Step Out Buffalo Update 1-19

Friday, January 19th


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It's going to be a good weekend in I hope so let's talk about what's happening this week and starting with looking up. Don't ceilings and skylights to more athletic and too. We're out of left field but the more I think about it in my line it this is a tour by explain buffalo they have tons of different tumors throughout the year. On this and starts downtown outlast generic but parts I kind of on on the cram Washington in my hot little right downtown. And it's just like explained in a title they go around a bunch of different. Buildings in the downtown area and they're looking at the ornate ceilings and an eighth. That you you probably blocked by all the time Nellie don't notice it and there's some zoo are ones that the walking tour I think two hours. Actually don't need reservations it to school all. It's pretty inexpensive so cool thing it is. Knew that without there. Is proper it's going to be. Then there's the get a clue sub a museum murder mystery at the buffalo Museum of Science isn't it. And this is happening tonight from six tonight and it Buffalo's tape and the game clues so it's like a whodunit thing you know were they by the won't mean woolly mammoth where they in that play exhibit. It's gonna be all over the place to get to really exploit museum in kind of have finally doing it clearly game. So it it's going to be a waist size sport game is going to be teams at two to ten people and then you basically just have fun is the cash buyer food to go to all the permanent exhibits them through finally. It's a big decision when you're gonna make your dance exactly I mean. If you're wrong you're. I'm saying everybody be patient. Must have the right way to put the pressure on. Listen I just went through my Harry Potter clue game and it was a lot of pressure I was doing so bad but what idea. Is I just wish we did the longest I was like I had no idea people seeing my cards. Why does it for everybody else to guess is they are all wrong so I want. One way to play strategy tell me about the plays happening this week. Yes there's a bunch of plays happening off of theater district this again a couple of we wanted to mention our. Over the tavern it is happening at actually billing cancer opera house all weekend long. On this is actually by a wary about phony and unnamed timed to. I don't death death and executed. And he this kind of tells the story of the Kaczynski family on during the Eisenhower years of in 1950 Bruni is the character you'd pay attention to in the zones are now all we cannot it's actually the last seeking you can see it's mostly unfunny. And then another NASA this close and I'm pearl street at the road less traveled theater all weekend long claimed threw on February 11 actually. And it once in a words it's about a futuristic time. In which NASDAQ quote unquote becomes a place or gender age identity and truth are all now able so. It kind of like your darkest desires and fears are like super attainable. Friday night I was at my dream yeah. Yeah where will it looked great but then another that sounds like something fun. How many during the Roxanne went to helium last week that was super potent outfit. Is that I get used to it or cash cash but I struggle out in the yen yet he he was funny he was dead wish this company happenings we can it. And distilling which is downtown rate where is old handled is we're the hub is the hub. That this is from eight to eleven tonight and they're gonna have cocktails they gonna have a bunch of comedians come in and there's going to be pizza tracks that it's been a low key nice to get I was. It is never seen a girl the comedian who is talking about she goes to get her nails done. It's talks about some funny. It's like I didn't immediately. If you would like look at think she's she's always like she's a joy to get a pedicure two inch cyclone now which cycle to the boyfriend and she is like now. To the ball when its vision and a package is going to I have charged parents that's pretty funny. This stunt is at the Riviera theatre. Yes and this is supposed to be the nation's premier Bob seeger tribute irons and so they're recreating a classic seventies Eric concert experience which. Who doesn't want that Larry that are going to be playing all the radio heads and Dan favorite. Their rendition of Hollywood nights. Is biopsy worthy is seriously and best yet that they capture the seventies like Mildred still with us right but this isn't. Okay. Didn't have a tribute band can rent or sell Great Britain has a great place to see your show goes and is about to contribute to the system if you've got a child between the ages of six and eight this next idea is for you. This is happening Tamara come 101130 AM over any threat mused jacket to kids meaning CP heroes event so basically kids it's wearing the basics of meaning. With different acrylic paints and paint their favorite superhero that's really fun we can have your kids. Out of the house yeah it would use something different and this kind of pain he could put up in their room that basically could frame it and I now have their act how much it. Tell what's happening in north don't want to. Yes that is happening at saint John's bearing fire hall. Upping our time on that towards a weak field so way out there this is campaign states wrestling with unprecedented via their kicking off with. Internationally renowned wrestler is lake mired. Has scans from the UK which now under mounds prank caged. And attack craft things Braxton that is going to be their Sosa is another fun one to just house it's happening Saturday at like 6 o'clock. And say I which match ones and air on me and they're so really with an X and it's very it's that more theatrical like American as it was really have three different version of wrestling has the wrong thing this is particularly stylish it's fine and it's it's intense taskbar it. Support. Messenger alone you're if you're into a cool wrestling go to Pakistan and T I can't believe how much press they've done for Larry the Cable Guy but then when you look into. How famous he is. Worldwide it's amazing he's coming to town. He's a big deal he'll be here it's marrow at seven in 102 different shows that the Seneca Allegheny casino one down south. Yes that give and take a little drive was being nicer weather is so it's not going to be terribly and check that he's Bennett billboard company artist of the year like you said a big deal. Not he's the best selling author of mountain multi platinum recording artist the list goes on not he's gonna be really great Agassi this Sunday night at Shea is. Up Dancing With The Stars alive is here on signing day at 730. It's basically based obviously the hit ABC show. The professional dancers come and they do you know Boller and dancing in contemporary dance. If that answers from the show right light sweet. That makes an IA and so excited about this final thing that's happening because I mean law zip lining. We saw this be why did you Emma got art works meeting today I think you have to be thirty degrees air above to see a do it they might do this week it. Ask them being that temperature for the last inning solo. That affected gets about thirty this week in the school yet there's going to be attend I'm so lean down for the so what is the concept where we have been to and from. Music all over the place though like as if we check this out last week and you gotta walk all that's happened one asylum in line and steps in for aid and make sure that it's gone and then you kind of go down one side to another style as these eggs eggs out and then you go down another one and then you end up at the second floor patio river and a face you yet as a reward and you literally getting the first one is from the top of the Labatt Lee's next. That is some incredible you can think that I have. I've told the photograph of yourself so I think they call them itself. I wouldn't like a social network a social worker tries. This isn't anything to do with the coin though right not yet I don't pay big cooling it's not mention it I abhor a trend to Meister well I would say you. I feel like being zip line enthusiasts because I have zip line the fall it has to except once it'll go here I had blind. Out of holiday valley you're kind of not an expert in the room I feel like sure yeah. It's kind of exciting in the hard shell in. So that's that's so. Different. Never mind myself how to get any reservations as you just go to. It works until you find her opponent Paul there's like information on their abstained Arabs they you call me resignation during the colder in line phone yet because during a caller on the big just started and it's and it's not knowing hill I don't think really wanna be went on Thursday. Sarah and I I like Iraq and a sexist rant I understand how to find it very late across only huge panels at the house namely. With howdy value over grass this is over parking lot and cities lot of difference Nancy Pelosi there. And there's so it's so much what you have yet to harness you have that one moment like. And in just. A but on some very cool for somebody who's looking for and to hear your bloody Mary Russell. And a company to only change yeah after reading or listening step up awful describe what you guys to. We basically tell you everything that's going everywhere to go if you're looking for ideas for a date night go to your friends take your family similar just descending on your own we've got Canon tons of ideas for you for everything and his bloody Mary assessed. It is still but we dude we're doing ticket giveaways. And there's still chances to get there. Basically similar to a Mac attack which I am on facts that they writing and manages pulling together a local businesses around. Very specific be embodiment eighth who wanted to last year. Who are India's was asked and want what's airman bloody Mary look like it was an original so they just had an original mix that they had an and they had harnesses just mountains of gossip about the garnish you could really freestyle on the image and in how bad idea of I keep he can't it's like a meal imagery. I love that yeah I think that's really book yet we just announced because we're all about. These festivals. We just announced the cupcake chow and I. Asked him that Dana and yet the tickets collectible literally. You get to turn so many incredible cupcakes episodes similar to yours congratulations on Acela that'll be a fun and I think Anthony Kennedy huge weekend and all these festivals and drinks and a kick and a really yeah. Really so let's start of the season. And and which whats next give me an idea of we have light wind chocolate acts of Odyssey in snack attack. Soup and a good luck and lot of fun. Step up awful dot comes were you can get all of the information you just heard us talk about cross into standby today I think it's about buffalo with kiss 98 point.