Step Out Buffalo Update November 17th

Friday, November 17th


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Good morning long worn them out yeah you win. We're talking earlier about how many people are doing friends giving us. That's the thing I think it the it is such you know and I am I think most people I know there are doing friends giving it to him before Thanksgiving it like a lake debt atmosphere that I think next you're step up to it in replacement of a family Thanksgiving if that's not possible for you or in addition which through and I and I was doing it in addition yeah they want ads on one too much as eight girls that are hiring and in that happy yeah. It's so funny but yeah I think it's just another way to celebrate it out love among each other. I just a lot of things going on let's start with the fall wine festival at the Broadway market accidents happen. I'll weekend Friday and Saturday. At the broader markets freeze you know still a singularly they're gonna have a bunch of different wineries. On in addition to all other vendors that they have all year round defeat in knowing this is just a great chance to now. Check out the writer in America it. Not during Easter and it's a crazy madhouse out Monday I have lake. Southern Pines Lanny chateau buffalo on better vineyards and Leonard also have a live music which is awesome Friday and Saturday. I like that they're reinventing the Broadway market a little bit other times of the air museum comedy Iraq's. Is a fun event where a bunch of local comedian in getting together a black button distilling today from eight to eleven. There's bunching guys you've probably seen them at milky helium which Routh is also a newcomer is agrees he's gonna be there. It's going to be a fun way to gain in immersed in the buffalo comedies mean let's cut to the on the rocks part of the press Nadal there are a lot of anger black it's black but distilling of betraying who they're authentic pizza tracks. And you can get Heidi tidy is gin and tonics any. This is that. When I touting it what is howdy to the irony is no idea that that was howdy touting that the song again. What sets you know what there was a hot Todd is on literature at hesitant in and then. Totally alienated son I'm Heidi that if I like I like the pizza a food trucks that's good good form idea kinky boots at chase. Yes that isn't happening tonight. And it's I love as I was like looking up the storyline it's basically. It's based on the true story and it's about a guy named Charlie who's struggling. I'm owner of a shoe factory and he basically needs a drag queen name Lola and she helps and yet. Back and his speed there and start slate it's a great show I've seen I thought Oakland starts in north and and and it. On its may tomorrow line in the room that sounds exciting thing and then they have. Music and by senior operatives. It's really day kinky boots is a great show and it shows you that if you're ever having a problem get a drag queen queen's yeah that's that's agree. No undress is better than a drag queen and it's funny and they yelled this is like a good a good news cachet has glitter. Christmas and it knocks arm art and craft show is happening on Saturday if it. I asked them vendor market that's happening all weekend long and knocks fireman's his patent in the Sierra at their mansion if you've never been to their mansion it's gorgeous. So they're gonna have. Eighty vendors they gonna have all your favorite pick Alpine made on Daley's Coogan would table and people are we selling everything from soaps. Tip perfume eskolaste tires hats jelly the perfect thing you can kick off at holiday season. Before it really gets and to gear next weekend. I personally love. Alpine means blue eyes so if you see that dad too specific in Austin it's made public squash that they dried out okay hike on these kind of. I'm segue into. Any details and latest. Finally. There and boo me. Just a little bit more. Mean Renaissance after huh. The legendary Bob Dylan Saturday night tell me about the show ladies. This is going to be assays and there are still take to develop says he just got super hyped up about that even so don't. On NASA he'll be yeah I think it starts around 8 o'clock she's is going to be a busy place this. There. The Nobel Prize for like right. In I don't know any other words he's saying when he's. Some deal of it yet it's in the Stan. And you know Bob Dylan is not your cup of tea I honestly wants millions I just told. Oh and let's hold on. Tell me about your own story and this is a really cool Bob Dylan story. So when he was writing his most famous outreach program but lately delay. They made Elaine May across not that time you've heard before one way or another. When he was writing that song he didn't have the late lady play it was on. And then it finally came to the alienated and saying who inspired him. Of this week's meeting say how many I'm excited about that Shiloh legendary. I mean you know when they get. Bob Dylan come to town that is not a show to pass up if you're free on Saturday night when he signs. He's amazing. How can south. That's my Bob Dylan moment Jessie Williams Williams. This is there anyone you meet on the sitting and the list and be inspired this weekend is happening Saturday 730 you b.s on the Irene and Jesse Williams as the guy doctor Avery had a mean. Crazy eyes like eyes it's deer in two years old Hannah guy is. I go on the body. He also won the 2016 BET humanitarian award heat and viral and it's speech she gave and that. But he did a lot of social justice work like documentaries tacky theories and nova. A big deal on that that's like his gig yeah. Yes sir that's rapidly moves Williams the last considered going because of the humanitarian. Man I don't all think of is I don't even after Avery I have done it by themselves oh it's huge humanitarian guest here I'm human which I'm not going to he's does very well. How we're going to try to get a picture that I just I I just there and I got. I know I am Philanthropic. Yes. And I just need to talk to him. And guys I am back at the bright is. A pressed past does your blog suggested William Saturday night UB alumni arena that's fun speaker series to C 7:30 PM the did you play spaces opening at the buffalo history museum. About a sign his. Which. A lot of different things and here's it's actually produced by tests on so it. Starts today but it runs through April also if you don't have a chance Hosni and you have some time to do that so trying to international film pass those producing Nance. Which I'm just super into a bit it's going to be great for kids and adults. I'm basically you can explain new media technologies they're gonna have learning centric games are at hand on installations that they're always great about it the science museum but. We're actually getting a preview of this just after mr. not a science museum in check nice I've seen some videos aren't in Sudan from last night. It looks awesome Havoc in green screen that you can play in front of they have place you can Xperia Withrow I. If they have a green screen where green and it's so funny because your body disappears even if you have a sure that's got some green and it its so funny how that man is the. And even have like multiplayer video games so I just ask that you actually do on a daily basis neck and acting now as science and art. The coolest part about this is that all of the installations are created by artists from around the world so you know it's going to be. If I was a weather girl and I would Wear dress that always had green. On the outside honestly Mexican yeah why I haven't that's like the skit slim and skinny app where you can extract your body out the picture. And the skinny is ever think you'd call the gym two biggest yeah. Finally let's say I love Thanksgiving but I also love to win recycling outfit hungry and we know where my cycling pan. We have we got the event yeah. Yeah isn't it really causes settings edit from twelve to five. And it's like a fund raiser so what you do is you meet up at Lafayette square at Washington Robbie streets. And it's a food drive on wheels that when you get your sick and you're you get your bike you get some bad. And there's like the panic scavenger hunt almost you go around to different grocery stories and you pick up food and it all donated add on to buffalo student. The and you can obligated to do it in the competition to see gotta can't go around and CD you can. Do everything your supposed to do and at the end leaving deeply trophies and and also you're doing I read. Blocking traffic for the answer it as the city get to function that. I again that's it and that name it is off. Adding that I was skinny guy go by buffalo. It's fun yeah that's a fun way to do a bunch of different stuff. And where my elevenths brackets teach did you know I'm sad. It's going to be rainy it was capex we are out there and and I hard cyclists will do this because so if you're in the downtown there'd be real careful with mr. conceal cyclists and that can be tricky step up buffalo dot com is where you can find out all the information of what is going on this weekend and that is where Lorne and Amelie always land. With the places that they go to and have fun it was easy to become.