Seneca Niagara Casino Vow Renewal Detials

Thursday, June 14th


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Ran into our good friend at Nadine Destefano from the senator casinos. And she's like I need your help promote what teeny eighteen you know we love you guys. And she's like I need stewards. Stewards I like a Stewart I don't know what is certain interesting to restart that we should get her on the phone to find out exactly what she needs okay. Because. You know when they need so that the Seneca Niagara casino Pakistani point I was always there. Nadine disunity stewards. Yes I need your help guys they need Stuart volunteers for our official. Guinness world record attempt taking place on June 23 it's panic and anger. OK so that is next Saturday you're gonna do this huge bow renewal the largest. Marriage vow renewal ceremony. Yes we are gonna crash this record and we're gonna bring that home connect fop who has the record now what is it. It's western Michigan university and it's 12100 no one couple's. And so people are going to come down a renewed their wedding vows so what what does Stuart do during this vow renewal ceremony. So this Stewart's position at the very prestigious position because. They not only are a part of history along with everybody taking place with their right in the thick of it. Each Steward volunteer per beginning guidelines watch is fifty couples as they participate in the ceremony. And so they helped begin at two G indicator. No tape who participated who did not. It's just been very very prestigious role and very much needed because they cannot be affiliated with the people holding the attempt which is not. So you Morgan outside volunteers more watcher boy here on this and Adams county. Ohio lifting involved you know. But there is all right there's free to couples wait to listen to. What do you get her. Volunteer for two hours. So we only need them between 4 PM to 6 PM that day. They each get two free buffets for under falls but say which if you've been there you know it's and has the best. And they get a commemorative teacher can't they get to be a part of making history and bringing that record to Niagara Falls. I think that's resume worthy like a Steward Guinness world book of records your part of world record yeah you are part of a world record. What ages do you have to be do this Nadine. I would say eight out OK so they're gonna watch people renew their vows and just support making this happen this Guinness world record. Yes and they can they can sign up which means my email address is on the web site and panic and anger casino dot com slash about renewal. So you're gonna be doing and I deuce again to break the Guinness world records the title for the largest. Marriage vow renewal ceremony in the honeymoon capital of the world I love that. That's right what is Google and other records 1201 what are you guys open forum Thursday. We already have enough people registered to not only break the record but smooth. Make it's significantly better. Ellis went show it's so amazing and I if I'm hosting this event and I will be there are no I'm excited this CEO I am thrilled to make this world record becomes huge massive and show the world that yes Niagara Falls is New Mexico and in your browse you know an innocent can you do which of time I've I've actually friends that are helping to work it and then taking part in the vow renewal is so nice to do that happens of the 23 is what happens at second night at work there's a few senator casinos around the one in Niagara Falls down what has happened specifically what workplace have taken over to you know. It's gonna be in Seneca where Britain's fourth street side of the building closer to the fall. And it's going to be amazing home and actually having the Steward volunteers meet at the DJ boats that are gonna come right PO. I'll find another because it's really the stewards of the powers say. Yeah me and I'll I want to just can't see me a lot of mean it more look at your eyes hold. Your hands like I really making lists and why you haven't met her off saying hey. Like the kind of falls buffets amazing so you've never experienced that just to get couple passes for their as being Stuart. I think that's the trick right there. So cool well good knock this. Thing I don't really appreciate it have you ever tried to break another world record at the casino. Not I'm aware of when as the world record for how many people working ones now wow how long they'll have to go low rent. The empire and an anomaly that like the vow renewal both a Canadian a woman should share that labs that with the listeners and hopefully. Let us know if you don't get all the stories you need let us know and we'll help you I well and it's going to be.