Step Out Buffalo Update 5-11

Friday, May 11th


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So finally we are getting closer to all the fun things that happen in the summer. I like get what is breaking now I know we're getting closer and closer so it's a Mother's Day weekend maybe you're looking for something fun to do let's start with second Friday's unforced. Yes that's happening tonight Friday night at the history museum that's it starts it's time we get to in line to RC have. You can experience the nineteen O line Pan American expedition at the buffalo history museum. And that's a guided tour and any owner to the Richardson onset campus they get a dose and add to our. Through the spaces that have really got untouched since like this avenues and they're gonna share it the story of the past the president the future of. The whole building. Next up is that half half marathon at Talladega alien to them this is that in the sister Ali people who like to England finally running out dealers season. Fifty at holiday valley tanning and there's half marathon five K and beer I'll be your mind are you ask your mind. In Petersburg there a navy and it came and food and beer and southern perjury and Andy huge Perry yeah it is that they're going to be. Yeah we're getting into all of the big races too so that's fun we of the city of Buffalo's artists market the spring edition. Yes that is happening. Filled with fifty local artists commanders they're gonna have unique crafts food at specialty foods it gourmet stock. Are obviously tons of different gifts and coming different about this market is they're gonna have a Buffy prions served by the growth cafe and health fire it's. Is happening like all along the balcony on the second floor are seeking an overlay. Overlook the John Hall craft fair. And they're gonna have a yoga class which is free and Clinton strategist. If he can't remember the blonde girl that was felt pain in the stuff walker yeah she's going to be I love that buffalo stuff although it's amazing and fonts again get our fair happening down the square on Saturday that's fun. Of course you've got to superhero locked tomorrow. This man is gonna be amazing for everyone of all ages but there's a lesson for kids to do which is terrific mood so this is an early morning after union bloc super easy anyone can do it you can bring your coworkers your friends your parents or grandparents or kids and you won. Bonus points for wearing superhero costumes you guys have it's. Yeah yeah I'll be Superman for sure and then ask and answer cape right now it does the water starts at 9:8 am at 10 AM start. Witches you know early for an average Joaquin yeah. Yeah but you know what we think those restaurant nine moms and kids coming out so let's get everybody up and out of that house early. Yes that we all Wear superhero cape you know what's amazing. Until you do the super her walk if you walked the medical campus as they call it. It's amazing because you you start realizing how close all the hospitals are to each other. Where the Kevin guest house it makes you really feel like part of buffalo yeah it to it and it's now late in close at Allentown I'm now a week once you walk the streets you how small while and I'm such a dork because that. I realized I was spot in Allentown. Was on the other side of them I thought that was Allentown. I didn't realize Allentown crosses over extends over England to man's wedding guests and stake out yeah I. It was shocking it what I mean I don't know that I learned it when I found out Lisa de was in Allentown in my. We US it really pretty poor and I heights and feelings over downtown you know as in the car. I'm trying I don't understand this whole buffalo thing down so homed blocking act and his government in treatment and I. I. Can't keep him solidly sound about this they're selling these and all the hospitals although. Collide hospitals today to than five dollars. And Matt yeah hammer to music festival is happening also. Yeah on Saturday all day live started to baiting doesn't tonight. I'm it's all the way throughout the village it's at memorial part they're gonna have some programming but. You have food tracks half fear of cars are Holton and that and that whole lineup of music at a bunch of different venues around the village. And when I say abbey Danny I mean I mean venues that LaGrange JP's juicy burger back may have a shuttle going from each on his so it's great way to lessen times music. I love that is juicy burger bar the place that everyone's talking about his Headley an amazing burger place I think the lines at different ones but it sounds like in hand man. Cadillac and each product stack Al Stafford that's actually the one that was the founder of last panic Kennedy's economic hand in hand in the mileage Hamburg. And sprint grapes and hospitals as James. It is so if you want take advantage at seven degree. Whether rolled the window now and take a little road trip this is the perfect event for you. There's gonna be thirty different varies wineries and different vendors provide DJ karaoke. Yeah our on our pock yeah I've heard upon us. To do with that is no but now I'm going to figuring out who hit the Caribbean island see it done. I've seen him a version of beer pong it's bigger than that giant. Giant cups and the giant how everything has giants so we don't the chug anything bright and pretty well jogging involved. He doesn't. Have great hops festival yeah. So it's not iced coffee got. Okay. There are a lot of. Where we were just talking about this I don't even know if you can get a Mother's Day brunch reservation. But dropped some of the good Mother's Day brunch is that may be people still be able to squeeze themselves into. Yeah and you know everybody's doing Brian so I mean if it's not on of these I'm sure he'll find some somewhere that has a reservation and fallible. You're beer project is doing a Mother's Day jazz brunch they're gonna have a jazz or tap requirements. Bettina 250 is having Mother's Day runs out in their court yard which is absolutely beautiful they're gonna have a best bank. And then Los hampering companies having line river or switch they're gonna have a homemade waffles station and then man Barry is having probably the best one which is a mother's in Motown brunt of the lives the way. Is that where the west and it's. Yes OK yes that's the way I go in the door of the Weston you can go to their numbers that the restaurant the eighteen to fifty highway by the little concierge area who. And then there's like this awaits is hidden in the city jam. I discovered it and I'm like well. What is this place. It's like instant pebble video politics. To South Beach it's very like what is good lounge here so for like a summer night and maybe a Sunday brunch. It's a very cool so and it's I'm telling you like you you walk and I talked about it too much any Mother's Day recipes and I'm pleased doesn't exist at all nobody here. It's so funny because I was looking at the statistics. 13 of people. 13 of the people plan to take mom out for mothers to her meal. So 13 of us are all world calamity so this is like. One of those days don't assume you're gonna get a reservation any pressure you know we're two and yet you're lucky and then what about. Mother's Day activities different look and it just have a little bit of on what do you think we should do. There's a few critical things happening so first up is the pop up market at hotel Henry on their second floor that they're at 10 AM. And you can get gifts there there's going to be that much of fun stuff going on local florist candle makers jewelry. That good stuff that moms love. Where all tell me again. Like it in a starting point it. Out of the literally right beside both states and rustic campus and on the south side there's the hotel Henry and sue Richardson I learned never been there you are you doing really well. I'm just I guarantee you that the first wedding they had their I know you do this blown away right. Scared of I know this is it great idiots is that I New York but it's cool elegant tents go there for lunch I don't know them that. Why oppose it. Barry and walking off that includes us it's low key it's not a traditional. Lunch place on the everything's kind of scattered see just pick a spot sit down. Nom nom I'm not enough yet I look at it that there like an old building everything that so modern it I honestly felt like so the the way the place designed I felt like I was in Amsterdam or something really. Very European doesn't. Why she kept in these places in buffalo that were like we don't feel like we're in buffalo. What is it gonna feel like we're in buffalo. When we able you know what I mean you do that's new airfields. You are you rob how. Are. The real you know you're a buffalo right. We keep building these things are people like it doesn't feel like your ball well will any stretch of South Park you know you're in buffalo. I need to be a saying in buffalo it doesn't feel like you're an awful. But now there's a nice if you just need to escape the everyday times places what's what's the I'll Britain acts two and a Mother's Day. Family fun day and this is critical admission for the whole family despise Boxee can dial group and it's five bucks for every one. It's go in and that they have really click it it's like I've been seeing them Oliver in mr. Graham and me at the Alps not to. And then there's a bunch of fire is packets at the start popping up now that the others I'm breaking one and turn it over on Clinton Bailey and that's all markets that ability yet they've got everything to everyone there and to really cool latest support. Oh for sure sure it's more than just farmers only to relax my mother I'm a mom so what's Mother's Day going to be cheese for lunch. And then by all her flowers on trying to find a place to some it'll do them. The planting is happening now mothers and and the tree fix them hanging baskets in your car. And now. You know her and her hanging basket and what I spokes because there hanging baskets Atlanta number number. No they don't as the drive home the it was you know over and you got silly old does little white balls hit sticky. Stuff that goes in the soil and I. Your car into like Halloween always got to you put like the snow stuff and exactly. Q and then the one time you put something nice in the back it goes with those little white miracle proceeds of any are there white balls that they technical and I can say white ball thanks for being here today. Was your mom's happy Mother's Day at United States thank you not take that just a reminder. And I'll moms across western near need to be spoiled on Sunday and I just wanna make sure everybody's keeping that in their front of mind that you're taking care and spoiling all of the moms.