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Friday, April 13th


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Are finally can talk sports have been waiting to do this all morning long had a lot going on us and big music show big news show now it's time to get to the sports and most specifically local sports I can believe that this is the first time we're meeting. But I guess it's day three I would've expected mark on that. You'd be here on day one dynasty three's close enough. I'm doing well today really come to buffalo the duet but director watney to choose the university about. Well let's say what personalities and you know the recent history of buffalo the the foundation has been built by the previous athletic directors and then let's say what coupled phenomenal run by both basketball programs. Was so exciting for you do you like to step it. At Honolulu where you talking TUB while that was all happening. Yes yes oh so it's a matter of fact during the first almost here for insects animals or for interview. Of the team played when his team play for the state let's go to the sweet sixteen it's my wife and I we saw that in the hotel. We tuned all week long time you be fans right it would it was something else and then once they won a term artist today if I could name for athletics here. I'm going Albany among dime. The second or third job a regular flight the day before the Albany and support you know coach Jack in the team which I did and I was glad to be either see so many alarms. Meet the team the coaches of all any further sweet sixteen game. How well what a force of nature core coach Jack is isn't she the coolest person ever sees growth outlook or I welcome. Am very passionate person and he is good to see past and you know from error and and house seeks habits that something that's been. But then again B staff and coaches is when you others. That I like is William Cotto Cotto apple mean I go on and on the there's great things in buffalo which really attracted me and continued net positive movement marquee seem like young guy maybe wasn't that long ago you had a student experience in sports what's what's your interest in sports slash 2000 and applicable solar and I was undersized offensive linemen you know you don't teach him he's six feet. To order Cowell from London around and around but citing a from me. Conduct themselves at the University of Missouri walked on the football program not as off I'm now what do you Missouri or zoo you know let a zoo like this like that ms. duke University of Missouri my personal asthma zoos are walked on there as a linebacker well earned a scholarship. A football scholarships at two to our academic. And a football scholarship so true student athlete knows lease. And walked on just my senior year in that experience itself you really help propel me to be right now. Was singing this in did you get your masters and sports psychology. Anonymous is the public administration but I had a little bit the sports psychology minor Internet and it's is. Fascinating to study sports psychology boy this is it really is a mean he's the kind of dig into a little bit from the psyche. Who don't speak a student athletes of Cote is something even fans and I was gonna say probably the most interest and psychology with sports is standup. Anyway but here's his thing out like you know it. I'm not pass. Le Kevin passionate fan base I mean is so much better than going someplace when is apathy. So so for us you know what it is you know people call radio shows of whatever aren't. Mad about this mad about that you know I'd love those goals of the yeah not on at all so it's good to have passionate fans probably we have that. That fan bases gonna grow and build and and we haven't here. When they bright UN as athletic director who were interviewing you. What's the vision for our programs at UB for the next ten years well you know I based on my stick that the experience I am student athletes so so for me wanna provide some athletes with the first class collegiate experience. Because for us is the one of the we have these units you know for four years five years one of the case might be invited him best possible lead in the classroom. The community and you know last not least you know on the field corner play. You know winning those championships because when you combine all three of those are gonna leave here of almost with a degree. And have a great experience both of them would be what happens to become engaged alongs. And so now you have people who were productive in the community whether it's buffalo so it was a New York or wherever in the United States and walking around this is bull. Exactly right industry we're asking what was bull is that. And that's all about the experience you'd be you'd never know who your touch him. You know as an alarm that you know what they might have that might have a friend might wanna have a student come to you via student athlete can be you be someone that. Knows more about you be so that's my plan Osce grown a program or infrastructure you can grow guillotine and everything else that in the -- about it we're. Institutions are learning and some experience that we can provide. I am thinking right now we have in the studio for the first time ever. It took them three days to get your but it was literally worth the wait I hate to fill the older quicker yeah I. I really blew causing ingredients and others to date three I would sodium one. As an athletic director mark my question to you witches sweeter sound the sound of sneakers squeaking on the basketball court where the sound. A shoulder pads hitting. That's on there are phenomenal football student athletes. I like this shoulder thing I like it's cold crisp all day arm Avian media a warm a full article crisp fall day and no I'm joking but you know honestly you know we landed I know I hit it exactly but you know honestly honestly that's a great question I mean. I just like it could be cracker of a softball that it could be despite from a from volleyball B. You know the track spikes are on the ground attract any sound. You know the grunting and hollering the only it's hearing any sound that the so states you know what year in an arena sport is. Have you then in the pool treadmill thing I have a classic that. That. I've seen a seen those that night jumped into it but you know here's his thing on my staff government's stance in the immediate needs jump off I. Platform dive in doubt I'd say yeah halfway. Out I'll be in the salary in the three foot. That's a scary. You don't what I actually I think it's scary I might have to work my way up there's a primestar this this springboard then slowly you know. Already dolls it's gonna happen you think too much in your it will happen target would leave us. Lisa is lookalike. I'm ready to get FaceBook lives yeah you can do whatever it is it's gonna happen dormant inner sorry. It's going to be fun that is set hair with this programs that were canceled before you got here is the near future and vision have you given thought to what some comeback with your via realignment and I think that it really does the thought right now as we need to provide the best resources possible to the sports that we have frozen in the of to have them to be in position to succeed at a high level. Within the item with in the mid American conference. And then you know once we have that stabilized and and we feel that we're support all sports and integrate a look at always revisit. You know what sports could be potentially. And it army we stay the same as we are right now but for me it's it's BM provides the best possible for groups of student athletes of what we currently half. As an athletic director how involved in the colors and the types of jerseys in the uniforms. I would be sold all over that I was you if you need help on here there's outlets out yeah I did that you wanted to get your hands on the unify. You know what actually what I just people around me you know I. Of our coaches and an marketing folks and and now bill I'm sure the present you know it's successful we go and I might say. I think that's awesome muscle to do you know I think that most helpful thing is in the demographics is from recruiting standpoint it's what it would mean you wanna put your kids like it since I was six or anybody. You know what you think that's no bad that's awful and that's what I Archos did you do that but again I think it's the collective effort in terms of everyone looking at it again you know whats the best thing in this release reflect you know who yours is decent. Let's live baldness is so about the football uniform key has keys on point. Have you had a chance to sit down with NATO's. Just crazy. Accredited shout out phrase literally is then you integrate not joking. There's been this to your rivalry between him and me in basketball I've gained and and he's scared to claiming it's awkward so. You know you talked earlier about this face localized and me jump ball on bonds that. We'll FaceBook lie ahead in the face McLeod the free throw competition standpoint dobbs is what guys do grim do the beauty just. Don't like a basketball. Football field I'll jump off the platform you can go first. I don't know how old and now I know right know I don't like a little early. There aren't a lot of things like athletically that would scare me for some reason is just like I can feel my heart dropping to Stephen thinking about it. The sports facilities at UB it comes so far how is the new training facility that indoor training for us. The murky Femi fill house is going great foundations Bentley if you if you drive by camp agencies and cranes are all good also for us this progress some progress is being me you know which still has been opening next spring lose some time April may have next spring so. You know for justices it's you know I don't wants a bittersweet for us as a great opportunity not just for the football program fall suit athletes that they don't you know such a facility. You know in and where we're located now gone will be the opportunity we have to go down to the bills indoor facility but you know it. I think our kids and take their purpose to take it to be able to state and an out of travel you know Tony apartments there. I mean they're still as you said student athletes and still academically. Need to maintain those grades and self seeding that hour of travel time is a big for student at. Well without a doubt that bill would have at home and also you know with with moral oversee and and minerals and the direct services Wilson giving you know. If a student body whose ability did and that facility is well isn't this a positive for the university. Now since I'm in front of you right now I'd have one of the thing to say we love having you here we can't wait to see what you do with all of the programs. I'm on behalf of everybody in western New Yorkers you have the university of buffalo here with tremendous opportunities for students to become athletes. Please remember that kids of Western New York because we've got some great talent children cut as a great example William Seoul south quarterback who then goes to UB. But please make sure the coaches. Look here in Western New York. My opinion first and then grandkids and everywhere else because our kids really you know deserves much of the chances sometimes. I feel like there's areas that overlook that it's right under their own you know now at your own backyard gas is just remember our kids if you can. Now known for surely offer coaches and sports programs we have camps and we loved as kids you know come on cancer and part of this you might not be that division one athlete. But you know what. You come to campus and see what great camps that we have been you know what. Tomatoes coming in and these students and on the upper participate services or whatever the case might be but we want kids come to campus and we knew we might find that little cute guys which again example that you gave his is that it's a great possibility they're so we're gonna be open when it comes you know being able to have camps and gimmicky as many kids we can't talk can't this is a positive to. Going to be affecting a lot of lives it's a it's a big job it's a big opportunity. What inspires you in this leadership role personally where do you get inspiration from as a leader with such a big organization he just goes back Muster enough experience because I was in their shoes and I knew that they you know come from cancer in Missouri to go to Columbia Missouri the University of Missouri and zoom. Let's zoom yeah exactly right doesn't know you know having that experience of being a student athlete and in its hour you know trying to bounce academics try to bounce sports and and so for me that gave me inspiration in terms of that the drive in the past and to to wanna give back as leader to make short as a talk about the student athlete experience. That is the best experience possible so they can become. In gays alarms and entrenched citizens in here in the in the buffalo western Western New York area so that's that's where the sort of push office next. Oh. They will say yeah the dock and O'Donnell read at the twists you know. Amanda's there so that's that's for the first week that that we have there. You have to with your office of very very happy he's and a desk as your you know an athlete everything. Let's say it is very real ups and my desk and I tell by the you know the past two days and it's going to be like that you know constant moving. Constant visiting with people it was a student athletes supporters administrators who doesn't sit down kind of got I'm not Saddam's I doubt I'll give boards and I'll I hate even. And Saddam's respond to emails as well my phone and it was on and today announcing it to the bottom of the mavs yeah. It was enough. Welcome and we aren't having your family here and I think that they'll find. There is. A great western new York community here that there are about to experience everybody that loves it so we're happy to have in your company. Your family had it coming the right time because had you come in the winter it's a little bit. That's like we can easier papers. I feel like winter. And so does exactly and be careful driving tomorrow because that's going to be a danger stated. And this is you know what we got winter weather advisory. About 2 o'clock tomorrow there's going to be ice that's gonna hit it's going to be really crazy hard to draw a picture. Of even at Graceland center from. It's usually if you it's all right it is it is small but they've built up so much commercialization grounded but it is congress and has a neat story you'll learn more Galveston everything one and one of these days I tickets and I've never done. You your bill street person may do street hang out have a guitar shirt you know I like it an act. Well I feel we've had a good talk can now going over to our sister station a little brother station sports station did a little bit more boring and we are this is fun and again. Can you do me one favor when you go and we had a paper moratorium here we're printing too much lead is for so we got told where the second. Biggest printers and we're printing them interrupted Howard Simon you're going to see right now. He's printing we more paper or. And can just say something to like listen I heard the printing on paper allot more really green here yes a shocking stacks of paper and huge for our deputy director of athletics at the University of Memphis is now here as the athletic director of UB and that we are happy to have and we got in here and 83. We're expecting day one of every single season you're in the studio with us yes ma'am I am yeah. Yes ma'am we house surfer I guess Sonny put.