The Toothbrush Debate

Thursday, February 15th


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And the statistic that Thursdays and Fridays or zero productivity. So this gives us the opportunity since we're not going to be productive to at least talk about something there is. A toothbrush. Debate going on in it is wild. What is the dilemma in let's just say from the outset. Brush your teeth a lot of cork he said Garcia with a follow Leon. Do you wet your toothbrush first. Pulled. Or put the toothpaste Ers went I put my toothpaste and first when it first others. There's a debate going on and obviously I wanted to studio. Jurgen tuna who learned wet mix toothbrush first or do you put the toothpaste. And Chrysler. To say don't try to catch my toothpaste container while. So vital dry too dry it's not passing any Jeremy Jordan or not putting the paste on correctly. You know she and the interest so your own too personal you let your vote at all share everything. Everybody in our house like run. Like. Everybody has has their own flavor. I am so it's we're ass they're labeled. PG and holds the paste. Is the most jam packed drawer in my life you know. Com you get what I buy in my house has the flavor that they get to know we have what you get X. I'm sure it's top of the line heavily in infused. Organic. It is the crest pro why. But I don't like the container of it. I love crest toothpaste I'm very devastating problem with this and they can't go on me I don't do anything wrong I'd put my toothpaste UConn might too hasty. It no it's it's not pasty. But it it does like a little bit too much comes out I do rinse off the nozzle because when that's an enemy comes up clean off my. So what's the question. Sarah's on the phone hi Sarah. Sarah there's a huge toothbrush debate going on today in those world. The question is do you what the toothbrush first or put toothpaste on first. Thank you. Next thank you what does she win. Sarah. I. He. Argued it. I'm Elena butter or out. It try to people listen to how I. Toothpaste. Toothbrush toothpaste was on the toothbrush then under the water and then in an amount. Well. IE. On eight that are out why aren't our. Thank you thank you see her voice of reason. A lot of our succeed where if you want your kids to turn out right do my way. I know what's gonna happen if you don't you in the right way. Fuzzy doing with the passing is so cute. I. And that is Larry I. Ever think that eight and every day. Okay how old her little pressure. And. Okay so are three year old is obsessed with like the little the action toothbrushes if you give in to pressure and to present the battery operated on our side that really depends on the action figure whom. But hey yeah. I'm. Out here. It I knew my leg out and now other. Yeah act it's always promised her Percy for sure. What this cuter and this is gonna sound weird but I just love three year old what's cuter than when they like have to spit out toothpaste. Because they don't really have that whole spitting thing down it's. I. Added. I don't think he couldn't get him but that's adorable. Things are concrete you even though you're wrong. This is meg and I meg in so I'll tell us the toothbrush debate do you what that toothbrush first. Or the toothpaste first. Because I actually thought. I let out and execute it and I let a. That's good. On that I think what is something what you do it it's did she like me and you don't. Wedding no toothpaste wedding yeah. My values and let Eric and out like I do as you are that are hit it like it in the press felt that you know. And you haven't heard it yeah. I get it be that in a. Whom you know I try at once just as it sounds interesting but I don't know Carly you're on to study it point five toothbrush debate is on. Do we what the toothbrush first or put toothpaste down. I really have to agree with you know look I definitely thought they thought they get a wet. Echoing him out it's a matter. Yeah well timing need to explain this current because I totally agree OS we're currently extra extra time. Yeah yes because Carolina always done it this way. Nothing wrong with being on your whole life right yeah you're right your life I appreciate you calling thank you. Michelle great toothpaste debate on do you wet the toothbrush first that the toothpaste. At what it Kirk. Why. If you let it ask Eric 90% of the night and that they opt out of state. And and you. Obviously you call plumber because you've got too much water pressure coming out of their fossils what's happening great PS. Yeah like I've been a lot of other debt deal. In. Sight yet what I I laughed at it. I hope that hatred yeah have you been doing. The wrong. You don't it was a conversation. I'm the year. Like three years ago that I have no idea I'd never given thought to how you put a ballot paper or toilet paper on. Never get under over it was on or off like it was never until we have that full conversation. About how rules over her. Now I literally. Will change somebody's put it on and on 'cause I'm so OCD with us now. But I don't know what shall I think right you're wrong I'm sorry. But let's let this is I know rain and high yeah she didn't listen again she lets her toothbrush Miranda what do you do. OK get that you are correct I do it the same way. Well it you know how everybody Ali you look like they impressed me about it atom like this. Two runs and it is it does. Get. Out there and I love it more. Sorry you I was almost tempted to give you Justin Timberlake tickets and it's really that big run to do. And I am sorry but I'm glad you agree with me let's see Anthony in our camp. Anthony there's a toothbrush debate going on you get the final word. Thank you so what do you do do you what you tooth brush first or not. Boy you know what I do like elect its first net with network and but they'll see a wet and Bert Bert because of Brooklyn you get hard at you record he. Seat no it probably isn't like the hard bristles. Although some people like don't let your. So are you glad toothpaste wet. Our electric our electric outlet. Because as normal right. At the beginning many wedding of the parents of the toothpaste could fall off to a lot of wedding. Well I don't I don't let the water run rate or is it actual recollect out of Brussels Brussels a little Oscar for me. And then Tuesday I went again. Maybe hasn't it adjustable flow. Speak. At a delight lot of. You know partners. I don't like it browns will look at a bridge hearts. And I didn't even in their heart. Well you know and you know like this in our results don't. Like it -- now I want to. I'm at and T. Is this the radio station fridge top of her present and Angela yeah. A and you've got an. It's funny somebody's like tuning in on his never heard that show before. Yes this is buffalo in Madison.