Step Out Buffalo Update 2-9

Friday, February 9th


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I'm looking at isn't so curious mountain man and think OK that's a slow on Friday was going on that. That isn't happening I'll eight today at holiday Alley so it's obviously schemes arm snowboarding by includes lunch with your ticket on the hat. Different class and ski training and tunnels. Under on included could have handled the eyes and tastings and I'm very isn't just Hillary's. Skeet analysts from local ski shops races that you only get more and culture and land. I'm about to have on Heidi Alley Stephanie check this out again I music on it's it's. Are coming up next attempt annual debt is wedding even took us just needs heavy media I don't really gave her okay. This is set tonight at the age riches and basically they're going to be celebrating and honoring the WE DI's program accomplishment. It's WE GI scans of the Westminster. Economic development initiative. It's they've been doing this for a long time they educate people and students in the buffalo less like community and help them kind of grow you've been. That west side bizarre that sort of the product of what you get with this economic development group. If only there was a place I could go together with a glass of champagne and talk love. If only got so this weekend is definitely weekend for Valentine's events we see more and Meyer. I glove Valentine's the Valentine's themed events are taking new multi don't have to just go out and you know out of fancy last night it gonna do -- different together. On their son is Amare and house a love story happening at that are in my house. You gather you have a glass of champagne. And then you take a special tour of the place. On an act actually exploring themes of love friendship and Stanley specifically. And nanny and the evening length on some wine cheese chocolate and you get aches and discounts at the museum shop. The globetrotters. To see anything other than what's more romantic and you can you kids to the globetrotters I might. Oh you totally should. I don't kids. A basketball player we before it this year. This doesn't really kind of ended tonight at 7 o'clock keeping an inning at at my dad a couple of years and adding that we loved it. So funny so I they're really really tell. And they have a good chance at winning that they do. A I. I love the referees this next event probably most romantic thing you can do with about painting couples at mused char an Easter Rory how many cups we get to paint. Paint a couple of the line or a little birds you watney and Heatley dealer. Painting bodies painting and answering why aren't that Jack that great pains whatever sounds fun I'm. Sure there and pretty. And you start tonight I am and six in ninety. Other and you where one can it. Compete from friends or something that's currently. Paint by numbers type of thing in Iowa that he got any experience it's a sticker on unique on class and it actually include it. What's happened in the Ninth Ward tonight. The buffalo grass machine is going to playing it in class tonight buckle grass machines of critical group with eight members. They I'll sleep porn instruments they were there Alley from EB so it's a very local man. And if you know Christina brass band play it's phenomenal it's so much energy that you can't tap dancing they're really great that they're going to be playing street grass. Which I'm assuming you're gonna incorporate some odd or is there on to play hip hot hot everything in between it's gonna be related. So there's a lot of incredible research that happens in western new York and when they do the neural fight Roma Telesis research. They are making great strides but they need the money for it and one of the fall lineup runs happens this weekend for neural fiber mature business F and assist. Aides on your on your just can't can't winds are anytime fitness and back again it seems like it was yesterday and it happened last year is happening Saturday afternoon. It's going to be pretty chilly but it starts early in Danbury CLA's you know a little under par after an interior not too chilly. I'm either running on these large cost him there's tons of awesome pictures on line so just you can actually get some inspiration. Others such flair to Sunday run and I supported a 100%. Later with a couple things you can see. An hour. And not save lives now and back and thinking like niece the frontal. And like I had band and everyone got out and Allen and stuff obviously it's a fun on knowledge on pace. And they're raising money for agree so the horse that is building is gonna help everybody get ready for Valentine's Day. Yes they're having a pop events are at where there is over on the west and it degree of patient. On meet overtime local businesses there you can edit if it's there at Celtic Valentine's. Day and friends. And it the Krueger as. Do us yet so that's an acre master and. You go there and it was a may easy. It's so ridiculous again. Yeah. Oh and they're not they're gonna make sure it's exactly how they wanna serve food and then there's no ration shaft. Just yet it's bizarre. Shaft Shaq. There's nothing she shot I'm super hungry yeah. She. Ego centric if you're in America's Got Talent Riviera this is happening on Saturday. EG eighteen finalist Mike super. And I loved so he's like a musician and a magician on a music in addition. I mean as you know Bob and Jack thank you deadly collision stuff on stage I think this is really call it that aired the bank. I am and he's from Ali's and shows you. He's from Andy he's such a phenomenon. I think is awesome if IT decades ago at 8. O'clock announcement. I'll beat my wits. This is a two weekend events whether you're celebrating down and see this weekend or next weekend that falls on Wednesday this year you can check this out this weekend. It's Saturday and Sunday till 5 PM. And in nevermind tell you basically go with again and you sit and other your friends your parents of Abby I thought they announced plans it with. You get a taste of lying mead site there they parent with chocolate and other desert samples. It's cool because tickets are valid for this weekend and next weekend's that you can actually do it will double that there. And go off for days problem. I'm excited to go in the pond hockey tournament this weekend because sometimes we see you know where it's been too warm because of the weekend for. And in this a couple years to upload rhetoric he's out on the line I'm Natalie but he admitted it mr. emirates and it kind of infrastructure there. And different stuff that is is eleventh annual tournament. I'm thankful. That three invasion and full days. On this is happening Sunday. There's already Brinks employee so they have to worry and they always get really close often kids you know not if you're bringing it to watch Ali and a bunch. If you want to find out some of those things we talk about where people find you guys step up off. One favorite restaurants. You do it every night. This highly critical and eat. Reads yes three Atlantic green eats to start an ounce at apple master. I'll use that they have meetings and it's been and where it. Muff and it's very diligently department. Right means strip it Annika we didn't plans. It was urgent matter. And I are okay but it's possible that only to be a super low key but it's really. Habitable group copy past squeezed used I just can't bulletproof coffee pots. It's so what is about it. It's like prop Ian you know it's. Let me lender it's got a little bit of it's got this kind of water and it. And then it's got what other thing and it like I am I yelled at coconut oil and then amino acids or something like that. And then they put the cotton coffee and then it goes in a blunder what you dream can't. And there was something special about it it's mostly really good for you it's okay on the key to die and it. Yes and another place it is on his remedy house over on the last sites are and yet I think speak very little ads Willy Lovett they have lake a small selection of bait ads and stuff but. Awesome coffee and espresso drinks. I just Atlanta at this little paid actually. A hole and snow. The best grilled cheese at the hands down eight X thick be real thick yeah where's where's this little pig on trans it. It's millions and shot at its next Annan's. The main entrance yet it I don't think that attract. I attract. There are in the owner's opinion super nice comes I had big cheese in it yes they had a genes you know you made the right choice. In Tennessee. And that was. So if you look at conferences to the right. Yet it to the right yeah they used to be something else shocking and something. You directions here and.