Step Out Buffalo Update 4-13

Friday, April 13th


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OK so you're saying when we talk about black violent you don't think I can pronounce the influences the musical and play guys. I'll be ready when we talk about it get right now Lauren and Amelie in studio can step out buffalo dot com. Ready to fill us in on what's happening this week into my girls and we're ready to go this weekend. I gotta give us stuff to do because the weather's still I mean. What months we have to be in to get it to be fifty yesterday I could take in a breath without going. Yeah it was okay. Either it's actually the ice and all that stuff this week and so how we can distract. So first up we have the buffalo Biden's. Game that Coca-Cola field tonight. The first Friday night home game so that means it's your first chance this year Feyerick. I think I'd like can hold off a little dare you show our audio. And you can you can and it's actually. Going to be a little bit warm so that's it I love the devices are an action comedy sports they're tenth annual improve on improbable time. This is really intense right time you fans there's 25 straight matches it's 49 and a half straight hours in proxies relating to go there at any time of the day and they will be in prod. Matt chat and not fit the party and Howard and I went up. I love this group third the great group of funny people an improper. Can be high stressed very funny as he's a local comedians. Yes they're local comedians and they've actually bend the 28. Try eighteen county sports world championship and Los Angeles so they're the real deal you're gonna get some. Okay Saturday's muscle beach glass ankles the arts festival yes and it's fun even not sound without it inside it Hamburg fairgrounds on Saturday. If you wanna kind of avoid the latter this event celebrating our its jewelry and cracks created with each passing scene last. From the Great Lakes and around the world. Just pretty close some lengthy screening acting. And includes banners and beat back and related coastal parts and then they're gonna have lecture series. I'm topic about the agency's last shipwrecks of Lake Erie bottling. I don't collecting and I got defiantly if you're not and says media catnip I know so many people I love obsessed with the. Each you know recent little subculture you know I find the best beach glass what's the part that I go to that's right new youth there's the pool and then. There Niagara fort Niagara but it's not in fort anger it's the part where they do lacrosse games and everything. And you can picnic there for Niagara. Is this yet all of us are scared to state so where there's a beach here you read like beach she area right down there. General Norman and has written. With Rick there but there's a ton of each class. Over and actually finally close the I don't know much and do you not that's so cool I like that that sounds fun. That taste of the truck happens on Saturday for don't touch is right wing trail this is they want interest I county. This is really close you get your ticket and you actually get to do this weekend and next weekend so half the line here we featured this weekend there's eleven and then the other eleven are featured next week and they're doing wine and food pairings. I'll long been undermined trail there's a lot of great places involves one of the places the wineries they're serving taco pizza with their line. So there's going to be some really creative options sold I love that ice is pop in oh yeah. The Batavia downs prove fast as it's going on an up event at the Batavia downs gaming and hotel. That is fun happening Saturday it's only ten bucks if you wanna get to beer festivals and on there it usually panic more expensive 32 at bats this and telling ten. You get fear sampling tickets in ink free game play on it in the bunch of factories and mines music. I love it. Coming up next black violin and this is cool. One of my favorite events happening I mean sukur incidents this is 8 PM tomorrow night at rap while I'll Clusty. Is these two classically trained violinist in their DJ what it is that combines jazz hit pop funk in classical music it yet influenced his influences from. Tenacity easy to Shostakovich. Silent except at preparing. This is greasy cool pop music and then they add funky violinists. I H makes love watching people we have I am very dramatic. And very well and you can you can dive into the YouTube world and what they do move from mr. self on the day so they bring them and but geez he'll bring him in for track on an amber something and it out and they've that you local average is very good. They've worked with everyone like you say it's easy and we should keys Kanye West Tom Petty Aerosmith Aretha Franklin Eagles like the list. I know what I think I was racking my brain to think of weird to see the violinists that reminded me. Of trans Siberian orchestra and reminds me if you watched Jesus Christ superstar. And a violinist that we're playing in the band throughout the entire musical. Very much like that where they're like so into it jam yeah I'm watching it it's just I don't rendering it really so cool look at it there and is this something you need to get tickets to. Yes okay. Awesome awesome I like Cadillac try mania 2018. Charming sense. So this probably my favorite event of the week and it's happening Alley he sat at timing Sanath mainstream offload this only happens every three years and it's one of those anomaly. Checking in top here is like not doing it because it's just back SAT I learned and sales in the tri mean buildings a cool place. And it's like just so much history architecture we kind of decided I'd say our writer. Always as one prior art art exhibit two parts music class and street price party so they have. Musical entertainment through Al anti air and used in the hall is a top. Like a half million square feet apart are huge and the cool thing is you don't know what to expect from room to room to room and you walk hitting just completely. What's happened to this party in the super cool. It's important Hispanic it's not just music so they're gonna play. Our insulation by not taxing these air ticket giant. Forward late Q literally has like sheets and created like this nagging at loud thud as the world's largest foreign recycle video of one of our writers whose slick helping build and it just tunnels probably if it is only have live bands DJ is dancers performers pilots visual artists and it's like all across the board. Tina about a two brings out Buffalo's trendy. Yeah under percent. You know they did this every I didn't know it's over and don't miss that this perfect date night out. Let's. The figure I think it's. It's just a limp so. Yeah. Actually yeah actually. What is it to grant the right is. The eight annual taste of culinary. Well this happening and Sunday starts at noon and it ECC in Williams now and there's over thirty local restaurants that come culinary school we'll. And food purveyors I'll be showcasing their skills that busting your extra tasting and some of them us on concepts around here sent educators colony a professor professionals. Veteran comes and they can't educate unity compete. And it's really cool way to taste all the flavors. In studio with step up buffalo stepped out buffalo dot com is the website and I think it's important that because boy I love our local restaurants. When does the local restaurant week begins. Next Monday against it following. OK so we would be talking you guys next Friday so what are your picks if somebody was gonna go try and I just love restaurant week. Because a great way to sample some of the best restaurants in the is really good deals so what restaurants are you guys picking from step out buffalo for people to try during local restaurant we. So hard to expand but we because this happens Tracy every kind of late. You know you paid new places and this is a great chance to try those new places and I a year old favorites. So black and these challenges in my plays out as awesome definitely check out their special lucky day whiskey bar. Married Steve Barr is always on the I think that's when he apparently got. Sun cuisines this little date is January restaurant and at Winfield pod is always one that we return gives there's only so that. You know I. I'm pretty sure I've never been as he. Was. I beautiful people expecting going X I. X. Nine. And I love it. Is food and ash. I think the last time I was at C bar was when it was on mainstream. We've act and remember what I read where Clinton is but now that unbroken egg is there. Hijacked all the doesn't seem. Like it is okay. Pretty I mean I listen. All of blurred. There's many users tables there's someone with flights since 2000 imply I have. Or a couple of when it becomes really fun and last but this is fun that I mean party is amazing. The black violin party is amazing that seasoned professionals who don't. Lee Ellis finally people trying to wait a little bit because you are on vacation and once may heads of the cherry blossoms like the festival's start up again it wouldn't. I'm just yeah do whether I might help your GM and I was like it's. Stay on the outline I know south. So take your ticket leading her to keep one thing that's great if you go to phew that's great if you just wanna know that there's stuff going on in the city this is also great African exploring your web sites that buffalo dot com. And if you want to contribute let people know about it yet you guys that give reviews like in my whole north town friends that is so hard to get them across outside of main street in my name's Ali yeah and keep on. I felt so much cooler just going to that one try mean party when I went to a because I couldn't believe how much artistry. There was across the board and so these kind of things and that has brought these. Step up buffalo dot com is where you'll get all of the information if you want to try something new it's step up awful dot com.