Tax Filing Stories

Wednesday, April 18th


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What's your filing taxes story Dana. How it happened here shortly and other camp and let me her out like eight. No I know or an error homeowner loan. They'll let that I'll might act. I act and act and and how much and the mortgage work. They want to get you an example why they. Did it. Happen here you got it right. Do you explain how that. I I I doubt it I don't think that. And he not. I'm hurt. You did. You and me. How did you worded to them exactly like what did you sell it must've been a long silence where you like. Well I mean I know it it. At. Let's try that. I thought I am mother at the life or there. That all day I'd hate or I didn't anchored. At the I. Don't. Act. The pilot. He's got it. I. Listen Dana it sounds to me like you need to say ounce and you need to get your grandmother's permission is what I think needs to happen. Now. I don't are great. I. I'm so sorry at hot so hot and did you we have eight. It's so frustrating. Well when I get it but I'll check it I don't get it look at heat lamp. Well. I don't act on and. That's those got to be pretty blunt K at that point hang on a second you might be the winner. Thought were given away Miranda Lambert tickets because it's on everybody's mind taxes they've extended the texting because there wasn't a big nationwide computer glitch with the IRS. Hardware broke they couldn't get the final and whatever so you got that the day today amid that is the deadline Lindsay. All I Lindsay what's your tech story. My name player actually that didn't end up flyers and possibly. Someone in America as an iPad is in the eye on but what do you really get my money. A bit about the I 84000 dollars. Yeah. I contacted my about it. They weren't a lot going on and and I contacted them over a month ago about that I'd get. And act and sometimes I I don't. Allow are now. Even now I I expect that I did it. I. Oh yeah now. I. Roll and yet I thought I I. A lot. Now and survival in the 1000 dollar. I'm at all. So they so they'll go with the higher number that there were numbers they choose the higher ones in which they're low like gallons you know what you're gonna the filing guess what some day I. A long long time from now you'll get that money back maybe in some form the yeah. I know you and I both agree that this is about right now quiet my highlight. I'm on the net a lot more about both. Well yeah as long as threatening and that line is not I. Some new CFO at the company. At one time. How I be so frustrated hold on to suspect you might win with as little a nightmare but it taxes everybody's got through them out yes yes. I still don't know anybody goes smoothly I'm still waiting I got a notice that I am. Refunds coming from the Harris got back at the beginning of February may be the end of genders waiting. And and it's like it's okay for them to take. 68 weeks to send the check maybe longer. But when you file their grab that money you know instantly instantly it is it's so funny to Linda. It kind of double standard wood one iron yeah situation it is what it is Natalie Pakistani point five. I can Natalie. And like oddly I'm in actually doing acts. I'm only seventeen and cannot let our unarmed her daughter and you have no idea what what it would mean that don't you. I don't want it in our blocked. On line. And I get an attack on the theory filed attack the Iditarod like that. And that I get out the entire thing I owe them money in the early seventy action old. So I was very confused and everything like that they have a lot. Well I think I'm Mary you can say like what should I it was the help button. I don't like all vote in our black here you act OK I went there and on their like a leak anything or you didn't like that. And now they're like actually element here I can't eat meat pie Texas. He has and I'm looking at that time and I like that. And I act and act that I air act I don't and then at nine dollar check in the mail. And hit it awful and I will edit it at a lot of handle it as like that I've. Why are your. Summary in handling it better than most adults self congratulations essentially that occur but. Well as she child actor pop star he could be 170 don't get a Disney Channel. Due to Disney show yet you big pop you know I. You had to do the job that you made money and or are. I got rid every other seventeen year old to listen to this girl Natalie and I want you all to go get your three jobs so how do you fit in three jobs in your normal Haskell. And a school that if you could just. Share that with our listeners are now. I am a very doubtful pretend like unit out. I mean what am I got my careers. And waiting and let. I definitely think that aldermen are not be okay. And it's going to be or something every cabinet and my money and it really kind of leave it got to keep it out organized not that much about. A seventeen year old contest I wanna doctor Monica you I guess study point five. I'm not a I think I can't give tickets did they still need it Lindsey. You'd like number. You like Dana story for you having to explain why Graham McCants and the East Coast right well hey Dina. On a sec hate Lindsay. This at those stories I don't even you know I don't know Howell. You guys just kept your cool but. Whether it's a grandmother are companies and boy you didn't make epic here's your W or whatever wise. I think you both are deserving of Miranda Lambert ticket. We all love grandest so Dina Lindsay. Here is a better August 16 made by then you'll have all of your tax problems worked out and you can go to that concert with a clear hadn't and have some fun. That up. On the act. I don't. I. Morbid but yeah. Maybe you could have dinner with ankle played the part of her grandmother with the parents. And I'm sorry that you're going to do whether it's so frustrating. Of all the people that should know how much to pay.