UB Bulls Basketball Coach Nate Oats

Friday, March 9th


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We welcome to the show you Eagles head coach. Nate oats with that new five year deal congratulations coach. Yeah that. You know what I'm the only that's sold twelve million people are actually two years ago I. You know I heard you at a press conference yesterday and I wanted to yell at you because you've got a long road ahead you and you are not. Doing what I intelligent and dill. I ran out I walked his dog got the first play consuming and I. What my own in ran out way too long okay do you want abortion legal didn't machines. She doesn't know what you have gone equivalent. Melissa we're gonna do a quick voice lesson here because you've got a lot of yelling to do tonight against Kent State. If you put your hand on your stomach the weight to breeze the proper diet for medical way to breezed to save those vocal chords. That you need is your stomach should push out into the palm of your hand. When your breathing. And then you yeah. Meg meg you have got re entry probably doesn't shoot. Excellent to she's in trouble because their comfort food so we struggled late entries close on the structure which you can do to achieve. Usually coaches ought to. Top of no proper solution of all figured out well. And then who sign their five year deal after you came on our show could you please go somewhere give us the credit. Yeah I need you guys just push it over and actually right there on the break conditions close the. That's what you said make this happen when it happened you're welcome. You may not concluded. You local folk who are appreciated you know so good I'm glad you're staying in buffalo when I signed my contracts literally from day one I've always sunny with a smiley face did you. No the next bubble world look you're good you're Good Morning America like what I. Of all I could just forward truth in my last when he got older sister who lives in the little house while it is. I won't dare you to really go into a happy happy he's saying is why not take your favorite mode G and that's your oats perfect exactly. Dead kids first of all that basketball game I should talk little basketball at a basketball game talk about the game yesterday. Army that. They queue up for renewal of thought toward guys do for a little mobile won't soon forget they're even gonna get out of its cultural political most small missile. The American with a upset pews at all third issue out of trees. Social Christian should sought to reload demoted from the more moving deduction magician at all from the three point line. I don't know who they don't mistreat those intersect in the conscience encourage we can twelve walks we played pretty garden. With talks we didn't get. Not a bad all situations where you have to there's no food or wherever and therefore it's important way to get cooked through and then we. Blue blue red gold and what were about fifteen but it did feel a little harder and we want to preserve. But we're concerted it's. Showed some when he or and so it's that's how bad the vehicle's gave him 401 it gives McEnroe Borg Warner. Exactly Jeremy Harris had a great game. They're pretty good to see you can get to Baltimore where. Or hit it off is say and I love I love when everyone keeps reminding me he's junior cousin yes we have next year yep that's awesome. What are connecting us more and more didn't. Form direction so fast forward to got a lot of noise and look from the addition of a reflection of their dual dual. Let's talk about that 630 Kent State game you have today what do you need to do to win. They're bosh there are due to determine who. Can actually moral philosophy and your hero a popular it. Until you know what about percent to that it got a big seven Porter and we that a purposeful life. The first thought maybe deliberate know about chopper to resolve their choice and and we were up eighteen the first and did illegally Norman. So would've been just huge oil was our first conference loss of them. We've got a kid that actually determine who beat you Lester general walker loans that played he played from an article also. And all over bottom third of Detroit BR. So you can go offer. Thirty year old lover loans but yeah they've got their double courtyards are to score a lot of different just keep your and then often political deal would rather than many. That we at certain times certain games would settle for 2% more yesterday it was good broke stern will have like 44 essential when we get. Good are shooting back and maybe maybe was first came generally and in Cleveland most with what I think I will be focused saw her go Doug Miller can be just. Having worked with a player in the past how many of those tendencies do you still see in his plane now. Yeah a lot and he's got a lot better than bill those concerns let me tell one's fault issue when their budgets and enjoyable. Moves and you know what part footage that you saw what you see here my last year Ramos of generals sophomores in jail more than. Planned upon renewed on Mars is or your employer with a slight knock to Russell. Goes to working raise the west was a little warmer questions. Kind of a leader in journal learn from all those guys just don't jail of their leading scorer Tim miles off. There are a lot of good to have them see just what voter distrust. What's different about that regular season vs playing in the Mac tournament like what do you have to keep your players focused on. What's the atmosphere like in Cleveland. I mean you know that as a way Gregory obviously and an alternate and got. I'm neutral toward Seoul you know ball cold side do you did you crowds there. They're not but I think more which just took the pressure on you know if you lose your dog regulars you lose your bench gave her. And low pressure so. They also have gotten out cam 10 last year we wanna build two years before so. Shall be experienced group of guys who are allowed us and I shall wash your own. Just some guys who played some good gains you know American. Soon you'll want to negotiate terms freshman so I think you'll be returned to our people we can never watch her underdog so you know a lot of but a lot of talk about it and is there and they'll feel pressure a little bit besides talk about no little pressure off you. Britain where there's the intensity the venue as the head coach and coach of the year congratulations. You need to keep them loose so they can she'll high gonna do that. You know what I like we kind of addressed earlier we will keep removing her daughter's home she. Think about one of the alternatives too much to put the ball or militias. Concert don't want one camera to silent. During that game which just concentrate on the warm and Russian arsenal. Opened about two monsters. Took care of the tester handler and an awful picture of salt what I mean charted try to have some loose moments where you're going to have to deal. We'll bring your troops around her to keep it and played. And what's yet did you give out at the end of the game I want to have happen. We want it's. Really another try this. Yet met Mick you got altitude go to tuition what I had on her. Honor your. Well let let Janet were ahead of very well hat and sunglasses I saw she was shot. See our hat honey get this hat. So we were because we're we're you know we're blue car alone in the search who're so we got a full color codes are important call Moussaoui. The five points to looters burned what couldn't chargers. Diver on the floor for loose balls deflection rebounds steals stop what does not not points and certainly not the release also. The dirt but dirty boot got ourselves so we've got. The construction hard that we started sooner last year. And so whoever whoever tell you the most blue collar points of view of the gender you're. Just fell hard so good progress for pretty court guys for your symbolic sort of kerrobert died yesterday took two charges that. I just the most points and our and our system it is a good bridge largely Madrid and we kind of steel you can't force on. They're leading scorer so there was huge there was a man what are our guys big government and also offered a guy take ownership of these drugs they wanted. We've kind of taken together ever blown. Cage to get talked about they wanted to make some point oh harder maybe hopefully. We are so proud of you buffalo you guys are the talk of the town you need to know that and were holding our breath until 630 tonight as we wanna see the bulls go all the way take care Kent State tonight but it hurt. It noted that's UB bulls head coach Nate oats on kiss 98 point five gold bulls.