Show Biz In 60 March 20th

Monday, March 20th


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I am genocide and a Nicholas Nicholas mr. showbiz and sixty from Monday march 20. Jim Presley is Hollywood home is the latest to be burglarized. Friday night while everyone was gone several items including jury were taken from the home a rep for Presley released a statement saying. There was a burglary and legal actions are being taken. Jamie and her family were not home during the incidents just last week he saw from Kendall genders home in Holland. Legendary singer songwriter guitar player Chuck Berry passed away at the age of ninety. Chuck Berry had many hits through the years like rollover Beethoven may believer Johnny be good to rock and roll musician. Confirmed dead Saturday after the saint Charles county police department responded to an emergency call with home. Because of his death is unknown at this time. Ended Dell had another couple get engaged onstage when she performed Sunday in Australia. The singer called on Chris to come up on stage after seeing a burst into tears singing hello. His partner wade also came up where he dropped on one knee and proposed to Chris who said yes and it Dow did say. That wasn't planned I had no idea. That you showbiz and sixty and kiss 98 point five.