Tim Tobin From Live Nation

Tuesday, January 9th


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Our good friend from live nation Tim Tobin on the phone this morning to get this exciting news about the concerts at a dairy in like ten. Yet revenue year to you too hyped don't live nation. Well OEM like a three week break some trying to keep myself back into. Workload and get ready for 2018. Right. Us once that starts then there's no attack the. Idea is to reduce the concert out to assert client. In the next couple weeks so we're excited about that. We're also said about. The triumphant return of free theme park access. With all paid Darian lake concert ticket to summer. Amazed at any. Exploit is this was this was something that you guys did last summer and I've heard about it didn't years but the concept what what exactly Tim. We did you know question whether wickets he's and so we we thought of you great idea to allow city you know. Access to the theme park and all your needs to buy ticket to show. Ordered in part of that day all Bayern go to the show at night and day and you're in park access is included in your ticket so it's. It's creeping park access again this year increase in and that it's something that was. Really well except that last year and we're excited about it in the summer. I love that our Darien lake concert venue was one of the most well attended in the entire United States. We're very proud of. Yeah it was a great year the great liberal arts or even. And it's between six and have that up to it but four or bring it back to the 26 in the well. So in recent of the silver seats as an event like those a lot to him or gold. Yeah I don't know 126 iron about yourself. I. What typically picked but it was so much fun to giveaway that. The Swede eighteen seats or something like that you know yeah I love security okay that sounds good so what do you hearing I mean last year. I think we'd all agree it was about the biggest concert here I can remember and so many years how all without telling us who's coming in that you've got to keep and a rapist. How exciting a maturing years is really going to be. It's start you know it's it's gonna come together Timberlake to not order yesterday and I think you know he's done coming about slow but I think. We're gonna sir you're in the next couple weeks you know hopefully we'll get another stadium show this here in the great and we will. And it terribly chosen me I've got to. Along with the show's coming. In January they're going to be doing until the next couple weeks between. Late January early February will be it'll be it'll be cranking out there. So urgent that we know about the cash McLemore one happens. Two when is that July. Much like him and and now I'll horror was announced like what you're ahead of him coming to town. September sevens when Nile comes to Jerry like those of the two that we know how many concerts to usually have their overseas and what's an average. Who do you mean we're looking at probably aren't speaking to 22 it is certain. Is the average that we get so sometimes it's more last year was 23 thanks so where a Republican you know who generated come home. You know it works with our schedule. Will try and bring them so it's it's. All coming together right now and have another great season up there and we're excited to have the street in park access and that's a great partnership between our. So exciting to go out. Tim Tobin from live nation on the phone with us what did you say about Justin Timberlake do you think he's gonna come to our area. I don't know you're done in this on the leg of the tour hopefully we get a date at some point but at this point I do not know that let's do it Matthews. If not he's another one and I would say in but I don't know that's another one that's settlement out there so we'd love to have Dave back evidently it has been a couple of years now. Yeah I saw that Doobie Brothers Steely Dan do and yah rock tour or something like that have been announced a little bit. If you dare you. Out of the cult got rock but it's not something that the end cycle goes oh yeah you know it's it's it's it's a good Tor and and committed very late but it is it into the did you. To see the improvements that they did out at Darian lake for the concert goers. Really made the experience even better this year was awesome this past year. Yeah we're looking to use you know more upgrade this summer. And hopefully we can announce that so soon. And it would destroy every year. Mean you know make this concert experience better for the ban and the stand there are the most important part of the experience so. Hopefully begin and out the stops and that that'll be really good addition to that to order shows that. We have out there. We're so excited big news is it's the return of three theme park admission and of course tantrums going to be there this year which is ridiculously scary nine beef. Not yet foot vertical for. We got him out of the ninety foot drop that's going to be kids all over it. It's for the tie and a great ride well look and it will have to look into that. Tim last season what concerts surprised you in the best way that was at a Darien lake. I'll let you know what chipped the rapper was assisted. I I hadn't seen alive and relatively new artist and in terms of alive you know it at the scene. And you just blew me away and insisted that he's a former. Hopefully cute story for years the common and no well but it's it's just goes to great show. Yeah absolutely do you think he'll get Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled. I don't think so I think they're doing every there's only so. They won't be editor in lake and I don't think Buffalo's on the note this ominous torque but it they had dates maybe we'll get on on the second leg. And woman that and here trying to think there's anyone else I can ask you about. I'm so upset it was great talk to you I love the fact that live nation and Darian lake are doing the return of the three theme park admission. With all the ample theater concert ticket purchases that's a win for everybody read that you're you like rock you like popular country there's something for everybody at Darian lake. It's the deal of summer really is going. We're look at courts to announce that shows soon in the interstates that come. I'm so excited thanks Tim nice talking via. You gotta thank you all right Tim Tobin from live nation.