Step Out Buffalo Report 9-14

Friday, September 14th


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This is a part of the show where we tell you everything that's happening in Western New York this weekend. And you can always go to step out buffalo dot com to find out all the events we talk about or check it out just by going to kiss ninety is 95 back. I did not know it was buffalo beer week but please tell me everything and even though. It it. On it goes into its funny thing and it's happening hollow there. Western new tax amstel and out of breath a couple of beer soda and flying buys in brewery yes and adding events all weekend on Friday it's possible hearings opening act. Find I am back in there a candidate dating a IP. That the anti. May I just warn everybody know what that alcohol content. In each IP is because it can be different paths with a BQ now. Is the critical times listen to kill it just isn't cap yes. No the guy every guy there are okay and. Edited out sitting buffalo brood act and magic and and sent. That is there's like buffalo being mean buffalo bands such as. Little sneak lose and then Sunday dating imperious tout the need for a new game at seven on six. There's also a couple of fun things happening like Kurt not tonight's. My favorite events that happened in buffalo and and sensible statement putting low. So so funds have basically her up as a celebration of the beginning of the seasons at theaters I'll arrest in the and be having their premiere show is happening. And there's again that happens early on before that shows that are called Eckert and that's kind of with a black ties secret anti semantic thing. And that's her other theater patrons and Peter executives to mingle on Ellsbury. Act two is an all the (%expletive) with an epidemic is that they're happening all over from downtown buffalo its Lancaster. And between. Is more than a dozen different theaters in companies that are on having their opening nights from eight to ten and then afterwards. Is that part in what's at. Act three act. So pretty it is amazing that they shut down that block of main street where she is my mum so I just reopened to car traffic a couple of years ago and a and a wet here out. So they have all these performer in the light bands like music circus performers food trucks. And it's there at New Orleans style thing you relate to walk around an ambulance just like Harding together. There's a lot of great r.'s net names on my favorite spots that they can't beat you grab one and go outside hanging out which pleases us it's called man and its mayor name very fun it's actually pretty huge significantly 1920s. I don't I get there from like the front entrance of she's on main street UTE. Luckily. Well written explore. I think you've been there and even though it was call all that couldn't yet it's just not the first yeah. Outdoor party that anybody can come and yet is at 10 o'clock and that goes so they say midnight you know it's. Completely free it is while ago. And I'm bringing my own little soapbox thing I'm a professional one because here you can do whatever you know I'm gonna do Hamilton that'll I'll look at her arm bite your going to be busy before they have because that you obese center for the arts you've got the big giant Houston. It's really cool series called back lot and what they do is they show an iconic movie in this movie tonight is going to be say anything Cameron Crowe movie. With John Cusack so they show the movie in its entirety. After credits I sit down and talk with John Cusack live on stage and then insecure when may so it's really cool to have the star of the movie and all. Whole lot of other movies in there so on will be focused on anything that move on to his entire body of work please tell me you're gonna Wear all black in true actor fashion. I think so he likes to Wear the black cat black jacket yeah I think I'm gonna all play all black black ever happening EB center for the arts for you moderating bubble fest at the buffalo museum of sign. This is a fine line tonight actually have an adult Bible class is and Stanford tiny on and a and then tomorrow they're getting the kids marriage and at the science museum it's an annual celebration of doubles science food because what else that Stanley front they're gonna have different other activities demonstrations. Bubble crafts whatever that means I'm even in pop techno bubble dance party. Now rated as I did things about bubble fast the adult party. And kids went to but when he is happening at buffalo and works the. Really fun fund raiser for the Matt urban hope senator which saves the east side they help out with homeless people and they help families and they do a lot of really great deeds. And they are having this annual fundraisers at iron works this year where you for 25 bucks you get and limited opened fire. There is best wrestles snacks like music. Bible the band and DJC at the festival wells photo Booth games and sister really really great. This. Saturday's Orchard Park festival of the arts NASA isn't happening Saturday and Sunday at the Orchard Park middle school that area. They're gonna have over 300 vendors tonnes of iron and path enthusiasm be there. On some of the vendors are gonna have our a buffalo frame of mind buffalo roots vintage chameleon. So this actually used to it it's kind of changed organizations to run asked. But we've heard really good things and this new organization took over at three emissions now. Love rob Hawkins is in music as well school already well loved here in buffalo also on Saturday as the mighty Niagara half marathon that's happening starting at our park and an ending up. But if there's Porter on the lake park where some of the runs happened okay happens and around the Niagara area elect from Lewiston. T Youngstown oh points that's such as frequent run it raises money for hospice nine Akron the mighty Niagara half marathons happening Saturday morning about the tour de farm. So basically this is an event that kicks off at Massachusetts avenue on the west side and it's a bicycle tour of local urban and Earl thigh and so there's different routes. You can do ominous smaller when it kind of just goes around the city center basically to other urban spots are people. On him he's Khamese irons or whatever they have other places the playing of fruits and veggies I asked Mary basically. And then they've gat bigger Luke's regional from the area of the last night all the way to Easter or and you stop along the way different irons you'd like scores being tried. Foods it's really really fun event and that's all day long as it's at 7 AM and there was Ollie till five. So what's happening as we start the celebration of October fest we have two big ones this weekend's the first of that resurgence theory. I'm over on the last night and a history and happier games at tight tapping. A beer barrel race is gonna be yodeling. Alina OK and of course this kind of racing competition this you can't. And we're we're formal leader. Yeah. There. Wasn't sure needs to be very tight. Second skin. Oh yeah and you teach. Friday if he's wearing his taxis are sure to incur knocked out. A teacher and members of the number it's it's fish it's what's happening in Hamburg. And Hamburg they're having a big October fest parity in memorial park. And this is an authentic overt acts are fast they're saying they're gonna have authentic German student. Imported beer in my life music and dancing and German import car shut down south not analyze every surgeons they're gonna have Buenos. Barbecued Nancy which is it big he only does pop ups doesn't have an actual place people go crazy so bad. Now where is it not authentic to recommend that narrow bodies he's the good he did he just haters are out and comes to pop out app and see as the resurgent flat. For pop ups that people like there's lines. On the street I've heard of her as a beverage summit is her chance is credited chances out. We need to mention the Buffalo Bills game on Sunday there's that her. What is a couple things going this weekend not the man. To her Elton John. Is applying any she sets is good culture and. He does that as well I'll huge blue jeans and so you'd yeah Saturday night. It's like that's a movie yeah that's what he likes to help with from acute that I know the wrong. How we know it. Yeah yeah. Almost famous did see them. That's the most recent movie yet another. Movie. That's why can't remind us. And Jack if they didn't want you to. So there's that and then on Sunday there's sort of sports event happening in Orchard Park and human Buffalo Bills yeah yeah. Does that doesn't go out and home opener on a big deal exactly this big week and a lot of fun and you know huge and now. Love I'm one of you guys and one pretty slow weekends when there's not as much going on. Can we talk about like restaurants. To trying to be our lead and coming up now and I mean after how sales down yet. Chapman yes yes indeed I discovered founding fathers 700 years and our yeah. I mean other coolant to go to say get treatment at a technical. If you want information on all of the things we talked about you go to step up buffalo dot com Lauren only girls and subpoenas today fishing.