Step Out Buffalo Update 4-20

Friday, April 20th


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I feel like and only this is your opportunity with everybody from step out buffalo. To put a party on that Friday night of that weekend that's gonna be the perfect buffalo weekend. I agree and I and I reviewed my wheels turning right we should do morally gamely party a 100% right if there is back many in a row in the fall outdoors and I not love and a paddy irate egg settle buffalo is a category it's going on this week at. Fake fur glow buffalo America's largest low party. Yes isn't happening tonight at venue down on chip a lot it's like a high energy dance music minus nine blind performances. I've. Also violet globe and they have Dianne Fernandez of oddly clinical production and sound design obviously knew. Used to be here used to be level used to bar and how far in perfect shape and I love that Dan and Ari lights are still in the mix it. My daughter and I are always looking literally for tea sandwiches. And then the frozen vintage and I love this time out critique and Eddie and and T and you've heard it was it is say it isn't isn't doing its Kathleen thanks again awesome act at the Hadley. Back kind of milestones. Sandwiched. In San and I have ticking very few things accurately like I didn't and number watercress. Like that I eighteen sandwiches. And to hunt today not watney tees and they. Anyhow this Saturday it's that I will be like that I think and you say that they hit it. Happening act on that tiara fame and Delaware it's called a bridal party to have two different seedings Saturday and Sunday. On an exit champagne T and vintage fashion show featuring. I'm a collection of vintage bridal gowns which is just so Walid Al something so different you know gonna have a fashion and I saw some pictures and accounts online. And it's just scored some things secret innings in each campaign and he's in love hath. The. Three and 8 PM buff state is doing this fashion show you have to check runaway alone yet if you love fashion this is not to be messed death. Having two different shows on Saturday at State's Campbell student union. And the theme this year is inner can act so it's an interest and it used to connect to things together a community curiosity. Culture and creativity meet. And it openings on the dialog for change which is. A fantastic steam out of basket raffle. And all the proceeds go to. Runways fashion show fashion department policy which is just such a great. A fashion and textile technology that they haven't bought state is head and shoulders above so many of the fashion institute. You'll get an idea what if you're thinking about going to upstate for fashion top of the game. This is a fashion show to absolutely see. What about the science magic camp in this. Close my heart I always used to sleep over the science museum growing up like with Girl Scouts all this is happening Saturday it starts at 6 PM and goes till the morning. I'm so it's very kids and adults and you can experiments on a magical science like listings and and into the air using only your brass lock out and making a paper holding off on your body to fit there's so. If your kids are it is like into that curious and China are. That they're above this that the camp and ice so we have to see in the MoneyGram and ideally. Yeah I. Your idea didn't want. To bring your stuff and you know he's not and Hillary and beat it to flee. And she is doing this thing to Riviera theatre is Barbara and frank the concert that never was explained. Yes that assists do I'm great artists Sheryl Sherron Collins and Sebastian under. I'm exiled icons although saudis say I'm they're paying tribute to Barbara Streisand and Frank Sinatra. Seeing the most amount belt memorable music and songs ever and and on their side of it makes you forget impersonators have a very old school bag. On. Its so Barbara Streisand and Frank Sinatra never get a concert is what. And I don't think so but there's talk that Streisand and I've got to get relaxed. This is people playing the roles of parliament the idea professor and bingo all those are right Cary N or Zain. A whole global Hussein and his team. Yeah see us a grant to go out diva will as a diva always the last to a local restaurant we put these into this is that we left rest even these good people take advantage but still got time. So we have this all weekend on Fridays Saturdays Sundays still have a chance to go out. We went to o's cereal and 66 I and Wednesday I think for lines and they had a fantastic DL so we can just rounded up some of that. I'm restaurants editing like three courses are trying the eighteenth has not all of them do that and then when you find that the ones that do it right it's just exciting experience they had. Fantastic. Food desert it was like frat fried dose and its allies. Is it about posed a real ones execs happens in the glow in the it's Nick's fault. Such trouble like. Even get just the borrower. Trouble I don't mean trouble and I really supper and that's. Just. Like he does argue it. You you need to have your leaders on no you limit hardly been even. Have time I'm there for business meetings and the wheels off. There's just when you go win their candidate in their. There's just something that you could edit telling him I might think OxyContin is not what is what's so cool 54. So that's a Vietnamese plays they have actually four hour course is remaining team and this is my favorite part. They use the words anything on the menu so late. You know most of the rest I'll do it they'll limited menu from a separate legal action just this stuff yes have you ever seen or heard anything on that element you know you've gone back. Always so goofy so failing to show hosts. A Republican. I think he should not open now I'm gonna have a Vietnamese people who love their follow and take it seriously no. Note to polls show no folk who've been are. Where can I get a cheeseburger between two grilled cheese sandwiches. And services stack partner we've been talking about it all week in office it is like one of the reductions downplays says it's take out only and it's in last Danica. And it's just like they literally have one picnic I haven't isn't gonna strip malls I'm the one guy. Wii's closure there's only hear about possession our speed we're fine this is really a mini eastern mild and not it's not a late. Two buildings to things and many closets and deep fried peanut butter and jelly yesterday Wynonna word fanatic he's about last year. Shipley I've heard I haven't had that on specifically that I've heard it's like. Laid out evens out the triple stack cheeseburger. Gap and then OK so my thing is like I'm a ratio percent I don't Motley a huge hunk of meat on a huge finally I. Orly by experts I knew like the continent the pickles like every ain't exactly evened out and light. You know it is sassy take Sigler makers and they do that ratios rates so they have like all these action economy and added I'm. That you just take it so much for trying to understand we're the same kind of food when you get a piece of pizza how do you need. On normal. Like human and it. No you I don't even know I am I American life. And keep that pressure it is also. Linked to eye. To. But mostly I'm panicking yet you know 9% of the time. Yeah seems so wrong but he can't yet I must have. I. Fortunately it sound young you are innate that he and acting in it and floppy like when I lives in any. Pull it doesn't. And opening up a huge sunshine can be. No more. I step up upload to hunt if I won. So would starting with. Uphold. Our additions to the they can. Yeah. And what's next week what do you is which yet. On your radar and night having gotten oh hold on your vacation next week he asked me and Karen hang out each. I I think it gets to pick up at the cherry blossom that's coming up. That's patsy and the weather change is going to affect. All of ends and all that like people want to be outside stuff Kelly audience and analyst at best thing about mothers into. Step up buffalo dot com is where you can go to get all this information to a quick break and be right.