Step Out Buffalo Update September 8th

Friday, September 8th


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Odd today is Friday September 8 and let's find out exactly what's going on in buffalo this weekend so let's start with the mad panic peach festival. This is happening all we get on kicks off today it's up newsstand at academy tired. And it is sixteenth annual event they're actually starting with an epic fire to easily and events and an epic I played that other kitten is that's going to be really fun happening tonight. And an all week and I'm gonna have kind of ride that trade. Right have petitioned an entertainment let the peach spilled food you can imagine where he felt I know right. And that the peach shortcake yes I am exactly. And then they do the peach jam the peach everything it's easy to have followed the one road in the Lewiston just turn left on streets are nice yeah. The queen city conquests is something for gamers. It. Happening all week MI as well at the buffalo Niagara convention center rate downtown. On Friday to Sunday so yes you're into gaming. This physical that they have actually over 260. Different events on their schedules and have a special gas. They have tournaments panels. On board games and this that is and unique is people actually bring their own games that they've invented and then other people come and play. And they are alienated with their friends and there's like tables and tables negate ours yup that's a shock for everybody here in Western New York. Couple live shows if you wanna see some music before we're done with summer. One of the big shows as bleachers with July tock. Yes that's happening today at our prior from its kicks up at six. In the lead singer agreed series is jet into an off who's actually you might have heard of him he's the comparison fun he's also produce tons of major artists. It worked like Taylor Swift lord they're Ellis. And he dates Lena Dunham that you think you've heard the name before that. Yankees are hipster in an L band and pop game and was one of the writers on the retailer's. That's be really fun again it please bleachers are great. Life death and then over at the trial is brand acts this is picking up at 8 PM tonight over on main street and they're recognized as a true musical pioneers who paved the way it really DN bans. Influenced Condit different musicians from fish to dream theater. If you're trying to think it like kind of what they're sound is it's like functional Lowe who we have in buffalo and was the jam band so that's kind of the vibe that they have. And they actually took copier is up this is their high anticipated reunion show I'm sure they're gonna. Come back with a bang. Fun we've got an after party for the parks I'm. I did talk about it I am so intrigued by this party and Emma and diamonds. Why not think that that's -- happening tonight at Martin Luther King Jr. park. I had asked in buffalo this isn't actually annual fundraisers. For the buffalo on that part considers space a few of the acts in buffalo this is an awesome way to reason awareness and support and I'm with some funding and political parties and having DJ and opened our. They have the name and so if you wanted to hang out outside in apart. Like best pick SS three interest in shore. I absolutely not you can go and talk to the mayor all about that great debate had been having one person today. I've been out of here out of here on an island a I give Beck on Saturday happens from. 8230. This is really cool event. This is happening all our buffalo so basically it's a full day of community service open to anyone really but specifically young adults in their twenties and thirties and what you do you sign up and then you spend the morning serving at various nonprofits all around upload up positively impact the community. And afterwards is it really fun after parity at the last Fiat group company formally known as the pan am and her talent yet and they got a little bit now renting her. And they're gonna have free lunch should be here tastings and more. If you wanna spend up we've got all the full details iWeb that you can check that out and look at. Lot of seniors in high school need this community service. And so if you have a senior in high school in your house. Go to the step out buffalo dot com site now so you can register for this and then gets a letter any in you learn something it's good like that music is art is this weekend yeah then you. Definitely the biggest event of the week and it's happening Saturday at their new location in buffalo ever. So even though it's going to be sunny out there and have. The bunch of different stages and guessing threw out right outside inside of and they'll be probably take on the ranks of those a little bit of overhang there. That app and you location they're gonna have over a hundred different bands they have tons of different John has eight lives DJ stages. And then there's also tons of different Artose so. On exhibiting artists plus installation I live aren't Jack's standing up plans are spoken Larry I love adding you can think. It is so much going on like there's never a dull quite adamant if you have entertainment ADV your loved the show and it's a great cause massive like the warped tour slash art. Yeah multiply that because it's just there's no dead spots at all it's a lot of fun it's so jam packed and Robby just wants everybody to. Get included have a fun time if if you're done with this move out of that and there's five other things you've got to see when you go all day it's on I wonder if there'll be anybody there that has a tattoo or piercing. Probably now. Com that's it and it's pretty eye mention I know that. So I'm thinking the next two things we have to talk about I'm thinking I start at the chase to be store and then just slide over to Hamburg. What do you guys think. And the other plan how to let let's talk about. Fifteen Easter are it's happening and decades only eleven to five it's not all days you've got about six hour window there. And east are as one of those neighborhoods I wish I went to all the time now whatever reason like I just never make it down their so this is the perfect opportunity to go down there in taste is much as you can. What they have to operate they're gonna have 26 different restaurant kitchens and buyers. Hollow verging Greek samples. And they have a lot of great restaurants on their they're having Griffin gusto taste orchard thrashed north there'd never inquiry to Noory. Camera sort of as a talk about Epson if you aren't hanging older and so 11 AM start Tate beat her you definitely have plenty of finance. Then had to campaign inspect at three clock back to attack and it clinic the First Act of her. In less generic happy preacher I sort of passed in September oh yeah. That's the traditional thing I think to. Hold hold on wasn't just a German festival in Cheektowaga wasn't up to wasn't technically. That was just a German based. Mean OK I think. I don't know there was a difference but I was just in now because October is OK okay. And and they are going to be tiny apartment beard so that needed at the. And I really check. Imus and paradigm but I would love Tina this is happening in memorial park in Hamburg and it really kicks off like there'll be a time. Off throughout September and even into October so if you miss this on it's okay but they'll have of course like. Tons of music chairman B adjournment fitted dancing live entertainment and it goes and until and I anything like pictures of Stein of beer. Right now can I because I have a Stein collection and can I bring my Palestine is an O islands to be violence now I think you should. I don't confuse as a prop him is not leader host in those are two different clothes they look kind of similar. But a prompt him around him leader as the leader don't confuse the two. So aptly dressed over the Labor Day weekend than anything nice to do some research to cure a lot of these beer tastings and things. I was shown the same beer poured two different ways there's the slow angled for that doesn't give you like it huge had a beer. And that was shown the hard pork. We've pork right in and it gives you this huge and then it goes down but apparently decades so what I was told this morning you guys to figure out from. What I was told is if you do the hard pour it gets rid of all of the bubble also doesn't make you feel full and bubbly in your stomach. Vs the angles full. So in your research of step out buffalo and you denote. And he didn't know and a unity and I don't think they're not the signal if you port the hard way you're getting rid of the carbonation which and opinion that. Antenna. And bonds. At an oxygen. Bart and I got a little kind of funneled he understood and that's tour and irresponsible of me. Consulates would fly a Abdullah Abdullah I hit the awesome are the sounds like fun we can like it. And we got to see the bills game. The wheels came in and of itself yes and it's a big bills. Thank you for being here if you want more information on the things to do here in Western New York Lauren Nathalie had everything there for the taking it step out buffalo dot com.