UB Bulls Football Coach Lance Leipold

Friday, September 14th


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Kids study point five we'd welcome to the show UB bulls head coach. Landslide told good morning coach. Good morning Janet Oreo possibly work cited as big UB bulls game this weekend. That's a bit exciting one I don't know of anyone this early in the year dates and look at schedules but at eastern Michigan and UB would be both. Undefeated at this time should should be heard an exciting day an exciting night at UB stadium. We hear now that the game is at 6 o'clock at night how do you feel about game time. I love it I love and I think you know especially Western New York in the buffalo community there's a lot of you can activities Sam they attribute a lot of things that happened I'm during the day and and you know great way to cap it out his to bring the spamming out to a night game it's a great atmosphere and you know let people we have beautiful weather but real cool down into the evening. This is gonna be a black out game what do you want fans to do in the stands. Well we're gonna Wear all black uniforms who wants fans to Wear black but who wanted to be as loud as they can be and strong of course enjoy themselves. Let's talk about time we Jackson your quarterback is a stud. Yes he says he is an outstanding. Quarterback outstanding young man he's gotten us off to a great start it's. You know is thirty years now as a starter he you know he's got great command of our offense and leading our leading our offense and I think Graham. You know I he's been able to surround himself with some talented athletes as well there's our offense to get off to a great start. Nine touchdown passes over the first two games the most in school history to start a season and tied for second in the nation. In passing touchdowns that's why how and while. Yet is saying you know I guess that's another reason there's somebody hasn't come to watch our team player player released plane the last few years you know I think we're a different style you know we were even when we first arrived in. And we continued to be one that's going to be aggressive offensively and Perry should you you mentioned his numbers started to date to end up we real don't stay on paste your. O line wild. Hasn't allowed a sack and I'm knocking on wood isms say and that how how your coach apple lying did not let a sack captain. Well I you know I think it starts you know obviously the individuals have done a nice job let's their position coach derelict also and most people never even hear the offensive line coaches for any football team usually and he has done an outstanding job beast he's an excellent teacher I think there's a lot of things that goes in the preparation. In offensive line play him one is studying that would be opponents gonna do in certain situations and I think those of those linemen out of we have a Fairmont that are played. You know good amount of football on their career and thank. I think gave understanding what what different looks are going to be and they've been able to execute well and tired Reese got to does have done a great job of getting rid of the football. That helps prevent sex as well. How much percentage of these winds are due to superstition do you think. And Clinton got the great question I don't know what if I could you know. We knew we are creatures of habit that's that is for sure I did you know we we'd like routine others will cause superstition. You know I doubt even if there was that much you know I told the guys if that's what could be we wanna have to practice during the weeks Lola. But you know there's there is some good ball routine there is some money habits but it's still comes down to. You know how we produce on game day. So the bulls are forced seven turnovers so far just some kind of a prize they get to when they force a turnover because that's a big deal. No you see around the country I don't know I guess I'm behind the times and that tell you don't turn over changed people have. I saw one school has a leg up thrown that they're got to get paternal mortgage single sit at ten. You know there are some things I don't know but if you lose it's if you order viewers your listeners have some great ideas get them to us so we can see me evil from the use. Yeah a premium parking spot will be yeah patch. You know yes there you and purple the turnovers were in the big turnover parking spot and oh yeah club in your campus it's impossible to park. Would yet that's got to be good her yard because you know on all college campuses not just guards you know parking tickets you don't seem to console yet maybe it be like a week's worth of no parking tickets or something like that. What we're so excited for Saturday night's game good luck coaching good luck to the evils. Well we appreciate it jetted Niki guys have a great weekend appreciate the opportunity talk about a program. Everybody is invited to see the UB bulls take on eastern Michigan Saturday night you be stadiums 6 o'clock horns up go bulls this is kiss 98 point five.