Show Biz In 60 May 17th

Wednesday, May 17th


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I am Janet Snyder reckless but let's issue showbiz in sixty for Wednesday may seventeenth. Zach F found who's busy out promoting his new movie Baywatch with Dwayne the rock Johnson. Has signed on for much darker role it was reported on variety Tuesday he is signed on to play Ted Bundy to Florida serial killer. In the indie drama extremely wicked. Shockingly evil and while Nicholas charity the producer says he couldn't be more excited to see him this amazing role with production starting in October. L keying posting about her x.s and o.s she was on mr. Graham with some compassion that surprised fans. The photo that she said was taken on Monday is a picture of her and her ex in coordinating black and white outfits the two were supposed to get married last month and she confirms their split. In the latest post amid the two had quote secretly got married three weeks after Lehman 2016 you call in the loved her life. And ask people please respect their space at this time. And Jimmy Kimmel is coming back for hosting duties next year at the ninetieth annual Academy Awards. The academy released a press release on Tuesday. Announcing him along with producers Michael Deluca and Jennifer Scott. Returning and called them quote. Truly an Oscar dream team. The Oscars will broadcast on ABC Sunday march 4 of next year that to showbiz in sixty on kiss 98 point five.