Step Out Buffalo Report 6-15

Friday, June 15th


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He uses summer it's like Ali punches out. They attend annual Barbeque and blues bash is happening tonight actually. In the cobblestone district right outside buffalo and lyrics there have an outdoor concert of barbecue food fast I mean you can't go wrong with that. And have a all local blues lineup. And you take its include entertainment refreshments from a fast and last round distillery and you have other local distributors there. And it the proceeds benefit. Stanley's net are supported by Heatley line use that degree. Also a win win. That's heavily and now with the river fest that the. Consider past time officially this is all weekend long all day along the kicks off at six and then literally goes through Sunday. It that river fest Parker's is pegs park and old Bruce lowered it good on that area are not commit the message is gonna be tense and music in. Oh yeah. The other side so yeah yes like yeah if you look on the other side you see the Labatt blue pin that then your on this side where the markets. Yes it's honesty from mining house failure isn't there a lot and that area's the place and this is on it's been going and her ever fourteen years. They've got live entertainment endless games that I got it I want castle it. Yeah I'd like my favorite event that if you. Of course there's food beer arts and crafts vendors and more and then on Saturday they do that got that that's at and meets those trees Odom and me and and on the river there's different races and how united do it in prizes and awards ceremony. So it's going to be on them. So what's gonna end. It. I. Oh. And partners. I. It. More boat races. Sports if you're accurate as steep and it's going. What does that is that late game thrown its atomic gave thrown salmon I like that as you said dragon boat. Wragge yeah yeah zealot that evening and nothing that. On its. A lot of tradition made in the pearl dealt China's Guangdong. Rot with the it's true Oca and it acted on that subject and it's over twenty centuries now it's. I'll longstanding tradition and it is. Plenum gloriously and it's even down. That's happening holidays Saturday and is going to be activities and you can. That the sport has. I don't audited. They know it's gonna lose we have garden fast. Is happening Saturday and Sunday I'm sad history analysts and it's free to attack and actually this is really close to having opening ceremony on Saturday and a pen part. Planning and Andy eastern monarch butterfly final release butterflies to kick off the festival so. I think that's a really cool thing to see on gardeners and Terry that contain and contest and win prizes. It gas speakers obviously tons of parent and spouse the year you know prepping your guidance in this comment check this out. We could you both legal and this next one of the key date summer solstice celebration which is that our parks that three dollar. And I'll and agreed Patrick it a lot of activities including fair competition that's exactly ugly people. Bring your house is that the meeting and to walk through them and you. Know it's worth a house that's. Accurate. Thank you make it a little it's. The tiny house. How's. The weather really small the it was a 5 X 5. Mile this is an I mean you get that I've seen on TV every year. Yeah. You can go and find out this week and they're also giving us some missiles that celebration and they're doing craft making potion making. Face meaning they're gonna have food vendors you're adding nano line back for the parents and adults on ago. It's not going to be performers poet storytelling is a literally everything you can imagine even psychic entertainers and images. Kids three and under free India. You go to the Stanley event has put together for probably up music in the woods 120 teams just to really get. Music in the slot countless animals. And that. It's. Now idea. That's. That's. And an. Eight game. I. The the view from store. They. OK okay. There's always of the injuries are you lost little. Hello this is this this is your dollar Father's Day weekend car show in your festival on the. All the tire they're adding editing and then if you make it's it's free and yet this season pass it park initiate an overnight aid which is the ultimate too early to go to the partner either right and I'll. It's got to gonna have classic our hot Brad customs convertibles. Everything in between art and craft beer tasting all in Hong. You get you in your craft your kind glassy and he come in I'll always remember your special day. Odds and be are few lines and everything else that. A ship cruise in pop the window like yeah. Of course. Mr. Bush power under the material left right out there about just launched it this is the Bergen excellent Turkey the ninety's bar across. Probably my pick of the week and that's happening I'm Stifel and the largest national Chinese residents like this sparked outrage around the country. They're coming here. That is and it would. And ending have a welcome drink registration. On different bars. I'm venue bottom three and last cap house hunting Al. And and then of course address 99. Down. Oh feet which is easy because that's that's like when you go to the mall and yet everything that we war in the ninety's that isn't our clients shirts not a 'cause back in time he'll make some pretty much it's easy to find stuff now that is nineties because. You know that's like where there's you know I think it went to prom. Where has Urban Outfitters they have like two boxer bone thugs and army. Everything that we weren't going to easily. That's where people go there wanna find out more information about what's going around town. You very much ladies.