Step Out Buffalo Report 8-10

Friday, August 10th


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All right so I know the Erie county fair is under way what do we need to now. So this is happening all weekend line and into next week at the Hamburg there ounces and Sherry you probably now they have lots of rides games. Food treats. My magic says. Dance pig races and amp demolition derby is dogs as like animal exhibits. I'm tons of different local news of course and tend to get music acts coming on got a. All week. New things aging excuse that I. Wrote. I'm serie a white. Did you seek to provide. It's taken its ketchup please you need to do your research showed that I'll go there I want to go there I wanna see video I want you posted. What a catch up robot is still doubting I understand. And I got too deep. But the catcher robot you have cancer. And tell me about the big belts America think having the outer harbor. I am personally most excited for this event inflict my childhood fantasies come to life so it's all weekend long at outer harbor. 101000. Square foot pounds house. NBA it's perfect for kids and adults that you're an adult like me listening you can also go to list. There's different zones in the bounce house as honestly I'll basketball hoops through the inflatable house course section is the giants lies section there's a diet 2000 square foot ball it. I now after his exact. Although with 101000 square foot like what does the shoot game like hunters ever bounce house there's a collection of shoes they'd better have a some say you wanna make sure you get viewers back out for sure that's that's happening. This is all weekend party Saturday sending. Outer harbor act is if concessions Philly there's little sessions in areas for kids and then you know big kids and that makes sixteen and older which would be our group. So there's all these different areas. Tell me about the events at site host city this week. This are as close as an hour focused event it's a multimedia installation and happening inside those idiot put on my current space theater. And it's a bunch of different collaboration so it's. Local artists technicians and performers collaborating. I'm kind of immerse the audience and make it sound like eight projection design. Otherworldly type of experience. And I did just read that don't Wear high heels or even like flip flops because you aren't Sadr City and it's it's. Got that they asked him. Appreciate that and I've done events they are yet you need to swear. It's a little edgy sometimes. I think it's because because it's not like it actual public road it's that the gravel road when you can't go in Jerusalem and when you're walking down there and volumes islands it's nice. And so there's like mapping and like good technical arts. Multimedia installation that app and share their actions hall of pat and then cancer let's im not into light mapping but may badly drinking and pickup trucks and then for me tonight. There is Jason L Levine is going to be at the green lights in key is currently the ACM entertainer of the year which is and it's been a big deal. And and he's known for his liking me either and found she's country. It. Have you heard Nick's Jason Nelson I would have loved hearing your fantastic that is mentally and it is now being come on now. On Saturday. Lewiston my neck of the woods has the big art festival can I get a white tents tell me about what precinct. This is happening Saturday and Sunday on drugs and SG it's their 52 ears keynotes enemy that it's featuring. Over a 175. Different artists and actors. I'm different types of banners are gonna have include paintings sculpture ceramics jewelry and fiberglass wood Nick's media. Photography any Vincent streaker virus. I'm one of my favorite parts about this event is that they haven't chock lot competition that I gonna have tons of different chalk artists. I'm they have an art is only conducive need to take activities. College Alley where they're featuring high school and college students are. And then of course on the different drink and food vendors and restaurants. It is he walked around event of him just sat six had a frank when he's not a street performer is just friends there's a guy that looks like street performer. Let's go down a look at Phil what's happening there Saturday and Sunday. This is really cool event this is their taste it delicate bills at the taste of buffalo but it's smaller and it's in delicate felt he couldn't get that together. And I'm on grocery they've got the best that Alcan has very did you panic cafe style at the same set every bite through tickets and I need your tastings. And there's two when he amazing restaurants there's dean is a Lazio by convenient course CDC in all the other favorites. And then there's the judges that sample and stuff and this school we are saying because it since it's smaller. It's more if it's not as big of my means and I think the vendors have an easier time you know making really high quality stuff is not trying to crank Alec. Thousands and thousands thousands of samples. This is there really Clovis and check out with the southern tier has. And just walk until just amazing there are various. So that covers the southern tier tell me about what's happening enact accounted for their taste. Up they have another change happening in lock part which is in the little historic area. I'm down main street they're gonna have seemed DL on. They take its. All the different restaurants in the area act nagger brownie Sarah are gonna be out they have live entertainment contest. Arts and crafts vendors there too and it's baffling family friendly event. And then finally signed an ever wrap things up with great show our park collier teenage Inkster karma here when he ain't. It. God drunk man. Now I'm screaming infidelities. That's more professional all you have to say yes your account and ugly war of its they're going to be our part XP and sending it. Forty bucks basically treat. It's it's going to be a co headline. Think is they're both awesome arm all time out and dashboards as well timeless songs again throws and yet we're just screaming infidelities and out of the month there's all this is great as. Sunday night is covered it's just along for the whole crowd's been missing slot as loud as you can find. Thank you so much where we go through wanna find out more about what's happening or more on these particular events.