under article excellent nomination are. And then we look back and do ID act and I was fortunate enough stability economic urged right. While that's fantastic. For somebody listening that's going through this right now to give any advice or something you can share words of wisdom. Just don't look that helped that process for the long and it's exhausting to emote emotionally. Mentally. Physically. But at the end of but Ernie Barrett belly pulpit and you get your dream miracle baby. Was it like. Just surreal to you when you finally delivered the baby and you had a baby in your arms and you're like I can't believe I got to this point. A yeah. I it would get I still to be out of my brother nineteen month old I still can't believe I have two beautiful baby girl. The twins. I went. Some do you dress on the same. I am a net about threatening on the bag for single day even at that yeah. Although it is amazing how as as someone that sees this. So you win twenty parent go ahead and like just clone them and asked them are they and their identical. They are not. I want actually looks like me and the other looks like my husband. Oh that's amazing and so. There so you can absolutely tell them apart. One got dark haired dark as the other has light haired blue light. All I'm so happy for you at you know what I asking these questions. On I'm happy for you but I know that there's somebody listening right now because the women that listen to the show many many many of them. Are in that zone of trying to have babies in there and nothing more frustrating. Then you know waiting that thirty days and hoping that you know. Your part at this time and it can be so such a daunting task to go through a cup and I didn't individual. I understand it's a week away after you have your procedure and that it be worth its weight are the find out if you're pregnant. And they're actually I want a while Western New York part girls aren't they spot. Called out in Western New York infertility. And without those women in there. I don't know how how I could even make it there because just popped in a people who understand. It's huge early and not many people do understand. I'm in the pain and which are going are now. That group was extremely helped. I have and and I'm sure you'll agree with Imus I have always been you know as a woman was and babies. It Allen blasted everything but I'm always very careful never to ask woman are you pregnant yet when you gonna get pregnant because you never know what somebody's going to would you agree. I agree absolutely. Absolutely. I'm so glad you called the good of office. I appreciate it some see you would absolutely not spent 25000 dollars. Now I would take that to my two basket that or one basket however I'm re out you're going Q output back in the world. I just want my best chance possible. You wouldn't spend a dollar it sounds like you which is not a single out some 25000 doesn't make different note that the. Good information from you think so much for colony and get it.