Step Out Buffalo Report 6-8

Friday, June 8th


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You know it's so funny because I bought strawberries at the grocery store yesterday. Amnesty semi they're getting so good so I guess it's the right time to do the Albion strawberry festival. At this at this is happening on Friday and Saturdays and popping out in tourism Ontario and aren't I closed at 32 annual event. Odyssey into an act is passed it seems like I got it will be there. I'm chicken barbecue live music at a card show upgrade pretty much exactly what you think tons of strawberries obvious. Strawberry shortcake and all things strawberry. That sounds fun on Saturday of the summer party resurgence. This happening all airlines they're gonna be kicking out the summit at the games that don't take photo Booth Arnold signs hanging next hour plus tons of great years. Doesn't have local future acts and vendors and had a strap very IPA suit is the season I had the blueberries from pelicans have never had a strawberry I PV. Now the sunken it I don't think so that that bit easier for these urban and we ski fast. It isn't happening Saturday and is that an apple TV downs gaming and hotel. So they're gonna have a bunch of different and Irvin in my skis. At the at the location you can sampled and sent economists are whiskey pass over and January this is a good chance at. Check it out get it passed a teacher healer. On entry and and Thurman Thomas is so of course that. Counter. Now you to try to get tickets to his party that's happening when they do that the monitor for ballgame for our. In talking in the day you know. That's what do you go there and have a chat with him. Back to buffalo the Allentown art festival win and win. This is at the start of festival's summer season and found in downtown art as a town last last this is having Saturday Sunday all along that ten man. On the sit on Delaware avenue so I mean go to the Delaware you're gonna see it's going to be locked up to try to find street parking at the hold something that. And that it Allen last best wraps around wearing knee teases. And that you can kind of ride the festival like one vessel to another yeah the yet they can actually you don't have to go to two separate locations that you that it is go to one or the other they both kind of inner. Signs it yeah now and train Allen last past what Allen west's fastest thing. Allentown it's the the freak here just in Timberlake yeah. Locally it's like my small business and classics and Pathmark. Yet it's not festival has morally you leaguer last where like your wood working stuff that the large campaigning that easy and in that count process has lake local T share its certainly not opposed tired and tiny little Princeton stuff so it's co. Both of them can I have something for. The weather looks to be the best in years for the Allentown art festival and the one thing I've always noticed is that when they do the Friday night set up. Of all the tents on Alec is there on until they start going up. Tonight and it's always been a monsoon. And so Friday into Saturday got to deal with tents that have moved a bit lower over whatever. I think we got the perfect weather be careful if you downtown tonight late night know that Delaware is going to be just covered with all the tents getting ready for Saturday morning. That's my favorite part I was looking at for the Allen last last dukes is doing a pig roast which is that's like trust me freak show on its awesome and he prayed is stirs the music festival this weekend doesn't happen. All day Saturday in east Sarah they're gonna have it says sixty dance. It's 200 musicians tiny venues and a hundred hours of music. But she's just really fine there and answered shots it's happening all down main street and alma street and center on Jay Bakker is. So all the different as far as I mean you can't even find a business or bar restaurant that's not gonna have like music 189 public house achieving our band and this is an awesome. Opportunity check that out on plates united brewing off out of live music I think Yasser. Pretty much any rate on he's ticketed event. I'm yeah UI arrest and that you sent box and they'd do that's fair. She's like a bunch of different charities and that's that's not cool that's played out Anita and treat all the buyers in and you get access to a shot. I like the kids under twelve free and the veterans are trees there's so many different places to drink beer is hard to keep track of which part of town drinking and noting he can't Griffin and we've got to protect and that is absolutely. Right now we've got to. Big air show happening. This is critical also Ryan as a huge air cleaners and this every Saturday and Sunday down at the Niagara Falls air is there which is quite an anchor felt airport is in science Everett as it's free parking and free to get into. And I ran a couple of years and it's really equals of the sizzling and military airplanes from both the US and Canada do it the synchronized lights Mindy do it the pattern than they switched in and out. And there's a what I saw yesterday and it's like they put on they capture in the not Photoshop and it was two planes one thing down and one regular and I call. All day. And it's just that aired that hero only three of these types of groups in North America and that we have two of them here this week and it's huge that the thunderbirds are gonna be there and the snow birds across the border are going to be there. There's a lot of vintage craft there's new stuff there's this is the biggest and most show weak military air show happening. In North America this year this is the one. Yeah aviator. Game is going to be so one point this weekend overture residents how you gotta yeah. I mean for nothing. As airports all of us I mean you know you'll see everything there are some I don't I don't mind this is their car. I don't mind this at all. Near term 28. Year. That's a thing. Having Saturday at the barrel factory in Knowles fairest lord area. And your tickets include Touvier tickets are errors and an ass that's a pretty good deal. They're gonna have dancing T get a post prom goodie bag this is like an adult rock. I care or love and it's actually a fund raiser conference onset that encourages women to be educated and and and in that beer industry in this region. And the barrel factory and a first quarter. And have a bunch of new. How I'll find puck and a tussle over a Hamburg on Saturday from two to six it's Hamburg wine. This struggle wine lovers if you you know you got your fear bill interfere film of the year to speak Latin actress or not this is for your line. This is 26 and editing all of the village of Hamburg sea can go and where like 101000. Fine Aries is that for the ranges juicy burger that area. Eighties pop in with people is gonna be a bunch of different wineries and eateries down aging samples. Other local Russians will be doing some things like prima Oliva. BP bakery which is really cute bakery and this is your chance to try a bunch of different stuff kind of walk outside enjoy the weather and try budget for local lines means and I love it Tiki and tacos 2018. Those sons close is happening Sunday kind of a Sunday finding out late tackle factory in flames now. When across millions of south. Pull out the would have to raise I'm building and the coolest window in the back like you just wanna eat lunch rated the wind that's amazing. Yes so this is like a combination. And of food like Polynesian inspired dishes from low wage so they're making food and then there's like a Tiki cocktail pop up. And it's called unveiled prowl and they are on different Assad's inmate Tiki cocktails specifically. So your check texting committed three false i.s custom crafted cocktails plus I can leave it at. Saved the drive to Bora Bora and just go to key action where it might not let up Ali and. Again student teacher itself Hawaiian paradise type of theme sounds like I don't mind that one bid. Where can everyone find the information about what's happening this weekend step out buffalo.