Step Out Buffalo Update 2-17

Friday, February 17th


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Get the scoop on all the latest entertainment and events would step out buffalo proudly presented. By Buffalo's own Perry's ice cream life. Is a bowl of Perry's good morning in a lot going on this weekend this President's Day week let's start with Labatt blue pond hockey tournament. That's happening all weekend long all day today tomorrow and Sunday and they're having a 14014. Coming competing playing hockey anyone can go and watch it's gonna be really fun time. Yeah river Rourke is the destination yes that should be fun over at helium comedy club Josh wolf. The Daschle is the guy from healthily if you ever watch that show I'll have to be hands of the eighth he coming in doing his stand at tickets and it is sixteen back to be here tonight into my attitude shows. 730 and 10 PM he's really well there's an idea and that's dead hip hop karaoke happens on Saturday at the waiting and I'm thinking this is my Saturday night if you exhausted. Double went down to Georgia at the other karaoke night that's true this is for you it's definitely and you're really fun happening at the waiting room and Delaware it's at 10 o'clock no cover before allowed being eaten it in early in an fierce. I mean I just. I was just call me when it's time for me do my song I think now the manager Janet asked about it. An asset to this stage there's worry about will big. Give me the full rappers delight of like that they abridged version audited full fourteen minutes. But the golden girls they like backed me up and I really like give me attitudes that we can all do this together that night. Vetoed rates would have been hit but then makes you feel I should do singling. To bring people giving Beckett can't and I hit a homeless own. Golden girls hold on the back and he's not hit it's close enough it's not clean B says it can do it every ball and she's not a rap rap. She can beat you she's married to a rapper rapper and I so hip hop karaoke set it in that waiting room 10 PM this time of star. Well said in mind with wine with this. This is happening all along the Niagara wine trail they're doing 27 dollars at her saying you get tastings at three wineries in a sample of chocolate happening Saturday and Sunday and if you didn't get wined and dined you can treat yourself and it is that the then a 42 north presents the first annual I love this. I think this is so much fun the first annual Bruschi. This is a fun this is that knocks piracy pact which is Easter which is steep reputedly you've never been there at that just giant open land there's an iron to the little library in the way that the part you. And this is going from 12 to 3 am what you do as you go across to have miles of maybe snow maybe slash me being. Mud demanding and nobody is like and is in multiple beer stations and stop on the weighing in outs in the outdoor barbecue. And they are unveiling their legendary five house fire maple order them unknown I know you have to skier can you just show up and enjoy the other practices walking. You know what I just wanna go to the play isn't. I've had a decent tax farms for concerts but I don't know about the library out. How to get what is it would area is like a wooded area you know the irony that the iron is it that dog park there and keep walking kind of through the metal picnic path. And then you get to the woods and there's a little hot with like three books and Anders and shouldn't stuff with in the woods gives grab a book and it now it's very cute that's so cool I like or cupid and he run. This happening. Asked him nick having its business through this one is starting at big debts it. A raise their fur the children's tumor foundation what they wanna do is get after it on in their bedroom bats. Go it's of less than a mileage are on and you're basically is raising money for great and then everybody goes back into big day she's the person best placed watch from. Big dance is it any airline pilot yeah him. Outdoor shuffle board tournament. Taking place at resurgent and that today at noon you're doing that in conjunction with their Irish back is L released they're taking advantage of the winter weather which mayor. To show up in new ice shuffle board it's ten about a dollar a separate team and you get your first and injuring an entry in the tournament. And a at. Nineteen. When it takes home a resurgence growing company ice pack and of course right. And that the shuffle board as the ones that you push with your paint the house those kind not. Yeah yet millions of yet other current picture I think there. You know that's a broom. But there's the shuffle board with a stick and it's got a little loopy thing but this is the hand in southern Italy and yet there are two different things went wild it's cool that they built this yeah. The odd 2017. Winter hop fastest happening it's gene McCarthy's. This is going to be really fun it's 25 dollars one to 4 PM on Saturday in the altars were gene McCarthy's they're having some of the hot piece bruised and more than ten buffalo area series. And they're going to be in their Bure got pushed the Americans really Q you get unlimited samples assuming you're tasting glass they're also gonna have hop hip hot chili. So it's going to be a really good. Saturday also brings us the queen city roller girls what's the event into one. It simply could not yet have enough at the winter hot as they're gonna have they're hoping I have over two when he Chile's this year and at one. Like my style of beef and eight in chicken parmesan on port and I'll I plan. That people anything it's that this is happening from 630 to ten unusual location where is this happening the appliance associate of buffalo rape I iris and kitchen and bath moment. Nice lingo. Yet I mean it's gonna be great time and there are doing 5050 grapples the year after apple can hang out with the players yes your question yeah roller derby. And I understand yet. And it's hundred different teams it's in the. Yes sounds like fun and that you know we were hoping for snow they get the best laid plans and the one probably my and yeah. Is snow and there's no assuring and a hot cocoa at the dar and Martin's house. The this Kutcher also go on if there isn't noble what they want you do is you join the natural is that the roots and Delaware tire and then you learn about kind of winter floor and on that and you make your way to the Daryn my house is can be hot cocoa. Optional tours through ten bucks you can check out this night. And I mean any it's worth it's just check on the damn house that's such a cool place. Franklin frightened at his best yes. Well it sounds like we've got a good weekend and if we we can all these plans for a lot of snow but the sun is like Nell you might have to do something different. Going to be great to but it should be fun. I thank you for covenants they keep having appreciated of course Perry's eyes it was helping us with step out buffalo.