Step Out Buffalo Update Novermber 3rd

Friday, November 3rd


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Janet and nick here. I'm Lian Lauren from staff about buffalo in studio with just like her lace them. What's good read place again called in buffalo. Is it read it where is that it is on the last I Connecticut as a Connecticut street they only pediatric epilepsy. Oh I don't actually get conflicts it's. And an holiday stand is named after ninety tires. It may leave them are idea Blake written mean. And I get the Vanessa Carlton from Phelan. They've been asked eight and you damaged out and Vanessa Carlton severely you know some sprouts. Absolutely making their way downtown. Read hive and what's even the place and Delaware CDs snow everything and that's why you always go to them for all of your. Advice what's the place to just opened up Bayh and Delaware. Row row house that. So that combination account like my after algae bakery arranged meetings and doing like. Service for practice on in and said that a bunch of different and it beat three times in a barn in rats and addressed through. I'm committed to run outs so what would you get what's your favorite thing there I haven't personally gotten Atlanta back to back electors have. I think that dinner has pretty at Hadley some really high quality means. Now you know well. Time is 842 time to get the inside scoop on all the latest entertainment events happenings in buffalo what is step out buffalo proudly present by Buffalo's own. Perry's ice cream life is a bowl of Perry's past Christmas in the country they really have nice stuff there. Yeah I ended the 33 annual once leaving for awhile they know what they're doing this horse today right it started yesterday and we all we already done. Yes its with today's then called two and a half one half. Without victory Sunday that they Hamburg fairgrounds they've got over 400 artists and this year sped up over five buildings. They have something new called the tapper which has craft every isn't fear it's a bunch a local places like 101000 buying. But button distillery plaques or I'll look at bill brewing company. They also have a bunch of local food check that Duke's donuts Lloyd cheesy shake even -- is going to be and the feedback they need the tavern because we have to but the guys somewhere because I don't. On a shot that he doesn't make some Indiana and snapped an answer and they and a little smile local business like snapping their. An adorable yes I'll go all out they bring it all lists like the bookshelves in the creep me honest I have to think at normal. It's it really is a fun thing to get your house ready for the holidays so yeah in the event and he supports a bunch of local nonprofits so this year they've teamed up with Gerald plays churches in action in higher and a rescue variety. In hat Hamburg Presbyterian Church so not only are you getting your shopping done and having fund assets wearing a bunch of great. Causes that's a good thing so that's Christmas in the country running all weekend long at the Hamburg fairgrounds. Third annual I don't know what this is I've never bend the slicker and letter press fundraisers at that if that's just. Elegant cool it unique party happening on Saturday night at the western act but arts and that's right downtown on Washington street. And it's basically so the western in book arts and as a designer today. Celebrate like printed. Things like on a printing press. So you can go there and shop you can also Gaudin might do demos in classes and athletes they have all timing like original printing presses Alley antiques a cool so this party they're gonna bring in light fat odds is coming to do I'm cocktails and food. And beer and wine I mean be ericsson's Avery set certainly other. I'm distillers are coming ending tastings and also gonna have. These demos that they do really often actually. The letter prestige in 97 antique printing press and any entity. I think its coolest kids like before you had your brother printer and your Canon printer. This is how you print in books and stuff like you're on net and after that. I reported that there was this. Guess what's next. Does do it Janet Jackson. And it acts and the one and only she's going to be here tomorrow night at 8 PM the key being sent. And she actually I know she's the 116 1000000 records yeah I am really good as a partner musical family too there's a whole lot is all story the Hulk X but I will tell you of. All the big stars that we meet she is the most down to earth most normal person like in addition to being in Jackson's estate again that she gets that that's her life what this Super Bowl thing happen 04040. You guys in elf. For us questioning. High school remembered even made me he heard it. As I do remember that. Unit at its act and I don't think that's my point I feel like. Delicate but you know. And yeah he's norm. But she's very normal and under the stuff here there's no shields going on and that's exactly you Jana thought. I live a little hasn't arsenal tickets available for Janet Jackson but she is one of the biggest female artists in the music industry second look at for some music. Saturday night he can't miss with Janet Jackson. Those seem fair. SO this isn't cool another clue about that celebrating like prints and Deanna I. So this happening Saturday at sugar city all day center cities like DIY stays on Agassi mover on the west side. And they're doing is they've got or pop Comex. So they're kind of presenting this to celebrate self publishing and handmade DIY culture. They're gonna have like I think founded over 35. Creators of scenes edit comments of people at this event and you can only go and read and by a and that these are basically like super super. Low count. Mean like they don't make tons of them they just make like 15200. On last say. And they're just like kind of really hand me and they range from Lake Superior sloppy that was like actually in the description like Margaret Ashton. Study comic books or magazines yet more magazine I think it probably manage it by Padilla why aren't sold patch at the trop. Severe other early ninety's music options so if you don't like the pop scene this is more year alternative rock and this is gonna be at the trap music on main street. It's and nineties cover band aid you covers of Nirvana Pearl Jam sounder and it's. Very Seattle ass so like you're into the crimes of plants are saying if I Eddie betters your guide you wanted to Cecil patch. Yet is that Jimmy really fun show for anyone who expect any music and they actually have members in their hand from the local band every time my diet with a big enough yet there at these guys there that yeah. It's not kitsch it's it's well done him that's the thing about soul patch it's a very good. Yet to option and Janet or this'll atrophy and choose life and it's hard for eggs and eggs is on Sunday. Yes it doesn't really fun if you are into trying very unique differently like not be yours is just that one weekend. On this is happening at resurgence during company on Sunday. Morning and slashed its suspect in a noon news at 9 o'clock this that a Trace evidence compared. Basically they're doing experiments of Beers and you can buy at the plate of those Beers I'm so we're talking like mango pal Al uncle owed us. The first on his duty aids cancer tropical count on the mountain movement so super unique Beers and then of course they're serving practice to all that. Are they doing there's a sponge candy stout that I've seen around has had to be part of this I mean that's fun they had imperial copies funds and OK I have not tried the sponge candy stout but that I would like that. Value of yes I do I do like it's so funny. I don't boot but rarely do I drink beer. But my two go two Beers are like opposite ends of the spy to have her Guinness. Which is such a heavy dark. Or the delicate blueberry which is like. Totally that that's like my. For basketball. I don't doubt it is Ankara and I don't mind that. I you guys have a big party happening on Sunday yes buffalo cocktail classic which was a huge success last year. Can I create a secret says stuff about Florida come as about ten events every year and this is our unanimous teen favorite being lobbed at them and we count down the minutes until the off a class and why do you love it so much it's. It's a different kind of event so are some other events like bigger difference kind of it's about 500 to 600 people at the bit smaller at that the found in and suites which is. Gorgeous and exposed brick walls X sculptures a little quirky art available for yes. Yeah and I guess the price for you feel if the court I didn't so for this event we get basically get ten of the best craft pat filmmakers and Towne team up with time erratic distillery who has packaging and with now. And they make ten grand new craft packed sales and Nike they're like about three ounces or so CNN Mac I'd say so yes from drug antenna on. And they bring beret and you have cut deals and they compete to see who makes the best one and you guessed right off. When you talk about a craft cocktail what makes a craft cocktail different than a vodka soda what's the difference is that there's more greedy in and it made my hands so they'll have the big show when they put it together so the bartenders like to serious. People will bring their own gear for their own modeling and Ericsson are. How to get sick I go back I don't act clinic at big theatrical experience on this court to just having a drink in it got trading. I especially hate apparently ashes be favoring like decorations for a table and it's not evenly just for Shalit like they actually are heeding these things against us I don't. Product a martyr and actually it was Max. And I. My hands are. I want it melted. My bees wax thing about how to honey bees -- rain lake it's the more creative insists it can make it more fun it is yes seek to try ten of them and if you like big players like the new hotel angry and kitchen is coming deluge is classic region now Billy club passes you'll athletes in Delhi who wins and then last timers or one that they want the bloody Mary in France last year panorama and seven swept the entire competition coming asked. Wait panorama on to hold their their guys and I don't know I've seen girl bartenders or whatever they're called. But they'd they'd make gets ready at its smoked Rea yeah that was amazing. Do you notice that editor. Did not art and onerous. She must not literally have never seen a girl behind bars as she must not and must not an action. A notable notable look at it as that we should be there. She might even act and they agree they and they have so much fun with it the kind of fun eating meat famine have kind of seasons at them exceed something new from them a bit of a degree places do you like Mac tales chuckle logo which is a cop act. Candy plays an EI is going to be chairman. Elmhurst milk is going to be there's a lot of fun people and then us buffalo as the guy is doing again our pairings. With the cocktails beaten with a court hired and you can enjoy to tire them I'm gonna have mysteries food strap is gonna be fifteen different vendors coming out earlier is doing three. This is your picks. Either Holler at that had big fun party with all of our favorite people hooked up. Right basically I eat drink and have fun. This is perfect and there's nothing going on Sunday so why would anyone behind it on and epic navy had built in. That's like this and that doesn't come to how do you get tickets how much are they you can go to a full custom classic dot com. And they're cheaper pre sales and therefore I've trees down like it did you get all ten different cocktail as you get to have there's food by the foundry there's a bunch of fun stuff you guys it's duke. And then keeping it VIP which includes. Food that they can't deprive mountain out on wow. Is it also allowed. We have a I think it's hidden gem event I don't think people realize how greet this. Kent is so there are still BHP and general admission tickets available priest L till 4 o'clock on Sunday and beaten him the door air mail the young need ID for sure. Yeah I think if you're not into. Elements added to track I hope this event is amazing for residents at the weather's going to be. Sunday. Yet this is a good day to do because it's going to be rainy day. I would imagine sending back there and I hit Friedel aipac should mention that you don't have to deal and I like that I'm inspired to go to Christmas in the country thing that's happening this weekend's if you don't know my gosh it's so fun for the kids. They have like a kids area that the kids can like play and do stuff it's really you definitely. And on an up and down down. If you are thank you can find year. It's it's so fun to do that's that's a good thing to do opposite ends of the spectrum is that you got to the and I kind of our hearts out last. The go out of the yeah but this sounds like that we can thinks that I am for anyone wants to find out the information of things we just talked about where they don't that well without.