Step Out Buffalo Update 2-16

Friday, February 16th


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Time for step out buffalo and this is where we take everything that's going on in buffalo this week. And has brought you by Perry's ice cream Buffalo's favorite ice cream Perry's ice cream now celebrating 100 years of the good stuff Lauren Hanley in studio morning girls saying besides the conversation about how to make black eyeliner not at all over the tops our eyes. It was very important retired in the liquid liner liquid eyeliner walking into the studio. We'll cover that another time and all things make up one step I'll make apple cult. Let's talk about what's going on this weaken in buffalo the grass roots at the Seneca Niagara resort and has seen now. This and it's been around for a long time I think papers started in 1966 or something code they are very experienced they know what they're doing twenty million albums sold at a classic. And lots Albert when he hits twenty million actors they're going to be at the senate can anchor resort and casino tonight at 8 o'clock the. Are in the Bear's den which is that nice or more in rulings on human and it's great chances in oppose. Second annual buffalo Niagara Burris invitational. Analysts that. I was reading up on it earlier today and if you love on beer festivals but you lots -- Internet this one's for you it's happening Saturday afternoon at near pier project. I'm so they are celebrating creativity happening all across western Eric in this. You know writing new inch craft Beers seem. You can meet the brewers are gonna have a lot of stuff we can learn about the process of brewing you know right in that hurries and smaller what's it. London 40400. Ticket baffling to protect it but not smaller in ninth of the year lately they're still in how they feed and I used to track as well. See this and in perfect for my pretzel necklaces. And next here. To be the third annual. Why in society important Shari how it's made. Happening at Victorian -- wine estate and immediately I am here this narrow it takes six Eddie. Experience and learn. Developing wines sensory skills participating in. There an annual event and salmon meet tastings. At the first meeting of the years that the topic is important scary. You wanna learn about this. Yeah well there too interesting drinks that you have to really know here's thing about it and do your thing I'm not real. Steve Perry OSHA area for this in high gear it back in tiger meeting they're missing the mark of sorts on what is souped up to. Many soup festival site of so I know he had it that's a couple weeks ago this month happening acts vote. And they have twelve different suits to try on it's basically nearly two bucks per sample I think so each restaurant in acts voted on two different. On spots there's gonna have a couple different soups and and some app an outsider coming in. So it's like frank army hot dogs on Romney very salads places that don't necessarily like. Specialize in soup but I heard on conducive then obviously the winter what my perfect kind of trial by and. She no doubt about that the first annual brut all tournament is opening up they added it helps you zone wrinkle for Easter. And the broom ball and that he ever wondered about to meet you wanna try out for you Olympics them and I. I don't wanna do it the 44 thing I think anyone can be really fun to play him for a four idea and I loved broom ball yet it's fun to do is. Him kind of like. Dodge ball with sticks. Yeah. And assumes a move forward we were cool. Dance yourself clean program. Yes that is happening Saturday night at now he's our homeland. On this cruise back at a clinic a special occasion take this thing and they're kind of billing this as a concern of Valentine's Day things that they want you know dressed up. Have tons of fun and Hadley Kendrick Lamar LCD. Phoenix I knew last Nazis in music playing just kind of jams and obviously the huge dance party. It's kind of fun and it. Is legal to all of these different events where somebody find out everything that we're talking about. And so we have our web. Authors and media. I'm showing different stuff it ain't never going to. Let's go on to where is opening at. Klein hands music. This is really cool event for anyone who's in silly just watching people play instruments that I love watching people play and leave it I think it takes so much talent. This is happening at 8 PM on Saturday at my hands. The arrogance in 81 degrees and all time that actually better Hartsock and heat though it another and it's an anchor realize is that. To many more. With places like that orchestra and it is titled the Glenn Miller I snore. Preacher plans not to. They put an inside the barn. Love sets and no that's the real thing that's at that it put. The grass you guys going. I. You know that was it to go. That's getting married and it. Outs. And I'm like this your mom's mom would like yeah. Let's figure this. Has those cans inside the ruins. Monfils. Us longer to think actually what you can use I'm not kidding but. She man's version is like a plunger the rubber part of a challengers were they use them for us. And that's I wouldn't know the sense that that's written. Would you buy it anyway and anyhow that's how they're promoting this if the Glenn Miller orchestra some amazing it is well. None joke and joke about that is fantasy. Do we dance. Sure. But. That's. Football and with deadly Sunday. So we have Nichols that he shaft this is actually kick off of the last season's you heard about us. This is one of those events that's always sell out. So if you wait wait till last mandate and they have played multiple offense Percy and so this is your last chance I think it runs right now until April. Different Sundays throughout on the different months. And they have different. Brown on south surrounding area for example Disney and news at forest or from Africa use. He's a buffalo proper and and Chelsea news found two times they challenge each other so a lot of times like VE. Challenge her. And and on and on its ankles and yeah and so they like different people coming in every year since your last chance they meet. Stuff right prime you'd just like a cooking show. That's so cool yeah got a beautiful room. Isn't yet they just treated it well my favorite part of it is they did this. Grid map of buffalo all in would. It's the coolest thing ever product that that's definitely follow up a lot of chefs are trending this week is on Thursday night on Food Network it was my Anders chefs keep that beat Bobby Flay. And that shows and I deal at a on the scales at west celebrity chefs and Butler parents and that's it for step up buffalo girls thanks for being here today we appreciate you it's 746 step up buffalo dot com for everything you need to do this weekend.