Step Out Buffalo Update November 10th

Thursday, November 9th


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Guess not able inside it is time for the stepped out buffalo report step up buffalo is brought to you by Perry's ice cream life is a bowl of Perry's we say good morning to Lauren and Emily from step up awful how push your big party last weekend in the so much fine relates don't recover Alon and it. The big winners it was Kass says dual head they had the most is the dreaded the most creative cocktail is that victor's place yes nice panorama and seven had the best garnished craft pat tell they had a little desserts that host baked desserts that power shell there's no less it was amazing and then boy -- took home the best guy I've packed them awful it's been tested what was the most special thing in the crest cocktail it was called gin and juice from Australia. Like. Then there's is a really good creative taped I can gin and juice. They are Daschle literally had like a money clip. I'm the I didn't I. That's fine there's pictures on our case that they're really fun that's hysterical. Share of the bounty is happening this weekend tell me about it yes that is happening all weekend Mon Friday to Sunday on the nagger weintraub. It's just an awesome and you all fundraising event that benefit. That's food banks food pantries and charities around Western New York. I'm so this is just really different each why actually accepts. Either of monetary donation or nonperishable donation and in exchange for casings all weekend long C ten. Go bring some food Horry can donate and that oppression of those proceeds are gonna and go to hospice meals on wheels food pantries food banks and rushing yards so things like that. Why anyone participating wineries at a lob right have a lot of options the beer and wine festival 2017. This is another weekend long event it's today's marrow at holiday Bailey. And it's their fourteen to zero they've got over thirty craft birds with over 100 beer and wine some years stayed in dollar and the region. Let's say that three floors of entertainment's it was the second floor the main floor and then the seller downstairs so there's a lot of options to have fun. It can be a lot of great local places like big ditch buffalo distilling need beer works all those great ones of course Alec and now. And it's in great wineries. And castle. Snow and really yes. OK we all Bob basically every minute they brought here and he's saying how come all the cat yes so they're gonna be there and each ticket to the event includes a five dollar voucher that you couldn't redeemed for student cafeteria and -- and have a lot of German favorite six sausage pats bills. Plus the standard stuff that's gonna have a lot of cheese in the airlines now really seems appropriate. Absolutely there's a cool thing going on downtown and that's today to tour the architecture of buffalo which. If you don't appreciate the great architecture here you're missing out tell me about the event. Yes this is kind of a winter tour bikes roller ball float on the meeting places that spot down on chip one Delaware. Many actually to relay interior species is sneaking past stay warm it's like an hour and a half to two hours long. And you go to places like the gold dome banks the market arcade electric power so places that you see like ion scan all the time he may be Lionel a bit more about. And inside and outside you'll get all that on this tour. It's so funny I wanna say it is ECC city campus. Day used to be a courthouse and a post authors admit it's where. People would sign up to go off to war or into the military. And then soldiers would carve their initials and they're still initials. Carved on the while of them and their girlfriends. There is so much history here in the architecture like him you gotta go to these buildings in and get the torso you understand brits so might be right you see the money it's Grammy drive by the you don't think much about it is a cold sore what else going on this weekend. We have another tour around called the nickel city pass period tourists on nickel city two hours is Lincoln knew where I'm train company this one's on a fuss. And the united three different phrase around falsely get a tour beach very so seem I think like you go to these ferries that may be down. Get to talk to the birds and you don't get a tour of on actual facilities so that's involved here and then he gets a drink. The air and left and stuff too obviously. Funnyman nick offerman is coming days Shays tonight and it's so funny because he's married. Two mega Mulally who plays Karen on will and grace. Yes so they're great power couple comedy you might remember him from parks and recreation that's around Swanson might remember him I. Ryan. Literally you could literally just walk onstage and steer you for a half hour and you glass the whole time that's Osce but he hasn't hired somebody had a good season and Lydia Woodward yes he does funny guy so he'll be here tonight and he gets going to be a great time if you appreciate his head carmody was just -- dry air a little bit then definitely we kind of honesty and he's one of their best carving comedians on the circuit right now doesn't really carve her we just -- Garnett. Crazier very entity ever watch his interviews he's for real into woodwork M away Hancock a this I created your creative in every way yes how OK a boy and love to go to dinner party with those two I now imagine that do the best and ever. Comes a girl no teeth no entry to learn Adobe here Saturday at 730 at UB in he's known for a budget Netflix specials and he's been on TV the late late show Conan workaholic happy endings. So he's another funny guy may be wanna do to for this weekend little Friday ill Saturday how fun would that be. And we're all about supporting any efforts towards our friends in Puerto Rico. And on Tuesday it's a taste of hope fund raiser for Puerto Rico and Mexico. Yes so this is happening. Act are racing kitchens and pass on him her street and so then there's the black cracked area. It's just an eight sounding a really cool event not to mention it benefits some great causes so. A bunch of the local Shas got together and decided just fundraising they're gonna have. I'm shafts from big ditch Brad has passed says you'll coltart faded Stafford is. Loy a low ball almost all of those awesome just being they're getting together. They're gonna actually be cooking food from their childhood. Which is just a thought Wes salmon so they wanted to finally bring you as the enemy and think of home and that ticket is gonna benefit to different charities world central kitchen in Puerto Rico and toe posts Mexico in. Mexico. Artists in kitchens invest. Just built an entire new space. To have these kind of events that did in oh my gosh I don't know I wake up not so when you go there you have to check it out because it's the most beautiful space. They want to bring like corporate functions in there and events. But it's amazing sort conceal all the chefs are gonna be able to cook. But on the wall is this would art grid of buffalo. That they had put up there is one of the coolest pieces of buffalo art has ever seen and I may have some really get an unfair reddy's I can only imagine yes and this is going to be a great cause and home comfort food that's a win win win that's Tuesday night. If somebody wants to find out more information about what we talked about where they don't step out buffalo dot com I'm gonna go over at their for the pictures of the craft cocktails ahead. It's clues there about buffalo reports find to study point five.