Step Out Buffalo Report 5-18

Friday, May 18th


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The girls from step out buffalo in studio. Good morning in mind my saying so on a scale of one to ten how would you guys rate this weekend that some secret superdome nine. A nine especially at spring obviously. And I'm Leo all swing net and it's spraying it off without. Graduation is going on it's going to be tough to get other stuff done in buffalo it's time to get the inside scoop on all the latest entertainment and events stepped up buffalo. Brought to my Buffalo's favorite ice cream Perry's ice cream. Celebrating 100 years the good stuff. All around the convention center it's going to be good people watching is nickel city time comes to buffalo episode happening Ollie and on Friday through Sunday. At the convention center on it's that kid friendly event kids and tenant under our free. And it's actually upstate new Eric's latest pop culture and comic book convention and have. Featured celebrities and I called code in. On crisper and who is a comic book artist known for Batman incorporated panics. We're just talking buyer from stranger things is going to be there and Napoleon Dynamite so really fine people. And obviously there's tons of other stuff the answer a photo ops. And panels are gonna have on costly contacts. Here's what I learned last year is that if you don't make it into one of the rooms where they're doing the interview with the person in my room of the group of people watching so barb from stranger things or something. A lot of times they go to a signing table where you can get up there and get stuff science of like Napoleon got John heater is going to be there if you want something your vote for Pedro shirts signed autographed. You might be able to find table and deftly poke around and when you get their ask where is this happening when it's happening. The opportunity to run into people I kept running into stars last year might get a minute. It was super awesome so it's a lot of fun it's a big time. Some people like to meet the stars others are gamers and the Mario Kart naming her to actually see her sunny. They're just coming for that. Yeah adding video game tournaments and a lot of damage is the fan favorite Mario linebacker and the kiwis noticed that. The Kelly tough twelve can only happens tonight. This is over add bill stadium and you can run you can watch you can do would have you like you're gonna join the Kelly family for their annual hunters hope Kelly tough twelve K. You can do hitting team in partial proceeds go to. Cantons rebuke a look at just as easy on the suggested which is Amy and you're raising money for agree because you get event teacher. There's food at the poster is parity plus music awards ceremony yeah green fine until now. Yet the twelve K you can also do as a relay so for people can run and then be like three mile increments ish that's not bad they make it easy for all levels of runners or. People to participate you don't need to be hardcore marathon and not running with a hall of Famer Jim Kelly is going to be talking about. You know exactly alike that Kelly tough front the buffalo love fest is happening in the buffalo suits some mail about it. Yet the suns tonight Friday on the house live music fans on Buffalo's. Best local bands I'd say they're gonna have local beer in mind. Tons of food truck sitting governing 25 different food tax there Marmol 55 artisan miners it's a bunch of them are gonna specialize in buffalo themed. I'm good thing gifts and of course you can see all the analysts throughout the zoo which is just such a good Fannie now. It is a good been genuine man suggest for everybody has got people coming in for graduation. Buffalo fast would be a good place to take everybody kinda experience a little bit of buffalo. That's candy good to do if you've got the kinesis. Damon buff state graduation on Saturday. You could do that tonight so that works and let's go to Saturday where we've got in so Rona. At robs county Playhouse. He's doing two shows there's one at 731 at 930 and he's been nominated for best time you perform and last year train seventeen he just had his big break opening for Robin Williams he's worked with serious 9000 he knows his stuff and I can't be a good time and if you wanna bring the kids if you get. Family in town all the shows are PG so it's. Family friendly that's rare. And for comedian to be PGE is anathema to some guys that's half the show. Up UV which is like a perfectly geared he had and so if it wasn't enough that on Saturday at 10 AM could nations is graduating. And and Saturday at 1 PM buff state is graduating. Now put radiant between that. Porch fast access. Frank George bass is happening Saturday in the Allen village all throughout it runs from I was looking at the map earlier basically ignores street to forest avenue. All down home lead avenue and throughout on the little side streets and have 95 different bands as of earlier this the time should it added Morris and spend. And it's described as a grass roots music festival. Basically they're turning perches at all throughout the village into stages for local bands and musicians some people hate him playing on the sidewalks. And can lead to one of those westside health. I really loved the the porches like as big as your house now that it's a ridiculous thing in every house has sort of the seemly out of ports at the same stage my on the front of every house I love porch fast. For some reason when they built those houses back then. Everything was about it the port space known to man in the house alone celebrate it with port. But it's so funny because you channel your inner rock star and the opera thing is you're right about to hit that money note. And then somebody has to walk in the house to go to the bathroom and killing Matt Cox are young you have high imports by. But it's so funny isn't and then it's who stamp is louder. Because like right next story he had two different kinds of bans it's very funny to be fun the answer is enough I think the weather because of reports fast. Morning time to farm to point the. A weeklong celebration and a highlights the growing movement of locally grown source mountain Hobbs and local beer isn't all that good stuff so there's a couple of events going on we're gonna focus amateur event all over the place if you guys are interested. Definitely check out and everything that's going on for the first on his full circle fest at 42 north and that's. Saturday to its sixth. And they have a pig roast that they're doing they're doing good the of the great beard and you've urban rich north and Eastern Europe and your earnings gorgeous. They've got live music and a budgets if you wanna get VIP ticket you get access to their VAP barrel aged Beers live that's you're cnet's I think any what you wanna do and then there's also something going hamburgers and Sunday were there going to be showcasing. A bunch of new unique peer flavors from all their locally sourced ingredients and that's a great spot on the weather is nice because they're. After area with that easily can it be green aryan it's beautiful. And Whitney wears that that's a Hamburg so if you get off that it's in nineteen. What's the and Hamburg Ahmad Al Kenya it's rape there it's huge visit on these beautiful house is and then there's this giant iron in there at the brewery street there and then behind egregious as giant opening beautifully down just a gorgeous patio meets Peter Arnett. It's the gadget on the music maximum Scott I was really good so go see cats enjoy this a lot. Sound yes sounds like a perfect day not any kind of rumors there Tuesday it's like an educational thing you can accurately meet angry at people that. Are involved in local scene that's only people who make beer wanna talk about so much as a citizen and conversely how good ankle injury. And it is also the sky right that's starting at south park at night David. Events of the year Justin Timberlake who else in the world can say that they can do that's so this is a bike ride. I'm starting at a South Park going this year on multiple different highways. Not just the sky wave but also the Kensington expressway and the sky Jack put us. On today's the first time they've done those channel. And you can do this city loop which is eighteen miles or eighty news sky really only which is just ten miles and you go just on the skyway in a festival outweigh the rest of us. This is on the twentieth annual tour of homes. Where I critics say about the I'm going I guess giving captain on the date I just love walking through lake homes Nixon actually a historical homes and a lot of praise like. As prisoners and the this is happening over and Arcsight which is that the sprinkler brick building is rape by the zoo. And you meet parent I meadow which is a really great plays and you can't just walk around get to exploit a giddy like a map in the media that it history and I out on humanitarian. And then if it's a cannon. Live vicariously through. Tell you something to look for in in those homes. When you're in the dining room look at the head of the table at one under the other look for a button on the floor. And that is how they would call for help way back in the day they pushed the button with their oh yeah I've seen this on Austin Powers that that's the one swivel that chair. And I don't I could buy and yeah. I know it's really think they use the lives of formally now pled not. Why not open. Now but then it's truth and you need tickets for this. Yeah you do I think you can you advance I think it's an arc and Matt he like kind of the other one is going to be but it going to be nice and sunny in the perfect stepping he has to. Hope so yeah just a little bit more shower is an umbrella. Absolutely. Credit and it needs more information on anything we talked about where do they go to step out buffalo that's right it's a step up awful dot com report and to study points back.