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Thursday, November 16th


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Has no I don't believe. Okay that's why I is doing well ADR is how bad here. Can't complain we're counting down to Christmas bash 2017. Don't know why you tell me what's new is why don't we. Well he did spend that are working hard work the next event her first book he's glad he did get ready for the show in buffalo going to be fine. What is bend the hardest part of these rehearsals for each of you. John. There actually hasn't been any really hard part I mean it's Ben and then I'll find. You Corbin. Well I mean the they always have a big rack ghost came payment because he's so the hardest part means been trying not all of the yeah. So they go with a famous Amos overtook pole late and it still gets yeah. I can you now how we had our slogan the order. Well is that yes they did. Ask itself how about you Daniel what's been hard for you with the rehearsals or what he loved the most. Are what I love the most Carly and music epidemic is that we we've been doing a lot of stuff around you music and instrument we claimed that in. There's any kind let's get a sense at least in my opinion as part. So Jack is you get ready to go in front of a lot of fans how are you feeling about these rehearsals and getting ready to put on a big show. I'm feeling great actually did the trick I don't know. And that comes saving the best for last perhaps how are you feeling with these rehearsals. Younger age. I mean it is at this moment we are an increase of playing that in the back Arenas who did this so we're planning her we're really excited to learn how to do it. They are still real. Soon and. On the phone with why don't we I watch you guys to mention the lights dimming the crowd goes crazy. Tell me how your show starts Saturday December 9 to kiss dispatched. This is gonna start with a bang. You have that that you bought into that ganguly too much but it's going to be you're really really don't show. Did real coup on the phone and the most out of all of you guys. We've done so the most calm probably Jack. Jack yeah mom's area because either together there's all you don't there are among the Florida. Jack would you agree here on the phone the most Arab. Sheik yeah yeah yeah. Tell me one thing you love about the WDW fans. Are they like you guys their handling yeah I did look active and out there like it's weird we anything they'd immediately like. The whole reactor and it didn't seem the type after that they can do this and that that they're kind of they're great sorrow that's really cool would be lake. How it's not so much there's not as good about like each other with them and then they might just eating each other like gains in now on another plane you know they they may. Grandma and each other and it is just this thing you know we can do in Seattle make an impact on their life think that. Kiss anybody I. I have this morning with why don't we Jonah do you drink coffee. Well I love proxy attack. You're good man how do you take honestly most morning London get black but then don't mind and that doesn't seem to some but that morning that I like blue Americans figured it depends in the morning you carbon. No number I don't. It didn't stay I think I'm the only one not manly enough like copy and get them into. So Cornell what do you drink in the morning thank you wake up and you got I have something to drink what would you drink. I during get nicer bullet serial. I felt as. Do you drink your cereal. They thought I have to happen under you yeah I'm happy. That you have to believe you didn't even though. Well I'm I'm supporting that totally like I'm thinking need to serial first nine to drink the milk afterwards right. Yeah I have this guy aren't you part thing you know if you actors Buddha and beautiful almost serial. Yeah but a little bit milk on there so you know you hate that delicious by eight years children. I'm feeling like this is how the beginning of a song gets made you guys I need a why don't we serial song right now I know you guys Kenny general line to let go ahead. Well I don't read your. I know he. Man beer and dream big but I don't keep track he had dreams and who. I don't know if you can't fit I don't think it's. I. Married very nice deck is you guys start to work on new music are you going in any particular direction that you're excited about. Actually yes and we and don't really wanna give it a lady says we like peace. Secret I'm it is it is better actually yelling down with someone with so court cannot and we're really excited to work other. Jack what's the coolest collateral you've heard recently. Actually we just heard yes there were on our way to reverse those and turn on the radio and guess they have and then the has done on the other end Moore had long battery on. Daniel how you guys working with Taylor Swift would you guys consider it. Oh yeah. Good gas burner it's fun yeah I married I can do that is the. Are either marriage or a collaboration. Now you guys know you have a lot of fans that love you to death. So let's not the perfect girl like look inequality she'd have for each of you some to start with do you Corbin what's the perfect girl for you. Her for me. I don't bet. Like in my head that you immediately. Wow they go home and you you perfect girl I could Sunday here or if you're an at bat got a good. Jack what the perfect girl yes. Bringing doughnuts so yeah how. He asked the senate to get Perez Justin Bieber first have a huge John. Who this is genuine girl who pinned hope the congregation. In Ghana could congregate there. Pat yeah that's. And Zach I didn't forget about a year. I wouldn't say it makes me laugh lead in the movie get. I passed. Guys we'll see you back in buffalo Saturday December 9 for Christmas bash brings some warm coats it might be a little bit chilly. Already Atlanta leaking getting about civilians. Absolutely the heart shaped jacuzzi we're talking about but I in this area. Thank you so much for taking some time to talk with a us Ed you're right why don't we on kiss 98 point five.