Step Out Buffalo Update June 30th

Friday, June 30th


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Lauren and Emily from step up buffalo dot com had entered the studio get inside scoop on all the latest entertainment events what's happening in and around buffalo it is stepped out buffalo proudly presented by Buffalo's own. Perry's ice cream life example of theories in essence we are talking Gary's eyes and Lauren your favorite Perry's eyes can flavor. He is to me. The easiest at least content and yes kind that I love. Only that if we carry Kenya right hands that I think that's good shot. You drove that home now on the drive home that. I had Batman. And I think I can't. Think and you and you flavored you know I don't as being that everything I know. Just kind of anxious and mean it works out works. It's time to talk about everything there is fun to do step a buffalo dot com. Is where you go to get all the details we highlight some of the event's let's start with the delicate bill summer music festival. Yes that is happening. All weekend long in Alec and bill I'm in a village there and then. At holiday valley so they're kicking off tonight on Friday night from three and nine with there. Stroll the streets I do think every Friday sort of they have to kind of an arts and crafts fair. On and then tomorrow and Sunday they're having a big concert on tapping golf course at a holiday valleys and it's really cool content the first night. On Saturday is that buffalo philharmonic live on an airplane player and princess music that's this. So nice to meet these pirates Francis is I think we did why not. I like that and then Saturday having to hold backs it which is like grand funk brown out of the crowd Nixon firmly and asked him. So that starts at like 8 o'clock 7 o'clock. On Ollie camera that's happening we'll graphs he's really ready for the pats were on Saturday I know that's been my fear I noticed is that Saturday at 118 and down Washington street is pat letters ten days and explain it. I'm so their transforming. The whole route into the active bill packed grades they have dogs cats even an exotic. Right well racks he's going to be dressing up as Betsy Ross. And so. The order princess now because it's before she she celebrates independence and she loves this country and tasks of Chilean red white and blue Shakespeare in Delaware park continues. Yes. See you can catch seeking Miller Park every Tuesday through Sunday at 7:30 PM and every just talking about how we line goes so badly she so you don't. We are gonna you need to write chairs yes do you rate shares are great Latin and Tim Allen is a fact there. So if you catch that on this week and they're performing the merry wives of Windsor. And if you're looking for or where they're reform basically you're authoring apps you hardly anywhere on gated and she parking and you go down those stairs with solely on last its honorary and the crowds of people going there with blankets and Khamis. Stage. With their coming from Knox arm or whatever but some people. Eight games on their tables and chair and wine and everything and remove my opinion and then do for you and I think of ads didn't. I I know the bench and I got a lot of good. And then there's bloody beautiful setup is that you can have that out of it and I love we love salt and he's different of the shots I'm happy that Shakespeare in Delaware park continues. I. Friday. At that happening often in north pounds that's yes. Similar thing to reject it happened that night in there isn't happening in the area hotel in camera. And it's far away. On the it's actually every Friday now admission is free five to 930. On its happenings that starts tonight and then it goes until August honey and it says the area by UB. Exactly literally across I was here that you're in town house on line communities and that's a perfect opportunity. On they have different a different lineup every week but this week picnic adopting having army agent Easter which we. Leaning against the cheesecake I will be there that I'd lightly there souped up which I actually. Detect and out. The claim barbecues now. This is like they're gonna have a separate area for Tony and not see intense and packed house and the airline. I'm obviously Tammy and the house. I wondered why. The cheesecake I was asking me to make some cheese pizza that's. And some. So well yeah he's has all the time bigger and make my product please. I've got that hit the annual hollow festive fourth of July fair is it's in the Clarence how. Yes and this your first taste of like fair seasons you know I'm really forty Erie county fair next month. So this is happening Saturday through Monday at noon every single day and they're gonna have recently meaning if they're studying. With food fireworks and a fun like music beer tent. And hazy hot dog eating contest we could in 250 acts. I'll and that happens at Clarence town park it's a lot of the kids walk to this every night and so for anybody driving around because it does go until the night. When the sun goes down be real careful on those roads. Max must got to act one album release party and rock autism events accident happening. And it's a sixteen op events even if you're not turning on each and had out on basically his style is rock meets blues and pop if you're kind of wondering. But he's partnered with autism services of western you know what's the connection with that so his older brother Sonny was diagnosed with autism at age of four or so portion of the money that's on race. And Saturday night will be donated to at his answer is awesome. There's three different bands playing so start to average act fast and Johnny higher and a mass and then act since I was on 1980. On good luck to them with that event hopefully to raise a lot of money. The weather for Monday and the fourth of July Tuesday sunny skies highs in the mid seventies so it's going to be perfect kick off for the fourth of July carnival. It's Wilkinson here and we're just talking about this it's still the outer harbor it's still revealed pier was but there it's so funny because they're really trying to come up with. What name is gonna stick in the community you guys from step a buffalo I mean use you as much as leader that none of the names are sticking people are competing. So its outer harbor but that's a big stretch of land and it could go anywhere for that carries to be too where the boats are in his overlooks and here is along here in the still trying to brand it with the name a name and because. I'm telling you when it's Italian festival season time Ken Moore will not know how to find that place. I was yes they are also developing other peers next night little this MP specifically so maybe that's why economic getting right back. They're kind of developing all the difference actions like you said. Out of Harvard technically goes on big logs alliance and the other so maybe they're kind of trying to distinguish appears. And as they distinguished that they picked an easier named singer with because this will send is not that easy it's not Wilkinson you know listen. Welcome said we'll figure it out. The WP why doesn't just use the letters. Are peer one peer to like they do in what has taken. All right well their fourth of July sales going announcement by the way I need to Rotella I think in Denver tan lines. Odds appeared to through seven they shouldn't just numbered appears yeah I would be so good with that so there's we've got to this carnival carnival. If you're looking at a parent of the way you had a distinguished will be seeing here is there is they get sculpture there's a panic at all filters. Are you looking sculpture in his again hill and there isn't a bunch of landscaping there's another you're in the right place. And their current well it's happening Monday Tuesday 11 AM to 7 PM on Monday and then eleven and 10 PM on Tuesday. It's created an industry parking if you want to write the guy aids you can get a wrist band for ten dollars Monday or twenty bucks on Tuesday in his fourteen eyes. And it got games in. Tons agree food that ice cream and tries peaked attack I like. That it's free to get in so for the want. You have factor your start at zero and then if you want stuff. It bacteria Allah cart yes. The thing I have tons of great food Gaza and has she performers juggler is face painters balloon iron and then fireworks both days seeking. And the room. And the grandly geek cruises fourth of July happy hour cruise. Saw the grandly ever works right exactly yes that is below and a lot of bouts plans now like for example learn in Manhattan on lassie and started that Iran plane. The writer Murray. I really got there they talent here and click on gun. So we are gonna take via the net. We accidentally went recently and it relates. That there's no when they're there's nothing you just talk across this works that we needed with the temple an old. Well that's a good yes that you're late. On nearly. About. It. No check your starting point getting at an insular and it at a buffalo. All different. I was not the pedal bikes. Right so tax and other that's littler. Marks the T key votes river work and the grand lady is report. Studies. Have urged at a good chances of getting Danny and that's something when you were claiming it yeah not just X natural humble little jump. Act like it yeah. But Sonny Graham lady cruise is having a special on the bad for the fourth of July so this is happening on Tuesday. They have two different on tour is going council Lance I stadium on 830 on the range in price from twenty to thirty bucks on day five bucks I. And they're gonna have like music on board which is really cloudy seats in India inquiry via hopefully it is awesome either. On you kind of get to cease fire went out there Chelsea on the. That that sounds like so much fun. Some of the fireworks to see on Monday July 3 include the. The clerks actually kick off they'll not be happening all weekend long on Sunday you get to be coming to an hour and a Connecticut casino right now operating. That's gonna be simulcast on the radio city and I really have already won yet you gather at 930 get your stuff in order at 941. It'll start with. The National Anthem. And the bone in. Credible display that happens that's basically. Where the splash works used to be is where they launch them from so with the hotel side of the casino in Niagara Falls. Well that's your son eight preview and then Monday there's a couple of going and I'll look at in here we'll have them after the carnival is immense in. Niagara Falls says that much I really. I really like and that the matter I know me to come and then diligent at Graham hasn't with the veterans tire and Neil street at 10 PM ending Coca-Cola field have after the Biden's name. And then on Tuesday will consist for Niagara Falls also have them again and you can also check it might announce that at 10 PM and then all the local municipalities have thumbs up on them vs ours hired you Williams. Listens to them at academy and there's bands and fireworks they do great job that's. And whatever windows and parks and then splits and comes back a few hours later like you state your place. Why I love fireworks that there is a feel melancholy with my New York you know it is something. So pretty about them to us Mosley I. Put it to me are passionate. So I think sounding but you can use on some would work with. App has a longer delay that's. Turn on the radio in. Turn. Now. That big pot and CF yeah he's 72 exactly. Right. Souza of apps will be a little asking to be too late. Just trust me I got up I thought that you don't have any idea where most of gives you. A practical and. And we have a whole guide every haven't and I say right now for ferrets so all of those other places like Lewis and Easter are that. Do you have been months on Monday and Tuesday and have a guy. We Lancaster you were to sit allow parking lot yeah. For July our luck. These are lying or we must do thing this weekend. Catch fireworks obviously and then I would say tried to get into the warm other semi began of those boats or get on a kayak reduce something in the water is now it's the eating greens again right exactly domestic demand and. And in addition to all of these events I would say it's a cool we can check out some restaurants because there are follow and make it sound of those holiday aren't close have now. I think you're dying to ask I just might actually dizzy and I would back commandos and meet us so it's an old docket of. Hey isn't the water. And Google there route five. Once you get to that area where there's not a lot along the water OK did you see on the right side and it's it's. Just something out it get it back than that. And quietly and yeah I don't know there was some ownership such and I flew there is known it was so good it is yeah but it's it. It's a very limited season there because it's so close to the water winter not a lot happens okay doesn't it doesn't sound was opening up and I felt this is different one or lose China's. Mean come on guys as loose as Donnelly so not me and says he says he has different. But that's like down down group I had a little bit more so it's the same lines that they know what they're kind doing this IDC Mexican dude. I'm they've redone like the whole outside inside. Patella and green and you. Our topic yesterday this is the final question. If you had to live on unlimited chips and salsa or. Unlimited margaritas. He had checked them out and ticket office. Yeah and are you people I Edison and margaritas. And I don't personally. I just can't get it checked out. All that and I. Arts. It's about buffalo dot com is where you find all the information for what's happening this we can have a happy for the girls it's.