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Friday, June 22nd


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We got Loren flying solo today good morning and I just hope perfect. And you came to kiss the summer hello I actually. How to get that ops and still wearing my gatekeeper is it yes excellent. I'll just keep it on it yet just tell us so we'll ask you and I use a lot of concerts across western -- -- radio station do with -- summer hello we had so much fun we are staying. Close and those concerts or even if you don't know every single sonic you can dance to the music and still. What artist most impressed you do the chance and adds that I took Omni Media is I've heard the 27 hit orchestra and I say got a snakes as queen would use and I mean perfection in everything about her that her hair her make up urgently her. Contrasts with amazingly her head being in her energy that she is enough it was everything. Sitting next door I interviewed her you know the hard he's worked like a Booth so we're sitting on the same side of the Booth because they just 'cause I'm like. Could tell he can't study accurate off of her like she's perfect. I just doesn't sit cross lake shore in addition to the and a voice and right there that additional data but that's just. She really is yeah let's talk about this we can causes a lot of fun things happening we start with talent and helium comedy club. This is your weekly class events that this is happening all weekend mongers to show hosts in marrow one show on Sunday. And it was the winner at HBO snaps he's been on HD HBO's Def comedy jam I'll tires and BT's comic view. And then you've probably seen him in movies accent that part and with the attitude so again if you want your weekly left there. When it's the hits go to the money men whereas Eddie Money this weekend's. Hey David on ten bucks you can bring your own bonds are flat picnic blanket. And I mean to me it's apparent a ruling comes out. Does the well as years ago the future. I'll just I didn't know it was a song he's gotten. Eight portables that what is it does he do a gym called take me home tonight. I believe he does and called shaking to shake. But I didn't yeah. Today he doesn't bring the car now he goes down on the sex I think so plain text and art arousal Saturday. You get a mother earlier this as a huge event this weekend and actually tonight that you being Norton is awaiting the right Roswell ceremonial tours you can check that out. And it and it went in there right past that airlines now execute senate finance marrow it'd be a race early and I did notice that it's one of the nation's largest cycling at the Emmys which is so that we have that here in buffalo is for such a great absolutely. 1812 weekend. I am a huge history and tired so when I saw that I really excited about this happening Saturday and Sunday in Genesee count and JC. Museum which is up in Mumford about twenty miles atmosphere. This is perfect for a trip whether so don't let that stack it I'll. And what they say is equal for got work 1812 they're bringing it to lighten historic village is more than a hundred green actors they retrieve everything shopkeepers house ways. To merchants to soldiers. There is nothing funnier than seeing some re enactment passed him. Check and they're taxed. Like oh I thought that out of their pocket and they want over the Prius. If it's so funny so this happens a lot lose in the. Now it's a Mumford New York yeah modern art a big place or for those re enactments my French on who goes by the name of fuzz ball. But he is into reenactment Bastia he takes its OOC or Q does he he's a participant. In the office and don't just kind of know your article that Obama sometimes he dies on the weekends. Two days and. Canal side gets all that can be on the weekend where they do with beer. It's the buffalo burst fast Fella I went this last year and it's so much fun as it's all local robbery is that gets later eased their meter ease. And even have sections that the arms where clearly we re elect senator remainder were. Meter he's insiders say and meet Ares our it's made with that honey that they need -- who products and we had a really good last year at east lake and urban without the after burner Bloomberg and really good news channel local and forget her name out and eat and EHD yeah it's a local beekeeper in Lancaster so her beat her the but yes he made everything yourself and then say eateries have quarters we've got so many great and that's my ears yeah. And it's like hot of course you know I just pick so refreshing like it in the neck injury in planet actually experts say it works is making a Logan Mary Hart's later. What's what's hanging over factor insiders. Yeah I think it I got a and then I. And lottery eaten green. I just. The magic and yet. I was with a salad on Tuesday for the beautiful women that Katherine is walking around with these. Tangle over patches. Or what does adamant and Ricky did yeah yeah. Yeah I know exactly with a it looks as catchy music for nicotine and stuff in politics right that was a good nicoderm and nicoderm and that's. As different as they get nearly panic popsicle IKEA he'll hit it. Changed over there at all. Saturday it is the polish heritage festival tell me about this had a lot of policy event that couple weekend for the pro event is tech I don't my eyes and her quirks of their own polish and ends with another one for you. Hot big apology to log it's not celebrate all things politics polish food drinks team music. And none of the proceeds go to it's just it's a it's always agree. And what are they knew it distilling it action all women owned yoga pants pocket so I. I think nine picture I was apparently it is spot. And kids sixteen and under trees that now have to buy that just for the game. I isn't. I. I not I think it is type out ahead of the research that know about. Them Easter or they have the Roy craft festival this this is that event carries memories do you have a pocket is of artisans and it's really cool event at Aetna health these owners bring this year. And it got every kind of artist and metal workers do equally ceramics sculpture making meaning that everything you can imagine and you start oxygen comedic art projects. And that they were at Lincoln come into a little bit of and then at the end of master p.'s. When is this is this just said it is Saturday and Sunday against tiger is death. It's Saturday and is at a high awesome clothes so yeah he's. There. I'll worst fast happens Sunday when us. This the records act fast tire which is pegged park across the river from Butler works damage and lining the torture works areas yes sir. Yes. Political expert bird works party trick and literally right across the river for reform works if you urgent is the oddest it's happening at all day long on Sunday and it is -- mean huge rains in music. And I'll look at I have I holdings and has asked us our area is like October fest but in June yes OK. Plus the past we're in two bucks to. The 21 annual parks I darted in and architecture tour happens on Sunday. Yes they actually just did architecture tour which I went to you and I love law and through people's houses and then again in history that the un permission yes it's not. Out of my out. Here. That this is on a Sunday and the part that it is so beautiful it frankly great how says its red cross and use. That whole area your predictions just park your car and walk those roads that wind back then. It's unbelievable has an exit when it house's east I did its work weeks it was the house that Mark Shields and and the lady had obviously pictures that I recently things that the crew left behind it was a couple of sorties a lot of history on the air. And you can either just or guardians for five bucks they have guided act sexual torture fifteen acts. And you can now for some and it leads you know where he rented the ground. Yeah I can get it anywhere go to differently you're gonna have tons of options to. Dec frontman is famous chicken died which ethnic officials. Oh yeah around Brad an act again if you have extreme anxiety stomach in the I've mentioned right party is Camilla some mile. Coolest things is. A nets at a dairy and it's it's. You know that's equal to and part I didn't I was his anti immigrant Canada maturity crowd nation. Yeah he's pretty proud for Asia is the foundation of the that the name we you know at the closing. Is. Rob Gronkowski has always supported he must have a nice connection to Carla is public everybody in this community gloves and so he always comes back four but apparently. I and gassing because how would I notice. But Camilla his girlfriend's nude she's coming to. Who. The price she sports industry she was New England Patriots cheerleader changed not currently earned. She is in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue some pretty and that's at the key being sent an act in the Lexus club. Where we are vastly dad's existing instant Justin Anderson with grunt wrecked I run team to house to put it. You know like well that's yeah you know I can't run team. I grew with that but anything for Carly is club is okay by me and I support a 100% yet. Ha that's what you do this weekend. This I have to Rupert it parties the street and my cousin. It's turning thirty and and and everything and then it's different. Hopefully knowing now and then my alma and my best friends jest or going to iTunes for her health digital art and head bashed and we have like a big group of people nine. Also don't forget the casino this weekend I'm going to be there hosting and Bruce Smith is going to be officiating. They're trying to break the world records for the largest group of people renewing their wedding vows that happened Saturday Seneca Niagara the wanna Niagara Falls USA the honeymoon capital of the world honeymoon capital of the worlds and they want to break that record into the record right now held by town in Michigan with about 12100 people. The a look at a bus that with thousands of people's that's happened Saturday. And the good news is the casino has made arrangements you not to worry about whatever the weather is you will stay dry they've made. The accommodations. That is everybody is going to stage right so if you've committed to being one of those couples. To break the Guinness world record or to be one of those but can go back and you found out no you can't what is called of the people that are. Our Michael Stewart Stewart's that's yes so there are people that are helping to manage the actual record taking record keeping record breaking. Details have to follow through the need to Stewart sort couples aren't you did a great Nancy thank you for being here are a little bit on that yeah. I. Try to her house trying to put words together. I'm glad you gave everybody a good picture of what this weekend is gonna look like that an. Awesome thank you so much out buffaloes where you can go step I'll buffalo dot com is where you can find out all the things that we just talked about.