Step Out Buffalo Update December 1st.

Friday, December 1st


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It is time for a step out buffalo that tells what's going on this weekend. This is presented by Buffalo's very own Perry's ice cream life is a bowl of Perry's hello Emily hello Lauren. In morning so a little different and you we realized this morning we better let you know we're beyond the the days of from what I can tell. It looks like there's a lot going on this week and that's based around the holidays officially the holiday season hair. I think Souza let's make sure everybody knows exactly what's going on we'll start. With the 2017 holiday celebration and tree lighting it can all side yes it is. Opening act now site tonight he from five to ten. I'm gonna have musical gas including the American caroling company and it's just sounds so clause. Lurking Carroll right who does well isn't until I get into. Yeah up and then nick now as nineteen and going to be getting I have skating performances on the planes. They have. Freeze fine kid kids' activities and story telling anybody asks presented by that library actually. And I have a good chance to Pete and any thoughts of militarism and indicate to you tonight as. They're they're going to be busy there's sabres game so people be going to the right reloading it's Amber's going away party probably two Danica outside but it's it's a great event. And isn't it there's the ice skating now canal side too now right yeah so development you have fun. Mannheim. Steamroller have banned group the near a big deal so this is happening with his Grammy Award winner kip Davis it's now it's old group and their show and it at eleven Christmas music and their group. They got the got dazzling multimedia Faxon and course intimate setting it scenes that you're gonna have a really fun. Unique tally experience that this I don't see it on the list but Jerry book rights Christmas party. Is that. Acton it will rival the yeah. That'll be out on the water tonight it's one of those. Yeah and that's over the public know. He jumped by car c'mon over bridges and homestead complex is doing the seventeenth annual holiday open studios yeah. Is cool now this is one location of sap also this now open on open studios and galleries is magazine happens every year. They just added Richardson on that complex which is. Like if they ground Clara hotel company if you whining and that's ultimately act out it's like there it. You know Aaron under hotel. So Google is so you basically park regal hotel had Ryan yeah so lately the doors I eat block any don't have to upstairs I think put up anything about it. On holiday stuff as well also uses it I think it needs to start on they're gonna have over a tiny local vendors there an and if you on the last thing on for Ohio and studios and galleries there's a bunch of different other places throughout alma pillaged at a Catholic. It's gonna have their studios opened in their work for. From the open studios there are two holiday alive at Larkin. Yes this happening tonight in this is their free and you know when it hadn't answered the sixth annual event but they're also having their first tree lighting and a have a pot is there and does look treatment so a lot of exciting stuff happening over there there also gonna have food trucks specialty drinks like mold lions later everything in nice and warm and toasty. And they will hit heaters editor rounds if you where that's gonna be Kenneth Cole they've got that has covered there's going to be you know screens and the in saint Peter's on the board blocks. Are all the Al pockets going to be their dasher dancer now I've Jeff alpaca socks and he loves them if you have a pap like for. Efforts like Clinton well. Now packed on the case we love to go out the ballots and noted that the super eight. I know I cannot access the media no but I've heard again not a good house that this. Right now but now like the way you get wall you'd get out hopefully it's willingly given that. I think the and mine and it's not like wearing like her I don't know. I can't Wear down some. In the theater in the summer and get a free or there alpaca handlers explain this this look creek pack as they. They have a hole I asked him and he kept him grounded in the new appointments and obviously it's like. Over emanate I don't know if I'll be. Harmless at it and and it means that it takes to open up and their party tank. How Ukraine and Ali I don't know how it feels like I am I haven't celebrated at our office without a pocket Sox are really cool yeah now. Team immune. The sound Christmas celebration is happening at rotary rink accident is just nominee. Things happening at this and actually Saturday night a seeking go to balls now side and on downtown there's another writer rink. Found plaza rate downtowns and late in that means she area. And this is. They kick off of the free ice skating at the rotary rings so they're gonna have. An official count town to bitch relating they're gonna have a player displayed and they laid it streak. And then there's visits with Santa others for you guys that only the merry go round and airs BL and juice doughnuts there there's light to all this fun stuff happening down the. It was so funny I have to give Mary Alice props on this one she was talking about the tickets for the hockey game it's a hundred dollars. And she is like or heard you could just at a rotary rink it's free. And well. And then there's. I was kind of team on this and I had my own I think we act like I got. Lets you want some artisan treats were possibly go this. I woke up this morning thinking wait rather partisan treats guy wanna go to a fair to Hamburg programs how did announce that at. In Sunday yet Hambrick fair and that you outside in the country holiday artisan market is happening over in Hamburg at the fairgrounds the 23 annual event initiative got over a 150. Local artists and I was sent. It's gonna be a lot of variety. It's used brown spot quality bath products import aromatic candles poly to chords really powdery foods everything you can imagine is going to be giving you hand. Fort Campbell. I would have so for us if I don't you don't understand how much I love and like the soy candles. Those last so long. And sometimes when you're at those kind of craft shows you'll find some of the best ones that I funny but I don't like to smell like food I just can't they what to expect some people now your mind now I am. I don't like to ever compete with food in my kick the can from cooking AM really makes you hungry. Now I'd just like that that's not my Campbell sent. I like that the lemon I love lavender. And those kinda like Lindsay won Lindsay yeah I'm kind ones sandals as it. There's one here that they sell that smells like optical again but once smells like church. They haven't been intense and stop after effects to handle college and I only got myself town girls in my neck of the plan. Hamlin and I said did I said the captain Mike cute and the two I just. I can see what we do in the north touted as a all right so then we have the seventh annual queen city markets yes. Are kind of like into the market phase of the mining snow this is on happening at. Purples manes if museum on board avenue Sosa's McGrady are kind hands if you ask Sally someplace that you might pass opt in by united in our finances. There's going to be fifty local vendors selling either hand made her vintage items at this one's a sensory specific. Advanced this far it's an awesome venue in outer banks and a lot of people have been hired and never even heard of it so law. They have jewelry ceramics vintage clothing house there is local foods. And their house have in his truck and laid trap taco trapped there for obviously for lunch and stuff is happening Saturday. You know it's content right. We've known that. I think our talents are palace and never having said that I now gene that is only eat it means in the eighth and two of them and awful and edit yeah this once super hunted just wanted to I'm only out. Got a ghost hunters have come and unstuck it we onetime. We have these two guys Kevin McHale Dover air interns on the show with I am not one of them down there they were freaking out cosmic stuff was that they're the story goes it's content. On that totally buffalo 716. In this past where is this happening. This is ever crew works Saturday and Sunday in the you've got a hundred vendors there plus live entertainment on their stages all day they often have and a Disney princesses I wars characters buster buys in to this isn't really another really great about test of light sabers with the Star Wars characters and share it reading green yet. On the Osce and I have a bunch of charities that benefit from being there and they can record Ganz is indeed keep that means. Release these images from Anderson. They're also giving away Hastings images. All that's final and why these rights of that is happening on Saturday and Sunday a couple of reports it seems like no matter where you go. There's like festivals going on the third annual Santas of swig charity home group of your competition hold on Santa's that a significant. Health analysts. All out at the box I love it's as Iranians like this just gloss so this is having a buffalo and arts on Saturday from wind. And every into funny different home birds on from around western new act and they have donated their ears to help raise money you know and aunts. And the proceeds are benefiting Mac urban centers. Hope house homeless shelter for women and children that you're trying to unite a nation gets you admission. India to sample all these many years back home consultants that sweet party yes OK at school yet. Series numbers and then like the wind is the you to vote on your favorite home Braylon and the winner back at me app per house oh wildcats. Deal it's changing the world coming to this that I love yes you are there. They're having raffle baskets and local brewery is if you bring a donation of an unwrapped toys and you are held in. The Special Olympics is one of my favorite things that they do here in buffalo it's a very special event. And at. What is happening this weekend is the polar plunge which I've done before him on that I am on every year these clubs and it's so much fun. The only mistake I mean is it was like you can't Wear flip flops. And I didn't listen. And so I went and in the polar plunge. And with flip flops on and your phone your feet just kind of suck and CNET that hides you or no chance and ladies that post. Just wider issues and watch me on Saturday after what it's a really super fun of that you can choose to just dip your knees in the water or you could take up. Full on plunge in the minor outage in your hair wet. One of us took the full time on the water nick went in the with the like. He is first but you at the front of the line and it was courses. It was chilly and he owned it he was like I've got to go home LA can we had to deal with the we're gonna do it wouldn't have a second chance like that spastic little on her legs but I was like. Play was called. I salute all of them but I still had you know what's really fun. I still have bipolar plunged beach towel because I'm so proud that I did that this time there but it wasn't good whose great great answer isn't. A pretty at weekends in Munich and fittingly it's not there's really attack it. It was there's always called it would be the degree I can't I can't believe the people that turned that also in to a party I mean it's like yeah tell gaining. Well and if it yet was it hasn't really really special and so and you're helping children. To take part in the Special Olympics here in Western New York so that's a win win win and you let this one of those no show tickets I would say pay the price you don't hang time and help out Special Olympics and that's another option I step up buffalo is in has seen studio there at walker with us. Also this weekend there was a couple there's like fun things happening and what's right isn't a walk on elm wood this weekend. Holiday heiress nominee Alley yes. We intentionally or late market that they airlines that there are so many other things happening and a Holler and how especially like it was in the shop local law. Immunity I wanna say that the village of Williams bill I wouldn't hurt at all have events going on this week and it definitely again if you're looking for something on the door just get the holiday shop and then. Thanks guys.