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Friday, January 6th


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Hi I'm Janet Snyder and Nicholas Nicholas and this is your showbiz and sixty for Friday January 6. Nikki and ash took to Twitter Thursday morning to let everyone know that she and make bells and split up. Her tweet read to confirm yes some single focusing on my work and looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon have a blessed new year I love you. There's been speculation a couple of a year were over especially after the avoided each other in Miami daring New Year's Eve. Charmed fans get ready CW is in the early stages. Of looking to reboot the series charmed at this time they have ordered a pilot scripts that is Jane divergent executive producer and Jennie Snyder Herman is the one behind a possible reboot. Now with the reboot would also come holder at cast and conflicting reports say it could become more like. Prequel and it was announced on Thursday that it will be Tucker Carlson from Fox News only taking over for making Kelly's not. I'm Tuesday it was announced Kelly will be leaving Fox News for NBC news Carlson. Who slid to the 7 PM sat back in November. Has met with Fox News since 2009. But has recently been rising in popularity which is sure to grow with his promotion to more coveted time slot. That you show biz in sixty have a great weekend on kiss 98 point.