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Thursday, October 12th


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UB bulls head coach. Lance leveled how idea I'm doing well ordinarily are very good today how have you recovered from seven overtimes there. Well it was it was quite a game Janet didn't in yet draining draining for coaches put expression for sub par players we have players have played over a hundred plays in that game meant. So we really had to take a look at how we've got about a week and me and getting them ready for another top opponent. Yeah you've got northern Illinois Saturday at UB stadium tell us about this game. It'll be you know another another big challenge force an excellent football team northern Illinois went he vs Nebraska and mid September and upset cornhuskers and in a tough environment they've gone on plates and Eagles stayed at top twenty team and lost by seven and so they're going to be good football team excellent defense but. You know our guys worked really hard I think we're a vastly improved football team from where we ban and even from the last time we spoke on error soap. I like where this teams heading in hopefully we can try to get one of these close games slipped in in our favorite come away with a victory. Do you wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of the game like and think about it. Yeah I don't live streaming or or I want sin nightmare I just you know these. There's there's times I think you whether it be past games or future games Yi Yi is coaches there's a lot of sleepless nights are. It erupted sleeps with scenarios and things to come up in. No I had been invited by the on the nightstand streak in the dying you know keep track of things and it's. Try to go through that but that's like we live in doe one that we love and enjoy. As a coach I'm guessing you're always kind of planning and scheming where's the weirdest spot where you've had inspiration. Ortiz. Weirdest spots oh man it. I don't know why I guess older some of those things that. You know way anywhere that you might be I don't wanna stay you know like has never been Myers say you get excited I keep your focus that you need to put its first when your church or something like. After your name is okay yeah. One of those that you don't want that you're going through things very cheer what are your kids events and and you're trying to stay focused but. Yeah there's one that you're not always proud of but unfortunately this does this occupation can be you don't mind consuming yeah. It's so exciting to see the bulls home again I know you want all of fans to come out there's a seven hour ticket blitz October 12 which is today. From 10 AM to 5 PM you can get ten dollar tickets to see the UB bulls play in this is so fun to do were excited about this game whether it's pretty good tip. Yes does you know it's been awesome all slash late summer for us you know and it's been great pin. I know a lot of people have talked about this and it's been on national television you know the way our game one and didn't. You know hopefully we'll get a great crowd in take advantage of that chase failed because you know it's. It is it dead that was some of the most exciting globally and a team on the on the short end of it I as I told our team after the game that was the greatest football game I've ever been a part of now we got to find a way to get to win that we could sure use a great crowd help us do so. You know it's crazy because October 7 which was the day you played and went into seven overtimes was the same October 7 between Georgia Tech and Cumberland. Where was the highest scoring game Everett must be something about October 7 where we get these weird football games. I did not know that Janet two it's kind of weird and seven and seven overtimes and almost singles. Well. Thank goodness for a plan on Friday the thirteenth that's all I've got us. I thought Friday the thirteenth I don't think that's such a lucky day coach is just going to be one of the games where like because. For the next few home games students are away so this is like where students can really be there and be active and get involved pants. Well yes and that's driving it very plain as English is that this is our last Saturday's home game of the year you know and you know also if people wanna get a mid week sick day or something they can plan ahead in November but jobs. You know this is our last time on a Saturday to get out and you get a Saturday tailgate experience to do that and then the next one after that will be Black Friday so yeah this is a great time militant we got great weather got a great opponent our team is playing really good football sold it all lined up pretty well. UB bulls head coach Lance libeled on with us before I let ego could you just talk me through the proper technique of a tackled just in case. Need to tackle somebody today. You got tackling WG and we would be great to have you come out and work on it can wrap up catcher had a crossed keep your head out okay users shoulder. Wrap club. And then roll up as well. My point. Egg kind of like you'll dig mandate commercial and it stop drop and roll but you don't wanna drop your knees before you make contact is a context first then I got in my case as well yeah I try try to keep your feet tall and all you want to go through what you don't they don't run over you but does tackle. Yeah I think we can do this on a segment live gators yourself red tape that sometime I'd. I'm down with a country. I stand here oh yes you know me I will now push a slot I will push. Light hearted that sounds great outlook reported that one on Saturday good luck thank you very much evidence on.