Step Out Buffalo Update March 17th

Friday, March 17th


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Let's start with the Saint Patrick's Day parties and the pubs and bars that are happening around town yet there is an endless list of these so this is just a few of them if you're looking for places to now. One of them is happening at JP FitzGerald and Hamburg. I'm gonna have like buyers music Ollie and it starts at 1 PM today and it is those tests on that's awesome. On you're your project is having a party is at saint Patrick state are out downtown sort of like starting on pizza planned that and Nina. Near eighty ADC and drink specials all those places. Iron hearts this hat in hand. My music by the town and switched on they played a bunch of style Celtic festivals. On pax America is having. Big party also getting some basketball related Stafford charity which is La land irishman I mean in mind having passed. I like ground zero hello all the Irish festivities there's a tent and there's lots of people and lots of Irish means casino will be green tonight as well Seneca Niagara Falls going to be due in part with strictly tonight. On and on into this is a Smart ME front line live at election is happening tonight. On from five to eight elections. They'd Jack and a play there. Which is going to be okay for food trucks outside and doable but thirty degrees is the high today. I it's obviously we've got a lot of Saint Patrick's Day celebrations happening around Western New York. Let's continue on what's happening this weekend because there's a lot of new people in town. So. Obviously March Madness is happening Saturday we had yesterday. I'm a little bit of a break today go lots and years TV media at a rest on our box and then tomorrow starting at noon. At the Keating's son Eric on that teams and the times are kind of stuck in the grass. Notre Dame West Virginia 1210 Wisconsin Villanova to pour out. I have Kansas winning at all. And pet. I had ever read it and just forget. I'm an accent that's going on Saturday let's talk about the policy Patrick decree we already had the one in the first ward. The deal first boarded now we've got buffalo Saint Patrick's Day for me. So that things Sunday starts at 2 o'clock run down Delaware avenue from Niagara square and that north street they see this year promises to be another trading near all your favorite groups. Participating there's a bunch of great places to view the parade you can go to Tina 258 having eight pre hurried brunch at 63 dollars on the two courses that item mustering and things like that. Dude so leaning group Lara beat. DB GB is. The mansion on Delaware is doing something that I feel of and you may be checked that yeah the ninth were at bay and it aid bills doing something and you're doing great after party at the parties that a lot of options check the tree. They did give it his throat is setting up the tent party and the coroner's somewhere some corn and it's our website and not servants are on Delaware. Think if tent party they're gonna. They're doing traditional Irish brogue. I didn't think I actually think that they did do corned beef in town think again because that's the traditional Irish tree yeah they are a great job there a lot of fun. The Saint Patrick's Day parade and Delaware has some of the best parade merchandise. The church key fed is how I'm so. If you need something saint Patrick finished it a little money because they do sell some really fun stuff. Our local restaurant week that starts next week. And our favorite events of the year happens to AC air and it starts Monday. On the tiny and it runs its funny six Sunday so that's happening Ollie clock around the city can yet. Different basically I price fixing meals are too funny 1730174017. Men and overly 200 ascent practice. Oh yeah. And it's it's a real great way to experience new restaurants I skipped over I didn't mean to pond skimming at holiday valley resort. I this was actually going into like a big swimming pond that's Saturday and Saturday is that correct it. That's edit howdy valley from 13230. And kept his registration at that you'll their lives starting at eleven at five dollars kids as young as eight years old and just pay. But if they're under eighteen you have to have parent signature at what you do is you basically ski downhill. And I knew water ski over patent and you've got different awards for best game Eric asked I asked him best bid and bests collapsed some note even if you thought you could. I'm like why is water not ice it ice like it's cult it yes it's not warm. So you go downhill and then you just keep going over the water yes this are you can't. And I'll read it it went April after howdy alleys pool complex that's yet. Is the pool open now. The open era. On the arm is the maple weekend is that right. Let's go to drive where we Dylan. Yet that's hitting bailing animal adventure parks if you're going to electorate state park you actually passed it varies her. And ethical place. It's not a disease it's more like an animal. If it opened arranged and that is to say it's Jurassic Park place yet because that's I think the entire not dinosaurs. Those from 9 AM to 1 AM this weekend and next week and actually. They're doing and maple weekend celebrating. Maple syrup reduced New York State knew it on spanky and different. Skip all that is for the C a yeah I latch onto a tree. In multiple places I'll out acts of Ethan. Right because it's time for the maple maple trees have their producing a series is only now yeah yeah. Let's just Doolittle. Tally IC syrup. Neck. Fear. Sad that if Anna her son and Sarah and I grew up so are following Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah. So while we'll see Europe from me. I know about it here Alia islands Europe and I don't there's like is it's real and mine and warm yeah pressure. I would missing any other events this weekend we need to talk about I mean we haven't kind of Saint Patrick's Day. That's an easy just. You know attach it to an ice bags on our state there olives. It's safe to assume pretty much every place yeah so for Patrick stadium even if you do any kind of finds that you're probably doing something themes for this weekend. Do you guys have a special saint Patrick's challenge and all regardless challenges we know this week. We now have a special land development in idea. I expect voted three cars that. Actually I am I an archery things. Happening honestly. Act it. If they style you know that's the right. And so you can go into class and England and new. Equipment on. I outs now now Blake I. Kind of easily it. Up and down I natter. Shot on eking out users in the signal there. He unease anti on that he's you know platters and I nine. OK next yeah goes to a archery store make sure you picks up some platter after access into one huge reason. It certainly catch that apparently throwing the bat it's certainly. Bowling meet that doesn't sound very safe and now and they have like. Let's do our trees and now the it was a catch what is it catches and I patches so drink beer and throw have to stick. They don't I drink I think after it and that relate to me it's like bowling. Either. Added and it's the Spanish and sharp heavy weapon. So. I'm of that and wanna go now and it's different. We'll be awesome I'm everybody picked their favorite place to go for saint Patrick's eyes since I'm not north town Grumman go with the irishman. Islet saint ideal. Would be to. I thought buffaloes. No matter what you do you'll end up at acts all of that didn't thanks for that and but maggert got. You want to Xena Albion casino for that everything's going to be green there there the moon it's a it'll be like flaunting it. With my newly found Irish heritage Alia has got a 23 and me. Catchers especially if you can't get special place in my heart we wings what do you what do you GDP. I guess you go to your honor Ankara where more information go to out gospel load dot com this is where you can find everything to do during the week. On the weekends and so much more thanks girls at the.