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Friday, October 6th


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So Lauren and family are ready to give us the scoop which on everything happening where we can begin. So it. The buffalo international film festival it is happening all weekend long on if you're staying in town is happening Friday to Monday at a bunch of different venues so north park theater. Calls laws contemporary senate squeaky we elders feel penny. I'm so they're showing different films throughout the weekend at these places wanna go lightest and longest running film festivals in western new Eric. And they have local national and international found that and it tests the limits. Independent cinema they have jury selection so they had tons of submissions for this. I'm some Ilocos summer from. Outside of the area and it they don't play support local filmmakers here is I. Workshops and amending. I love industry panel discussions. And I mean because they think you can really learn a lot about the industry and looking for that. A look at bills while best is up next. This is happening Saturday and a Sunday in the elected village and there is more than just drinking that takes place leave or not that they've got. Lots of buying iron they've got food isn't acting craft show carnival Ry it live entertainment. And they're also doing a five K if you're up for it OK I can do a five K maybe earning your tree later and the chairlift ride that go to the top. There's also gonna be viewed through the valley steady from 1134. From Hainan expressed. That you can do on that. Conservative a classy and fun and it's not bad enough yet how quickly a lot of people take this as an opportunity to. Part X not a fact tell me about the view and going up the hill and all that stuff what's what's at the Pentagon. CSU base he can take it chairlift up or you can walk when year we pay to walk and Edmonton my past that. How valuable on the bell but you can take a chairlift and then there's another ruling party echoed that bears the evening you know bring food injuring recently that. And is hanging out in your government and people you know even on top now. You can hang out it's cool overlook everything in the changing the village how far the hell did you get before you realize it was that idea. And Kate Middleton is the chairlift going by Yelena day. What does this over the mountain between us yeah airlift has stopped severely we're going to hell anyway and then like we got you know how would definitely goes down and then as the Mets though and it got Utley to the percent overnight ridden the highs again and. And as a party up top and you can't get there yeah accidental Sheila does happen and make it out in not knowing that time is now that's okay Google it it's good to know what eagle I make sure well it's not so bad going down yeah I think that's fine but and but it stops going I think money up answer and so the main street as delicate bill. There's all kinds of crafts and food on the street everything and then you can do the party out. Yeah and then most of ours and that's patently huge tents and acting like parity behind their place in August completely hacked and well. Alan and the tanks and their party to honor my friend Matt calls going what's the one thing he should it's. Celtic bill brewing company has pretty huge I mean it's like event it's that the biggest and you acute care after Perry I personally we'll. I was gonna say blues Alley chancellor Angela under the did a good party added that debt and the fiesta or just kind of expands. As the man who was again I don't mind that. October fest of tell Wanda happening in Iowa on the park on Saturday. Yes there are stuck on with all the actually offense festivities. That isn't having an eye on a higher rate on the red hair and have local vendors like music. Funny line in the end beer tent. The main stages and a feature a local honky tonk favorite. Called skiffle minster all a thing as saying that rates and not really practice but an. Those who did the Flintstones and not that can't pay its. Aha and I wanna park is great place for party October fest continues at iron marks is exhibiting Saturday at. PM iron works in the cobblestone district so that hole there is gonna have music on and everything else and this is their local addition little bit of having you know the traditional German Beers and things like that they're going to be using. Local brewing companies are surge in Hamburg flying by using community. 42 in north there's a bunch and that going to be there and they're gonna have. German music from Buffalo's big German band that's their name and and they say they're often have a special group be performance. Can take that as you well I don't know what exactly an hourly seven days it could be. Is there be any bureau left by the end of the weekend and now can be Bure shorted I feel great beer shortage of twenties. I'm done can I know works yeah exact and Berlin little freaky at some point so I would say that if they play at that real German thing it could get charity and it does. Some of upon part of and yes it's fair I love Fowler's is opening their doors for the annual Charlie and the chocolate factory tour after. At a Miley for their kids maybe a few and a low key weekend activity. That is happening Saturday from nine to three and they have two hours beginning every hour. Unseat him Disco and their factory is in a black rock Riverside area. And that's a self guided to where of kind of like the behind the scenes of how filers makes a sponge candy and a bunch of other blue on treats that they have they're gonna have chocolate samples of course that is the main reason to. And staff will be around aunts and answer any questions you have about the big canyon making process. There's something so cool busing chocolate being made what it's like dripping all over the sponge and is ramping. That it's cool part. It is homecoming weekend at UB and stand up comedian Dimitri Martin is coming to town Dmitry is one of my face is when million yen and. I'm very surprised sarcastic and not ever and all those good things like comedian that you left them at her. Defend itself. I think he's going to be here's Saturday at 8 PM at UV's main stage speeder. And even around for about twenty years or so he's been around for a long time he's been a step freighter currently near cardinal drying Hannity show Jon Stewart gets stuff on Netflix. Second the values good laugh like this can be really fun way to get out and have some fun this weekend. Clock at UB two. Yet that there's that's it gets the pregame concerts Italian concert series game is at 330 in the top gun just hang out now and yet that's either rip them a lot of fun. Whose bad Michael Jackson tribute band experience at its own app. Inning Saturday night it that venue on chip a lot so this is sort of like gut tribute band for Michael Jackson they say they play. Is really similar they have all the dancing all of the act tags of lots bunch of them are from Broadway and make a five piece band. So if you're in Jamaica Jackson any just wanna hang out like Clarence I think it nice you know that activity I think. For the weekend. But it's nighttime. Go where no one got a with the idea but it's night time we'll examine. It I am like this is not family. Umbrage at this time dream can't chippewa right now what you level that. It acted out now and it's Michael. The yet that one that my action to deal with the I'm glad that you guys one amend. In the fifteenth annual dining out for life because I know this is great. This is happening and Tuesday that they meet Tuesday to every tenth that's happening all day long on arresting year is over a hundred different restaurants that participate and then. Fifteenth annual of them and basically it's an easy delicious way to Kenneth how more than three I was in less than there is living with HIV aids and their families. And Alia to do is go out TE can check out the list of restaurants an optimist paid Russia to donate at least 25% of their proceeds some of them do fifty some of them do a 100%. Which is wow yeah that's amazing and you can and a whole list online in the case that there's a black sheep emerged that there is good rest and and then you just got to eat and they donate the proceeds and help an out people who knew anagram land. Yet everybody does when and then we roll right into as a Tuesday to connect to go out and then the following week is restaurant week right we're getting there that I get and I get that. Picks for the weekend outlook until we all in agreement that that's what to do that's the thing to do. That's definitely going after the hills if you chance he had gotten does that fall only believes all the fall deals. You you can't do that just any old time you know what I. The weather is playing along this week and we're getting some spectacular. I it's a prime one of the nicest off last week you guys realize that I'm going to be calling wanna be on the like. Okay. There's a lot of oh yeah. The tall one upped its home cooked eggs. Sorts saying yeah well we can't compete shorts activists and we're hurting right Lauren I'm Benny step this is decked out buffalo dot com. Thanks so much to be here today.