Step Out Buffalo Report 8-17

Friday, August 17th


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Lauren anomaly good morning girls are. Where are we ready for a big weekend this weekend there's a lot going on isn't there and I know and I am bummed because I feel like we're getting so close to that. End of August in on a next week is a big week for a lot of college kids going back to slow. Are so let's talk about what we tackle on this weekend. First up we have V 150. Grand celebration of the onset parts that actually got. A 150 years since Friday o'clock onset came to buffalo and changed the landscape of the city. And so they're celebrating all week him on Friday to having family movie night at cat's part showing pants. Tonight and then Saturday they're having a picnic and play in the parks are encouraging granted not to the parts that the picnic basket on games. And then Sunday they're having a part in a park. At lately bring your furry friends and have a dog parade training classes and oddities of buffalo grooming space and demonstrations. I'll had me god I love. I'll let out should I dress Roxy upper should I just never go on that your Alec what they want. I don't know I. Now she goes to sunflower and isn't going to ask him if he isn't. There is a photo. You can rejected an hour and you know I. I just hope that they have the camera all going low to the ground because lifting doubles obviously lifting lives what it is it is arms. Problem is she never looks awesome when you lift her up she just as a whole thing is finally happy that the celebrating and very cool. I can't and is coming to town. Yes he's going to be in town tonight and marinate yet you show 730 and ten helium county club it's notable coo Kevin Farley is because you might recognize the last yes his brother is famously Chris Farley and they look very act. Theories that. His Wikipedia page the correct Kevin Harley says quote after production designers singer dancer occasional composer and standup act. So he's got a lot and is. Lately he's been in things that tiny label ex keep the water boy he directed that paranormal movie which is let's move on and on the activity and he was also deadline is in the bands to get there which Lynette. I'm a huge fan of to get. U plus me equals us calculus. Decree that I have an autograph Geri action figure from the band to get there. That was an MTV like some of the board games. And he became the board and Kevin was part of a client there he was. There and actually the bet it was really don't like as them and they pulled off. I can't. Have a listening room and this okay so that's them yeah. That's the and it is healing. Very cool we got the 34 annual buffalo Niagara Scottish festival. At this happening Saturday and Sunday at buffalo Niagara heritage village in Amherst and they're gonna had an all out there having highland games. There's actually and five world records I hear apparently wild yeah so they're having throwing logs shot putt with stunts hammer throws. At a gathering of the clans and eight fans. Music dancing all that good stuff the sun tech marketplace. Critics say about the band and solo pipe and drum competition. Yet it's really cool I've gone online to Celtic games before and throwing. That can't answer it not easy to do and really fun to try and ask him. Us piper and breadth doubted that every five minutes and I love that the 2018 great contraction race happens reports. X. Really fun site action Google image search list just secondly understand it isn't people are literally building crazy contraptions. That there are racing on the water so they're really basically. Flotation devices though it didn't end of boats and even with floats that they've with a crazy things on them like toilets and does everything you can ever imagine. Benefits from call happened to Alexa which is a group that helps those affected by sexual assaults it's happening in buffalo river works the cause is. Nice very. Important to anybody and your family that party is awesome because. It's put into the water and half with. It doesn't sound like a mile in quarters a lot but when you've got just a contraption that can be far yet who knows how heavier put an end. And then the report's editors agree reviewing that in fun it's okay. Third annual cocktail city collaboration net hydraulic heart at this. Happening Saturday in a beer garden AXA had not part they are doing seemed pairings. I'm with six local bartenders and experience so each different pairing has a different teams are talking like one is an Asian team lines speak your stick. We had Tiki we had a year out. One of our favorites as literature like power and it entity that is really a local bartender and a local. Distillers a lot house candidates who are paired together Tonya otter and Barack and then they each had a theme. Hang out on those votes. Let's get up to barker in New York with the black bird center works Summers tighter festival. This is really cool we actually went last year in apparently this is the first you're doing actual west New York senator says that this weakening is oddly and expanding there's tons of going out of town. And this is one thing going on for exciting years and it happened Parker which is kind of nearly and scenarios that you're gonna be ignored but they're racing drag you go to the next hitter Tuesday on etiquette stuff. And they basically have a lot of the local breweries and Saint Mary's and they've got food tracks. And you get a lot of Hastings honestly with your ticket that we are beyond began after eight tapes I love yeah Sutter from trucks it's costing gaffe out and argue with that. The gas AJ easy tomorrow night the same. Happening Ollie can obviously in an air field any ads and talking others all morning line. I don't I saved my biggest question is like do beyoncé daisies Stanton Saint Louis like ball the whole time at. Times there's only one but for the most part there there there as a couple as an audience action. I don't really well there are times have to look at the set list there are times when when it's just one just the other org together. They're it's that's exciting yeah it is it's a show that Carter's basically network with single is should. And win. Eight cents at the gas. Well I think that's. Yeah does. Not yet nothing on the line now. And the weather's going to be good so yes it's very cool although it's raining kind of essential Horry now. Which is funny but those those are gonna come out of the forecast Ari also we've got that gripped this sculpture park sixth annual summer festival on Sunday. This on the really cool passel of happening this weekend if you've never gonna Griffith sculpture park where it is. In east Adam. Points that you know that is played. South hiatus like on the way to Alec itself. You can pretty Google Maps and find it super easily it's literally 400 acre park. You know those sculptures that are in outer harbor with a big metal people it's 250 of those scattered all hollow ring is gorgeous lake opening hilly fields kind of plays it's really cool music hidden trails you can go on raise this is just a trail through the wasn't a big giant sculptures in the other this is so cool it's among -- to even if there isn't anything and yet as an idea big fast. And secret who also they're got a bunch of bands they are they gonna have foods tracks and drink you can also bring coolers with stuff there's that's going to be really fun. And that's and and finally let's talk about the Erie county fairs the capitals this weekend what is the offense on Sunday grounds largesse. And down demolition derby is that playing an FDR. Claim to fame right there under two different shows on Sunday afternoon and night and is in need more than a hundred different cars from across Western New York. At the fairgrounds and you basically they're navigating its act keep the damage to their vehicles and in a month and they try and win Nicky and me in the finals. And actually each car is judged by the crowd the forehand to see that like the past factories and that's pretty. That is so much fun. Fun we get ahead of us for sure very cool I'm like dying does it feel it getting so close the end of August in my. What can squeeze in beyond health yeah ideally can be to honest absolutely. To find out more information where to somebody else they want to check out some of these events. Upload.