Show Biz In 60 March 17th

Friday, March 17th


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I am genocide reckless reckless tissue showbiz in 64 Friday march 17. Selena Gomez can be seen on the cover of Vogue Magazine during her interview she was asked the question that fans everywhere are wondering. What's going on with her relationship with the weekend. What you'll learn basically is you won't be learning much of anything. Gomez feels talking about her relationships in the past has come back to bite her and she'll never do it again. Actress Reese Witherspoon interest and in doing a third legally blonde well she was visiting Wednesday with james' court and he asked if she would ever do another she said well be kind of cool to see her fifteen years later. No nothing's being worked out yet it's Hollywood video screen like a sequel. They cast disinterested in doing it and witness who says she means quote somebody really clever to come up with a great idea and then they'll do it. And Demi Lovato celebrated five years of sobriety on Wednesday with an inspiring message. The singer made sure to commemorate the day and it's Japan with a twelve steps photo and remarking on how grateful she is during this journey quote. Feeling humbled and joyful and thanked everybody for sticking by her side and believing in her that's showbiz in sixty on kiss 98 point five.