What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeve

Thursday, August 16th


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Because he's both a little strange but I absolutely and what people have gloom out. Housing popsicle and it was blue and it made another cut in yeah that's our. Hulu team we don't have an altered state. You know what makes the best blue. Ring pops. While we bring parts probably the most hybrid indigo blue out my boy gets all the time love. Scott wanted to where you are on it though fund it can do a little bit. Steve and when you see somebody with a blue tongue what happens you. I don't want. That is happy that the should hi Carol what's your biggest puppies. Go in it. All. Out or. It. Yeah that that's not fair because that panic listen to everybody else's experience I. I brought the baby to a movie before but they slept through itself. Some movies and then use I think you need to expect that you're gonna get that. I. Are saying I thought. I. You know it's gonna. Sing a little people talked in the movie that's fair pat PME what's your pet peas. Commented I am with. Sure that. You can eat. So I have to check myself sometimes because some of the grocery and and then I get the feeling of wait a minute I've moved up too far I am too close and sometimes I'm that guy and then I have to back up. But then I need to go if there's someone behind me live I need to back up on them so well and trying to play along with your rules sometimes it's difficult. You do it the worst is those summertime because weren't flip flops or whatever. I I would like you literally my poor Achilles tendon I'm always worried because I've been clipped before about people it's like. Kid. And he sometimes does things her to manage. And the mall Florida right. They get OPEC. Don't think it's got a gas underground. Church volunteer nationally what is your biggest pet pig is asking. My let it upon people prop them out both food. Yeah. That's a horrible. So do you react to it you'd say something because sometimes. I think actually I think people are unaware sometimes that they're doing what do you think. I always say something because that bothered me expelled by my three year old doesn't it. Opposite it's a. It's an adult is doing it will reduce. I just found a psychic it's great. Well if they opt in like I don't I don't need to attribute. My game but are you the person that asks a question someone's taking a bite. OK so you're aware of that situation. Yeah I you leeway in LA very volatile as the. You know my biggest that you won them I've just a year ago. You have more than a couple of this is what I can think every now and I literally. Can't handle with somebody by its canals. Like bites that nails pills they're nail on I don't it's so. The key to me it's very and then you know sometimes you can here with the B scratching him to. So they bite their nail and then you can hue and cry and I can't even think sometimes people like to leave it remains. Case. It's us and I see with that is on the Sarah and. I. Am adding that all got that all go bad and out and I don't. Believe. It is so funny Tim because I think I'm definitely guilty of that but like you want some announced her and same with taste this taste so bad taste. You know you can insert a lot of. What do you wanna check like is in my released now is this is bad as I think it is. And then they almost on a show off like no this really smell this don't really want to share I get richer and nobody wants to arm itself. Funny. The good happy Chris sure just how do you point five what is your biggest pet. Well I work in Russia and so calm what are my biggest therapies as when I ask somebody can I get done on the jury and they say no. All but I'll have a water. I I yeah as a customer I think sometimes they're like I don't wanna pay for a drink but all they can beverage. Yeah as part of my. I figured I would surely. How are you running into the customers who say that they want everything no gluten no gluten gluten but then dessert comes around. And it. Talk it out what's wrong with that in the Chris just decide how do you feel about them raising minimum wage being somebody that works in a restaurant. Well I think it's also arms especially as far there's not as involved but I think if they're so involved that. You know Haitian and make. Whatever that allowances. I mean. I do yeah I totally do what able to work that out because. A lot of the restaurant workers that do rely on tips this minimum wage thing is turning them I wonder. If they're going to come up with a certain category of worker where minimum wage is adjusted if your tips based sell and how that will be regulated like. That makes sense because it's a business owner. That's gonna kill a lot of staffers here very difficult choices on politician your biggest pet Pete please. Good morning I don't call her calling and I think I'm calling and they. People talking about all. Then get back and that they have a general lack. Just in general what. Oh yeah yeah. So is sometimes having having chips on my database that can you hear me that when I'm crunching can you reach that yes I can hear you but hardly are allowed cruncher. And why I thought about. Them. On this this. Clinching a and it. In the right. And that. Apple bought it and I. Even. I would I. Would beat and they are. I act or are you. And Jan oh yes and I'm in place for the sound it is able food. And our guys got me here is apple sauce. Like yeah. Odds and yet that's thinks Colin this just in from the text line Pam says please tell people to return their carts to the corral at the grocery stores. Come on that as a pet peeve I agree with that totally. I. Now that's never gonna be fixed now she's got to give up on one. I really will be nice if it would be nice which is gonna leave them and so it's his momentum with that group. I just go grab a carton house and leaves it. We'll bring it back down. Which of these puppies. I got through what is it during. Her work the next day and acted opposite on there really it. At each other won it here in people to exit the water and moderate their post and an eight tonight packed up. Rom ha. Is free. Throw so is. Sharon there. Disgusting the lead keep clean nice when you're. Stealing your drinks like who yeah. On. On do it let it pull up what work. I get up the morning I don't opt in public beating Ali mosque. Yeah it's up to wake up boy out. Teacher write the wrong guy and I this year struggle Israel I appreciate you Jacqui in just ninety point five we wanna hear. Your biggest pet peas. I. It's still my biggest pet peeve is when you're leading entrap our air and capital city. Either and other reenact your right Horry didn't catch the error code at all that it. Well. OK so quiet about it at great and act as everybody else but the reading that it. Yeah here's the thing there's no hard fast rule on that that that is that social. Law like you. There's no law that says you can go right to the very end immensely over. I'll see dat dat pet peas Jackie that I would like to add to it probably somebody's gonna turn left and they ride dissension Elaine. Favre before they expose you. And then if you go to cut it where there's little break in the line ever had IMAX daylight rear and Uga there blast and for instance is always so scared you know I mean. Yeah yeah on you know address it they took out. You're playing you're playing them the line game will that would summit's coming up already I always I always thought that. But also. And shared or new drivers that is one of those things you need to learn people are gonna do that if you're gonna. Cut in and go into the line and left turn lane. Check your shoulder. Check always that no one is advancing U and coming up behind you need to check that even though the lines are you know he could be dead wrong right exactly or did right and right is that right. Hi Joseph what's your biggest piece. Well and I go to two. Won't martyr other convenient sort. Double parked right in front door right to fire away. The only thing. What if they're putting something in their cars and okay. I think. That's what they're waiting for Larry there are passenger. Yeah they're quick shopping. But that he's just going inform and connect our regular. Wal-Mart more than anywhere ballpark break from the pedestrians are supposed to go. Apart I can hang back a little bit and what's wrong but at least he out of yeah I do with them and advocate when Rosie I can he protect good morning. How would you biggest pet peeve. When you at work. You hear food that you clearly articulate odd. Powell's salons of I could handle that yet in my finish it off and put a note inside my container at their android ice cream cheese. When you're so did they have the whole thing just a nugget of it apportion it like how much. Probably three quarters of it. The cream cheese container. Did it say that it was just for you because it looks like it has just been public for Jews stuff. Had my. Power is an in Philadelphia. The. It's you whether it's confusing it and all I put some natural jibes. He know what's funny. Is that happens here at the radio station I stayed we lists Saturn radio stations here and people are very protective of their food. There is. You need you've got to so my pet Peter is the string of all employee emails that come all the way and that because I never used I would never use it. You know we don't just look for somebody that's your during the day and maybe they wanna bring in my husband and I look at what's. Of these food and words there are people doing us has our. Brought it here. Oh where it what it called again the good luck working that out sing your anxious study point five. It is happening right now yet do it right. What you're all at. An hour at Mallon our climate. And people are going there. Does that drive you crazy it's so dangerous. It can't patent has Levy thing and it just annoying especially when you're trying to get. What's what's the situation when you passed that driver what's the usual person recent IPO is looking in my. 900 million years old you can something else sometimes there's that or sometimes there's just like you don't look confident on the road and all you'd never a young person it's some plus some people do not like to drive on the through weight at all and not unless they can use local roads and stay out of the way they don't. 9 am. The judge passed her and do you judge when you pass the person you look at the men and track the story. I don't. They. Are at. It. The words. I don't know. I read out. We appreciate his. Jaw. And a learning these anti. They've both revolver on the fact that you're not yeah. I'm. At I close my door I didn't think that it upon the dark in the lead. I do our hope Monday. That I mean. I haven't spoke to EO. And that he get it. Out. I had it or grammar. He'll let your email and we knew that there are urgent order. Like at credit they I'd seen other. Apps. I don't like we're in. You've got you've got to let it go it's gonna have a good friend who who misuse the word to. So I. Supposed to be T I don't know how and making sure her such a good friend I don't wanna be Richard that person so I just let it go because I'm like oh that's their thing about it. Which Jordan I am guilty. Writing emails the way I taxed. And you know what I need well but I just go to the puck a monthly the. Els I think a lot and add it back like I am not an act and act when I think that I can't. Like I don't expect them to give you a bit like. He's done that air are actually and things like that I think it different is it that betting that aired it here. You know adding brighter in the app or meet dealing with our actual all day long you know and went. Coworker of my point it out but it dramatically and crack. At Ali I'd be pretty good at yet you. Just happened job as meager professional right of the. A lot of people that should know how to speak better as far as the administration has. It's a whole lot I see this I think that. Actually. It. OK I we're gonna go on and that there are a lot of employees. Well oftentimes the administration might not match melt your everybody's. And people can't and we will reply all and announced it like art. And elation on whether AD or graduation this morning. And I can not even attached now. An inter I I'll. You know. Make sure that you know that I care like they. Right. Yet that I and you don't want those those big reply all kind of emails out early and had the text messages where it's a big group of people are. And then it becomes a conversation and less for two days. Or. Are we. You need to flip that and learned to embrace that I'd like to reply all when it really does say that it's funny.