Weirdest Thing In Your Eye Calls

Wednesday, February 15th


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I'm weirdest thing you've ever gotten your high. You talk. Yeah. I Boller eyelid. There were caught the corner is Blake. Great yeah great supporter. Of those cooks go in but they don't come out would you do go to the emergency room. No my body goes out of old Florida. Must know well I'd just brought the line there are molecular. Their flight deck butting heads open and you know sometimes you have a couple will work yeah. You know their virtual Muqtada it's one lead piercing. And at the fact that there is that a cup decorum react. So just where it was a Dubai winner again now. Now the southern morning Carol you gotta get up early yeah yeah you fly fishing on the fishing. Don't restore and I was curious. We hit double folks were broke her hand if you look per share to blocks on here and arterial turned to her. And step it excellent excellent era aren't there. Although I just caught up caught yeah. Fortunately our bodies are able to get it out so. A kind of had to go back directly at. Where the pitch for awhile which isn't as sexy. Did you it is if you if you play it up like a pirate did you tell her I. Had in the works right out our. We don't. Look. Good start something stack yankees ninety point five weirdest thing you've gotten and I Jan. It might be. A great artist Chris Wright got a corner minority. Just have we just like standing in the bee flew down on oh I was spraying out is not the one. It like it came right toward. That's we that's news to you for doing what you mean. How long did about the book is these stings linger. Yet it swelled up. Allowing for a couple days. Out a kind of weird and Terry aren't just they like. I think he'd gotten in your height and and I pat well I think I got hit caught up there yeah. Okay this is pleased to incidents if if it's your new to buffalo poco and yet these are people well you just. What you just heard were the words my pet squirrel. Who love us love our weird quirky when he does the squirrel militant or just how. That's why did Kabila and I'll battle it out of the baby in a bottle and it and it slipped litter trained and everything and if grant me an idea wanna tell the I don't know what happened because I knew he'd yell fight. So I got poked the ball. And hoping that he what do you how. He's just tell me what your pet squirrels nameless. Not YouTube and then. Oh what bottle of wine we that you bottle you nod your swing and its fiscal out now. So where they made it a minute wait a minute. Okay. I need to work at the and a woman accurate that you took it upon the I. More questions in the clip of how our logos I. Love you for being on our listeners. They can hang your pets well. Own. Posts. Almost frees up. Acts. Go with anything kind of animals. Kelly weirdest thing you've got in your kind. Good morning good morning. Why did the web angular lines. Check or. Typically things are on the outside right now and you open that up contestants inside. Yeah I like it got hard keeping it at the old ones are little things that outside shot that would. Well. Or not it's wonderful little. Little. Right. A huge it's looking like stinger. Not not not good that was I OK afterwards. Our rent or earning you know it we're the pirate hat. Again. The word of the day. We're got. The keys and there. Thanks cal severe in just 98 point five you get the final word weirdest thing you've got in your time. I actually a couple of years and I had gotten mad and I met your current. Com I had nick got a new pair and old paradigm but not found a way an eye on the hospital with really big. And it at that I had gotten from wearing old combat. I don't know. Meadows our Security Council careful with those content. That are we out. Now. Cassidy that was a good story but the pet squirrel that was drinking can look at it as much as yours is good. There's probably better than yours just Medicaid. To dramatically areas but you do it fits all that you bottle now. And we like the story Cassidy thank you.