Step Out Buffalo Report 6-29

Friday, June 29th


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Lauren minimally from step up buffalo in studio we get right to it there's a lot to cover. That's when he eighteen delicate bills summer music festivals this week. This happening all weekend lying down and Alex good well on mainly holiday valley resort that's an actual. Through reading music festivals happening in means staged but they're gonna have stuff happening throughout the village. Fifty different vendors they're gonna have the annual world's famous Alec and they'll pat preyed on Washington's streets on those in need time to do for the whole family. I'm they have three different main acts Friday Saturday and then Sunday that EPO is going to be there and they finish in Athens by Eric. So will this is upon weekends and elegant Villa yeah government. How fast happens Clarence town park and another cool weekend long event on the or play games like music of course a beards and I'm fighting out going to be widgets and it's great. In the past yeah it's right is it weird high. Other heavy petting a for the kids near is gone wild going to be there it's my agent hot air balloon rides while which is steep decline iPhone is on wasting their gonna be counted one I don't know for share facility you're still getting any audience and I don't via. Contained real love this part. Loses his. GAAP pressure on one I just want to mention as we're doing a step up poplar point there's a big traffic issue going on 190 north has closed at the peace bridge. Due to an injury accident and so just now if you're in that vicinity of the 19 Andy North is close to the peace bridge due to an injury accident. With nature themed art and stuff via cart is cool to sound like an event that sculptures. Metal or paintings went to Eric. On it just all back and stuff or your actual current and of course they had entertainment like music tracks bath Apple's. And different style. So that's happening at the botanical gardens. The outside where you have to be eighteen or not for this event is some arsenal that's. Happening Saturday starting at five and it's gonna be a huge IR and B music festival and they've got a lot of good people coming fees Ivins. Daniel my next 7020. Our next is that like Fiji. Think it's the highlight or to get your thoughts about imminent but like he's not too low most going to be there that's going to be fun US in those songs to clearly. Do. Does not have any irony so. Yeah that'll happen to announce it and then Abby but so totally insane perfect with the heat. I'm over at the casino downtown after I remember last year there was similar concept won't rule. Evelyn came over after it was a lot of fun. Definitely check out this summer sell test me Evans is a big deal gets it's a good. It's a great line up against in eighteen that there is at 21. Area 21 and for a while. I would do the BIP rally ass guys tournament. Yeah but just because there's. You pitching over different stage on little shaded area you eat it is here can be huh. Have you ever seen the documentary called magic Mike where the area use the song. To chronicle the adventures of this. Dion or funniest thing is for real I don't think I've ever seen them moving. And in April in I don't know. We all know audit yeah created ever gone to hand and it. It. Politically you know it's time red box and I guess right now on demand I don't know are or what's up next we have. B Tony teen central terminal car show happening on Saturday this is a free events and it's cool it's physical way to get inside essential finally gonna have. Time that old classic cars in the parking lot and in the concourse. On the and we just like looking at pictures just like you wanna and it's a free events are you really can't lose and I. Killing the central tournament terminal will be cool all right so another place to be cool yeah. I haven't had the taste of diversity festival happens on Saturday from eleven to seven. This is an awesome event it takes place on grand street if you go to that area there's going to be ten dancers and you can smell from a mile aids is. An amazing man one of our favorite. Light music ADD and think basically they bring I'll of the amazing differing cultural ethnic groups in buffalo together in a panic create event that showcases. What everyone's a and I'll the best. Things about them. I think it is the food. The food and I'll in the none of the reasonable they're gonna have Ethiopian food Aegon had Indian food that get tucked team which is it being taxed style. T taxi which is equal. Freddy v.s are accusing beating my personal favorite likes soul food person isn't some love and if you like red velvet waffles. Isaak and that is. Also Manx came Cambodian. Come out food Greek like literally everything you can meant that. I love it causes celebrates all the cultures we have here in western ER sentiments and we got a human buffalo festival happening on Sunday boys wanted to do this. Yep this is Vatican house I again so this is kind of like. Hundreds of people are gonna come together. Plan different kind chairs and then he gets gathered in licensee of the buffalo and taken overhead aerial shot and reduce every year so. With your ticket you get that he show you get is about as chicken barbecue and yet to be in the picture for anything. Very cool Sun City allies to. This is critical as a concert that happened inside the silos and they've got hunted and and nearly erased towns and steamed donkeys and ten cent college his ged. And a ton more out of buffalo aerial dancers that. If you've never seen aerial answers you need to see them they're incredible they're the ones that they're in. Town and he's kind of nominee and it's crap and turn it all out yet announced that music I'll Beilein doesn't have food checks of course blind eyes will be there you can bring your own share basically just hanging out kids are free. Copies of being called mom said no my whole arm so yeah. So Siler city like get tons of fans tons of fun that's all happening this weekend now let's take your shoes off and go to the beach out at sunset bay how appropriate. I love that there have lake amazing weather for this to make it's just so perfect DJ Pauly. As I'm Sherry now is coming out using the at sunset and Sunday all they lie it's his birthday he picked buffalo for his birthday and it's and rig. Earlier you're talking and we wonder if there's going to be that other people there play. Cameos that come out like to bring him in parity on the I mean. He's from whatever about quality he's never alone and oh yeah and there are some. Flat. Is social. So I guess I'll be there DJ ran can leave it there like 821 plus events huh. Yes I'm surprise surprise run back in getting out that Egypt. And I on. Its course I'm living it up to solicit public speech there but they are able to keep the adults and one part and the president of premieres and enjoy it from the times and in from the lot. I don't added. I think it's going to be a blast I'm so excited for this not a great way. Because of the appeal and tell what you guys heard it feels like we're doing the step up buffalo report right now. It feels like most people are celebrating fourth of July stuff now to Wednesday with great. Well out next and there's stuff going on this weekend and next weekend so because fourth of July's weird on Wednesday this year people dislike it parity. I haven't got a big bass player happening like Sunday to. Some and do the fireworks at Seneca Niagara we're going to be Sam casting that on kiss that he point five some schools of music played on the radio who matches the fireworks in the sky and that's happening Sunday and that is set for fourth of July. It's so quick as big. Fireworks at the casino are close to the fireworks at the false at the falls and Fantasy Island like is it just like one big fighter work in the sky pretty much I love that I love fireworks Akron oh who I think it might identify as crazy as with an average for the July yeah. Ask you how could play both sides. And then when discuss it and time I want is close enough to that too. So under when they usually do theirs and it on the fourth. Out. So much fun week and yes fantastic well this is a great bunch of stuff that we've got to choose from. Finishing with a DJ Pauly. Day. Cool stay inside I donated. With all the hustle and he is definitely not leaving pet the animals and cars and stuff. Be careful bringing them to fast is because they're pot and her pavements up just a PSA dad Cindy you're right about. That critical that with a direct sunshine and Uga blacked out and Cuba are hot too but. Pleased with that pat sits right they don't wanna give Roxio belly rub just some pictures. You read about an easy treatment. I think that's the device goes thanks for being in today we appreciate it step up buffalo dot com is where you can get all this information.