UB Bulls Basketball Coach Nate Oats

Wednesday, November 8th


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UB bulls head coach Nate oats on the phone with us good morning. Morgan and guarded Iran also on how crazy story of the use silly basketball team to CNET this morning yeah. Yeah it will not follow that as its its effectiveness shoplifter was putting his work to do it says that yes. I heard I did you that they got but also loosen him and I don't know who most. Eleven China deal with not guaranteed that. I know right well it's like you know the beginning of the basketball craziness 101. Season of college basketball. Twentieth season for the bulls in the mid American conference and I heard you got a wood would you when somebody's. Saying that this is where you stand in the standings and you look forward to the energy not in wanna hear about that. I mean it's like for the program that was built for the closure. What mr. strict first. Marked for sure to head coach lute or fourth and one northern side that so much via. Pre season rankings mean so it is nice dual recognition for a week or so with. Now two games served general matter of NASA the. Bulls have been picked first in the Mac east division in the pre season poll for John I have to give you props because this is only the second time. In the school's history cost us some of the players to watch the season. See Jim at the bird I mean. He can't catch a break in and out the other the the good news for government changes in their road America victory season first team all league. So admirable human years earlier on here you personally it was only picnics court won his freshman in pseudo retirement. And these. I think he's looking better these are reluctant CJ QL east. In the model mystery games last year and this year these brain as well. But the more I have all hopefully these. Close to put some. You know if you leisurely feel place Saturday it's commissions are first and so those stupid too big returner I can just more people are starting center. Back when you just got back surgery in doubt until sometime in December shall world a little bit banged up. And we got we got some new guys to we've got. The number two range of our country can generator should anybody saw our. Exhibition game Tuesday when he looked pretty good idea to help elect at least how has social and drug. Like if you if you came to a game you'd really like. Well yeah. Like or care what they. They I still I continued you think won re going to do the behind I want happening what happened when you always you always articulate. I've tried to cure all particularly. Well listen do you talk and some may. Weis congratulating. On your big like being named first in the pre season. Talking about your team ignited throw and now I'm ready let's nauert. Neck added and it talked Kinect is due this guy. I can do and how little work and she's been talking about like going on your screen now. Popular all the details maybe visit Saturday. You could center what's your catering game how are you with the cheese plan. Each edit gospel yeah if you if you provide the next she's got here I jam the Nike jerseys that are tearing I was OK okay. Q there. To. I was gonna ask you do you icing of those Nike jerseys because we're hearing from the NBA that the new Nike jerseys. Are holding up to what they want to in making it trying to fix it is that your manager. Nor why are we do make peace we are sponsored by Nike shall overtures and I doubt we get jerky response to broke out Saturday well I hope they don't care. There's there's a story today that they don't pick ups what good and their chairing. There are gonna compared combinations jerk it that connection two things Canada's on the floor until. Apparently at least at least they're oh low profile spot in the NBA we're no nobody choose it. Right now I've kept Nike's like awesome this is great for us perfect. In terms of your schedule tell us about how your schedule looks for the UB men's basketball team. What we've real court Tunisia on Saturday which use. A big game obviously your local game and then the door of the Cayman Islands. Should actually came to sit here already and we play. So let these are tough and the Contra supplement what sprint sound from the Contra pleased that in the first draw. I can go to that came in the Cayman island its exit I guess the Iowa do you hate pets behind. It did you try to get bail out you know are out though I couldn't wait at public. The Cayman Islands games they save me a seat on the plane I'm good with that. I did all right and we will people are that's dialogue very easy go to the Cayman Islands then what happens. Well that would play three games out there and so heroic it feels so instead it first and then I wore. White only it's a good deal so there we talk all. Debt you don't think bottom insurance the first Saturday in December are really good they've got. Little the top of the Gardner of the two highest scoring. Tumble guards in the country how this recruit has turned to salt. The basketball Western New York to be pretty good this year but we've we've got Syracuse is well abusive or ninety which. When the last time or whoever would footage or cues from one termer here so. You play Syracuse in buffalo. Now gotten Syracuse you can make it. Too far now that but it isn't. Ever going to be it'll be good to get our American NPR org board get our. Easy is on at Saint Anthony thank you France is sixty cavs game one of the most exciting games are looking at on the scheduler is there one that the kind of gets you peak. I mean they've mr. Putin picked his western your shirt victory in upstate New York. Our guys are excited defenders cited. Who issues like everybody is excited about that want so. That try to warned it all right after that we play them on the nineteenth in the point four players are there now. We got there won't put on the schedule procedures from Dallas and want to get him back while most of all that sort of sort of two games sort of the Christmas. Will be good and we get. What what what Clark. He's going to be our point car wants Egypt saw clear by the associated or don't like you say yes so like. The first semester so that circuit games are being or can you give. Of course the players so that hopefully never resulted as a first got all. Roster together that war have wanted to comfort like. That's so exciting when you think about all of these different games. That you have coming up this season while. Are these. Conference scheduled talks. So within the chopper was interceptor. Nor can persevere and we've got some good launched. So dissident group. This is an equipment question for you in the World Series there's a lot controversy over the type of baseball's they were using. Hand. We're definitely they had they had. I mean the players can't be used anymore right now write the play is due to make you all well. Is that yeah or look. I don't think you'd think they were has the ball or like the book so involved a. This is this is a partner I think I think there are no harm no foul everyone's getting from the same baseball. If it creates more home runs. I don't mind because it makes the game exciting and when you look at like how the TV ratings the World Series came in wanting to. For the week so if fans wanna see more home runs and it takes a different kind of baseball I'm totally okay as long as it's an even playing field. Batted just all the records for more secure great cultures from all records trying to. Altered pictures won't get the pictures were unhappy with the. Right no they weren't. So wonder about the basketballs like does that answer I'll do what they've regular basketballs like to the referees. Have them before the games that nobody can and inflated here. Or you're going forward so we don't like where large quote so responsible knowledge and articles about what Americans really want. We're very lucky drivers and they've got a new ball mr. maybe I wish rewards the New Jersey is in the new all mold either it could pick. And who knows but critic after the basketball all different. A certain regulations look like we're Nike school where my ball was pulled my own your deepest they've got abused also got. Wilson balls that got. They got caught kind of with one side I didn't finish ball in the NBA and all of professional sports are putting that means that the ball in college. There's different like Dayton they all have them inventions for the different and it ought it talk out of basketball so you can't really like. You know. But I would doctoral ball I was wondering. If like it's all totally controlled by the referees so that. They're not I think you know in the NFL where they don't let the teams like there was that whole patriots team when their. Thing whether you wouldn't guess it rather than a little bit of that because if you actually went like magic Jack news deployed Super Bowl portrait studio on false. Extra bulky Soviet tobacco through quicker yeah did you actually had more iron in there are open. In Brooklyn spoke to take your ball on. When fault borrow some Sonoma shares and it. I don't. Usually that is all of my point guard to go to game law you put your free lectures couldn't recall we go. Score on the phone when NATO at UB bulls. Basketball head coach as we get ready for a new season an idea secretly watch to see if one of that students can make that half court shot idea. Should that they thought it might look like when we're on the Buick. Dreaded doesn't adequately inspected regularly reviewed. Your record two out and see if there's someone who I don't know what they give away. What a regular you do what they give away repealed doctor's office. Think that's what I say that I remembered being like. It's part of a semester tuition or something like it was a big problem is worth it. Yet the right. I think we should just thank the pre BMW direct. That are all advertised atom I don't know we don't condone we call him and advertising. You do it. All over. It. Cinema. I would if I was a tip like hold on hold for just such as Lucy property. Of the Soviet talk about Kamal watch perfect have a good season and we'll be watching you good luck with everything. Are you an opt inherited a seven. And on an island you're you're probably came out travel light subject. Yeah Saturday Saturday at all you don't McCain and I failure Thanksgiving Cayman Islands nobody plays colleagues. They says thankful look up. Thanks Nate take care. Tried it here you know it's the you peoples and as he pleased to have a newsroom ago.