Tuesdays Justin Timberlake Ticket Winners

Tuesday, February 13th

Ashley, Nikki & Alexa all won Justin Timberlake tickets this morning!


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How actually how you doing today. I better now how are you plus song you color number ninety you do that. No I didn't yeah you've got insular sits for Justin Timberlake man of the woods to better. Thank you sir are you be on the floor to Syria to be like dance around and hamlets of funds what's your favorite thing about Justin Timberlake actually. I only get beaten so adorable. You can. Congratulations. You've got your JT tickets in just 94 times they've been so write it Nicky. Hi you do that the good. And yeah I. Put Joanna got tickets he did it. I can't narrow it yeah. Oh yeah. These tickets go on sale next week on Monday they're impossible. To get. I don't care if only you know or where you go are who you talk to these are the hottest tickets in town. And you my sister had just one floor tickets to adjust and Jim are. I. Love of kids who are these. And they're valued at 250 dollars hold on tight to look at. I think it got much at. Lex yeah. Laxity color 98. Let's say you did you call them an idea. You are ahead I pitch I can hardly if you're but I'm sure somebody can hear there but here I feel great you just one floor seats to Justin Timberlake. Like. You if you. They. Are only yeah. Ollie you're gonna go all the way of rich your own town and two days and intense curly hair zero JU fans from the beginning. There. Oh. You should be because he's just currency sees a floor seats for JT on October 20 congratulations. A.