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Friday, January 12th


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Let's start with Josh Wolff who was going to be yet helium comedy club yes it was just a perfect time of year to check out how many showed you don't. In the busy summer months on this is happening here union of more than a couple of chances to check this out Friday and Saturday. On so you if you're running it how you might know of Josh while he. Was on CN tease Josh wolf show Q is this is how I know him I'm Chelsea Lately yeah. C obviously I don't know if vines. I loved us 70s80s. Ceres he's on that sounds funny guy. I used to obtain him. And saw some of the stuff and you suffice I bought tickets to see him tomorrow night like howdy by the tickets we won't get heckled section and yeah. But yet he he is a real funny comedian also we have got satisfaction The Rolling Stones tribute at the Riviera theatre if that. Today at 8 PM and it's an international tribute to the world's greatest rock band and they're coming in full costume I asked is gonna be super authentic as much as they can. Nimby performing all the hits stepson in The Rolling Stones. And the pretty cheap show and then if you're under 21 or a member of the Riviera theatre you. Free tickets. Like that on the same tribute training as a tribute to Lincoln Park happening this weekend this is like a tribute weekends things. Happening on tonight at buffalo I am clerics. On there basically keep the music of Lincoln Park live they're gonna make it down a little bit again this is pretty inexpensive show trial box so if you wanna get out. If you have a chance who knows with the weather but if you. It's there and it's cobblestones watchers he'll stand and then of I I know and we soon. They rode up front I was trouble I'm glad you brought that happening because when I go to buffalo iron works I choose a stacked how. And because the thicker heel isn't gonna go in the cobblestone yet I'm still getting to heal all about the ice wind this weekend the ice white out happening that is across the border winner specifically. This. Is happening to falls you casino resort over in Niagara Falls. And it's part of the overall ice wine festival which kicks off this weekend and then it's next week in a beacon after that falls Canada Niagara Falls Canada. An ice is I love ice line pilots we airlines ice wines made like the frozen grapes and that bit of a different process to me again and to maples here at times it's very thick and that's actually. Thousand I really like this stuff if you might get a little fancy this is the event for you it's black tie. Can you hold shafts in wine pairing dinner ordeals that this kind of they can more upscale version of that but of course you can just go to nice fine pencil there's 35 wineries are going to be in it if you a little something different cheaper. Yet they get great deals through Niagara on the lake for the ice wine that that runs all month college basketball that's always fun to take Parton. And I love this there are four different games going on in Western New York this weekend and tenacious is playing saint Pierre is nagger university is playing. I'd be serious and honest Monmouth University. UB is playing Miami rents that's my alma matters so I don't know what group or. And off stage is playing rocked parts of it this is happening Friday and Saturday this time the chances attack. The Saturday night game 730 is the angles. On behalf of UV you're gonna root for Clinton being bold. And we had a really just courier or now Stuart and I can't tell aspect and I don't object that a win for us I think I'd like that. A winter fast is happening in the town tunnel once this. Us Saturday and it happens all day through Monday this is at the Lincoln arena. And this is basically they're youth parks and recreation and it's holding their annual winner fest celebration that got tons of stuff for people of all ages that yet a skating fireworks light music. Hockey games crafts zoomed. A resurgence brewing company will be there doing tastings they're gonna have hate your rights to be interesting to see how that end. Hey I'm going to be doing. I owe that angle for the music it's gonna have a picture. At the buffalo history museum. On top of all the cool stuff to see they're doing jazz on second Sunday's accident. Winning lake in the afternoon tea at 2:30 to 4 o'clock. And this is by they're gonna have music by the buffalo jazz collective repertory America starlet is actually relatively new group. Of young jazz professional also softly summoned check out if you violate over for policies and lots and indifferent to do and then after the concert they're gonna have. A Martin Luther King Jr. celebration so badly summing different and say I can't. Believe they're doing this but it's no role buffalo. They're doing the Broadway Fillmore neighborhood it and number eight timing of government that's a rule no lol well this is they're win they're buffalo went your take on loan well obviously intimate named their rolling through the snow on Blake that kicks off 1230 on Sunday in they're going to be going through the east side you can meet at the add them. Nikki did you notice I said the Broadway film born yeah. Adam. Let's stick with library and go out and yeah that sounds great to me. I'm really fine they. This is really equal opportunity to check out the east side media hadn't been an area that this is really fun way to go with a big group of people sat in a bunch of buyers rations had known about and explain. I rolled my bike through high school like every winter snowed in stopping like I go through a foot of snow and still. Make it to school with my guys you can buy calls now I think it's that it's not fun. No it's not you can't do. You guys I'm one step closer to going to LaGrange and following the money instead Graham. It was what about the role house. The row house out. Now the great stuff and you know I went on to follow them both but the row house like I I started following them. Such a cool place to go in just hang out jam in the black. Probably act all nice and yeah I. Nothing really fun recently Atlanta's they have green bloody Mary is simply no way that they're fresh squeezed juice that they make and they make a bloody Mary out of it. RSS 45 of the morning's temperature and after that so I like Mary Fairfax district ended up yeah. Green it's a vegetable back anxieties. Gonna. No I am I started hone their best and come. And go that is the player please always working. In times and if you actually. Have high hopes just like if you Solomon instruments like being there again to us last year do the best player places we didn't yeah did you do that again at a at a act I love that just seems like we're going into deep freeze that might be funny isn't it that claim and wire restaurants and cafes that are going back it's just something theater I'm different class home in aperture. Lauren anomaly or from step up buffalo if you're new to the area or new to hearing this segment because. We moved to the ground just so bad for anybody heading to work it trying to plan your weekend. Step up buffalo that comes where you can find out all of this information that we just talked about quick before you go favorite restaurant this week. My. Cafe and it's a remedy house seller in the tech that I resents him it's Condo last night the five points area of you know where I points toes cafe is. Right there a hole like completely redid. One of those buildings had a bunch of great piano which is pretty close there treaty but honestly it's really cute and more art than graffiti and murmured and what's it called it's called vanity how to remedy this copy shop and being Catholic now liquor license to use ice it and bunch of stuff blowing in the -- I think creeping urge lately just because after the holidays I want something healthy and my body and I'll leave your bakery fireplace in the -- acoustic sets occasionally so that's really fun spot check for especially January Feinstein acoustic. Does it get better than half a technical things are being here today so pub buffalo that come on kiss ninety point five.