Step Out Buffalo Update January 5th

Friday, January 5th


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Else in saying you came in from the south town's houses drive. Some. Manned element OK I was feeling. Like I moved to can I a team from the north with the same weight like cars have been in the slot she still going. What is I took last night I took inventory of my issues. I'd lost three pairs of boots to the salt and stuff that you guys. It makes me and yelling and eating Smart move and Smart move and now yes you would surround wedge. Blake not a wedge heel people who. That's. It's like a lot. And I apps and laugh and make. And where she's. At and it doesn't nights and we'll have to find those those are not snow boots line and other. Items. Okay. And eight so they keep the waterway for my feet my feet never like that Colina when your feet get away and yet it's super cold in their does empathy enhancements that these are nice because they keep me. A week. I I ask you guys this because you're to a the most go everywhere kind of girls side you're wearing good shoes I wanna know what you're wearing pigeon you still are able to get out and do a lot of things. Let's talk about this weekend. Last year I got to experience a first hand the queen city roller girls season homo. And are now this is awesome especially users looking for something different idea on this is the first of many games this season happening at buffalo mavericks tonight. On tickets are just fifteen bucks us definitely reasonable especially after the holiday season. It's a local roller derby league they're taken off their first game it's Alley cats are much as last year's league champions and they're facing the on tiny seventeen runners opted Donald alleys so. Revert study Italy in their inner ring can they put the bleachers dollar around they have food and drinks and. Not going to be cold. And now you won't because it can't get the or ice rinks their semis outdoor BR but the via the derby happens in the last time I have no idea how roller derby works but it's just fun to watch. I mean is all these girls colorful coaching staff yeah very complex and entered the Arab. Tough. Yes owed don't mess around as part of a roller derby buffalo. Is the names of the competitors. Because they know he's so funny honest collection of names and fun stuff so the actions great names are concert I was. It's so funny because when I first heard. Dad that the guerrillas had bought the female hockey team computes the view it's I thought those with a roller derby girls and I was so sites and look at lots of let me get it maybe that's the next purchase they'll make a yes and a happy hours happening at the Albert acts art gallery. This is tonight and I think it is 730 in its part of the free Friday's at the museums you get free admission is certain parts of it and then missed yes show is free to use there's going to be. Jet drinks specials live jazz music and it's nice another way to stay warming and get. And culture. Mom a media is happening at the Kevin Nokia theatre death sticking with their cultures theme on this is happening downtown in Allentown. Just I Allentown 19 yesterday evening and just. You know if you have a chance to get to my show alive he would show this year definitely do that to support I feeding community items pieces of Broadway. On hang it on the Friday signs with an so it is an awesome performance. How many runs punches is in town. This does tonight answer marinade over heating and I mean and you might know him he's a lot of popular stuff he's done and ease the defeat shows that indeed on powerless. Is that county central at mean I accruals. Drunk histories that he's got a really nice as a man hands and he's gonna be there. Doing a bunch of different joked that he. Is she he lost like a 130. Pounds while yet he went through huge body transformation and it talks about as has been very funny guy. The rock talked isn't a bad happens in buffalo iron works tonight that's happening today. I some obviously fund raise and they're gonna have drink specials raffles live music on a handsome Jack has been Myers maxed us out now. On so that all the funds here are gonna be benefiting schools serving use living with. The music is create the cause is amazing I know Max I know this organization it's a party to go to dome of cold at the scary go and rock out. I love me mother lacks the buffalo bandits are in town. The airplane the Calgary rough next tomorrow at 730 to keep being sent there they both have the same record payable one into uses is going to be an exciting game to watch because they both are in it. Don't let the two degrees scare you there's snow showing tomorrow. Yes they're we're actually researching that there's a lot of different comic organizations doing snow shooting night as I'm Diane. Knox firemen I think Adam's fault this went up in Lewis says I hope England calls area. You know with a world OK you know the world will stay parkas. It kind of backs up on to there so where is there where there's the world police -- our notion slide down off the cliff no no no you're going to be a sense of on the other side of the expressway your government housing act whatever they're calling and now. Devoe woods is sort of attached to do whirlpool state markets in that area it's beautiful spot and snowshoes. I have a violent as snow student. It's nice that when it's it's nice to be able to walk in snow. Yes no I don't feel very differently nothing like locking you pick and these. And you do a little shuffle major airlines. I know you're schaffler. But this you know this and that will be happening all intent on actually tack in other fees that pages in each and I think Aladdin and I'm manages. It doesn't come heels. They're just I don't know if I don't read on the mom and I don't tell them it's not the snow did you pick and as she didn't know. There's an art form too we get it. Cute we have diesel school my parents when but these like. Traditional real in your wits notions woodland yet what one's and I went and we did it and how. And it was cold as it sounds hopefully that's. Like I wish we just add that one day were we could just sift cold as it does somebody. I ever a lot of people will do the social and just because there's a bar at the end of the snow shoot and they and they and the bar about motivation and yes okay exactly. Disney presents the Lion King this is the last week and I'm glad to mention. Yes the latest and went with her family to CAA and they all loved it I'm in a manner stepdaughter holly ages it's definitely if you haven't seen it yet dated and this is your last chance to see at this week. The Buffalo Bills viewing parties if you aren't going to Jacksonville and many of us aren't. There's a lot of different options when you think about weird to watch the party. Yes we begin this is obviously the biggest thing happening this week and and we've been getting some inquiries about you know where. Who's having parties what kind of specials are happening there are so many we have to the fullest silence and are adding to that but some of our favorites. There's a playoff extravaganza happening at the beer garden network trip part they're gonna have drinks specials tons of live music economic merged giveaways which is cool. On my favorite is the party like it's 1999. Watch party that's happening union pub. I'm Don swan she sort of across from Coca-Cola field listen theme party. 1999. So they want it contrasts as Bill Clinton and Britney Spears Puff Daddy where olds Doug Flutie jerseys. That's probably my. Still Wear my dog flew teachers I don't know I don't know that stance and at that. And ninety's are cool against the binders a lot of 1999 parties and casinos to one's well. Yes those are on tons of places like is that we have a fullest other places that are having it official parties act. Damien Berry to craft kitchen and bar resurgence is having on style on the spot. I'm looking at your places to get French onion soup and you don't. See it's rock goes has a good couple of French onion soup I also beyond transit road but what did you guys come up with this is funny. So we asked our readers and like other social media platforms to give us their top picks and yet 61 places as soap on oh yes you've got to hold around having people keep extending them to us that we keep updating it to as the days line okay. The pepper would who makes a good French unions. We've got at Al house which is up north Dini Sheehan is an area last port Rockport the black thorn over and Seneca street hasn't really really good one in south buffalo room. And there is I mean there's like so many we could go on and ran president poppy seed in Hampshire and South Park silos copies and yeah yeah just that kind of I judge for. Each onion soup by the Milt over the rim of the croc. You know I mean it's got to be a little bit Milton on the system and I'm McKinley is that I'm obsessed with days they had great French unions yes they have the salad that. I don't. This newness and a salad gophers who. Now I'm focused on. It in late in just wanna add ants enemy out not Romaine anymore and I guess. Asked about buffalo dot com is where you can turn to find all of the things step up buffalo dot com. Is where you can go to find all the things that are happening each weekday and weekend last year drives they stay warm this weekend and most vocal bills.