Royal Wedding Talk

Monday, May 21st


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I kiss 98 point five what was your favorite part. I lie in Iraq. Everybody I don't really elegant you know. Absolutely amazing and I totally agree with you now do you think is too big do you think it was just right I think it would. Our I don't think it could have been more perfect and that. I agree with it did you get to see the second dress she put on later even. I I I've I don't. A banner that I don't want. I agree with you I'm glad you called things and people wonder why differently from us like trillion. Have been did I cut and mailed Melanie what did you think of what was your favorite part of the royal wedding. And I am very very Max. My breath taking a hit reacts and so black and has stayed legit and I loved it. I did two. And what favorite celebrity. That you saw in the you know in the shots that they did did you happen. Or not it was all about meg in an area. Yeah. It was a cute I surprised. At what a very simple bouquet of flowers she. Very clean but you know you have united me you know an act that bella I think you know like so excited for that. That's where is the bullying and you know I want to be careful air Allard and I you know they are out as. Right I. I didn't like that very sparkly. Diamond bracelet she wore thought that looked really good. Yeah as yet he's buried by it does very complain but that's and that's it better protect iPad only. I'm meeting I was and I gas pedal got great early and whacked the Booth they look good. I never rates ahead yeah LA is I did I would all like an area. On the West Coast it's there three hours behind there were a bunch of parties that started. The night before and and they wrote that into the early hours watching guys and such a dork and literally that popped out of bed like I had somewhere on. The IRA. On having not at that moment that it you know you lap 100%. They opened that door that so we'll play it that Betsy and her out. And it's easy to tee and. You just just I think he was just in awe of how spectacular the scene. Walking into that big church because those characters are stunning he wasn't adorable and that was gutsy. To have those little kids carrying it they'll 'cause one good Tug. The whole bill comes off. Now than it was they were adorable yeah I saw that I'm glad you picked out picked up on it too I read your favorite part of meg in an Harry's wedding. I. I daylight out of it holding a train that got. Let it at the parent and it lets you. It was I do this pep talk I let the kids are cute there was good pictures of him but what's funny because the kits work or delete was and a bunch of kids walking down the aisle does it. Great I didn't mind. Those so some of those kids were the Mulroney kids who are graying kids of former prime minister of Canada. Primal Rooney has assignment and has give those were his kids so the connection with that with Toronto and Montreal. Kinda cool that there was somewhat of local you know Red Cross Philly. 6449850. We're asking the question what was your favorite part of the royal wedding mega man Harry hi Jordan. Favorite part of the royal wedding. I don't party bad I just iPad and how and and I didn't look like that Brad and all oh lord dad. Had to make the eye and let it really. Her hair everything like and overdo it and a look at it and I thought that it. I can't tell you I loved that her freckles were there has I think they usually covered up when she does teams like that but her plane look polls. Many people don't argue. It will blow up and they got it like it ever heard at brick dark eyes there. Think our Arab Arabic evidently it did Allen and on at the end it looked at it or not it is not. Ice Jordan you studied your face let me ask you a question do you think those are her eyelashes. And a lot. Of. Now do you think that there do you think it'd be or lash extensions I think they were stripped like just like that false eyelashes. Yeah I think they'll like blue eyes and I think and make up I don't I don't Wear a sign outlet like that I don't like. I have a kind of and I don't wanna do that while and that once it at that they Annie Le. No I denied it and it lasted I think when they're getting at and I. And yeah that we're at it I definitely think both are flat but you know I. It and at one thing that you that you had to. Over the top and you didn't have anything else that would make it a lap it up. How they were totally. On point I completely agree and let's hope that. Julie sank his night it went by your favorite part of the wedding Julie. I hold my entire it was but clad in education of the gas. It was billion it was really nice to see people. Jack Clancy virtually in that. It's like being so little. In the tradition part of that. Yeah I love the tradition I love the pants I thought that was so fun. Pretty cool. I was watching with my three year olds and she wanted to know why everybody cats are falling off there has. Focus angled yeah. I just it makes you want to have that kind of wedding doesn't. Really down and and I love all of the little thoughtful pieces to it. The only thing that remains unanswered. Was somebody please tell me why meg and mark was fifteen minutes late. Tell me what was going on that caused her because technically you're not supposed to be late you're not supposed to meet the queen way. Or anything but something held her up for fifteen minutes. I love that the queen's dress matches my friends Dodge Charger home brother I'm Barack it has so. Avid. Yes they did you should beautiful Julie. Would you think of her dress. I'd like to. I. I thought it was appropriate I they. I lake that you could feel a little bit of the back there with a little open. Arms but I think they are trying to feel like. More focused or else. Yeah. Did you mind a little front with speeds. It was. Very. Good yeah some people hated the front with speaks. People want those text back others accepted she is like our outlets are a little disheveled like her hair yeah. I have. I it. I mean we are here to immediately. And it was an inning it was really fun to watch I was up early to Anthony aren't just on you point five. Is illegal under par was what was over it at all over Barack Obama. And I think he's happy to let us girls talk about the writing. An extremely content so well. What was it like. I'd like them so the equivalent. Of me. You know isn't it so special. Hearings that thanks pirate like that was a little bit yeah that was cute. That was super cute. And even seems like they're accepting Camilla now. A surprise because of the do you think pop pop I thought I said pop it. Poppy felt OK I thought it pop pop pop has been talking Baird thinkable. Yes that was cool but I like that moment to think Anthony I can study point five cents. At all nickel what your favorite part of the royal wedding over the weekend. I really love and Asia whole tour out watching and I hate Charlie I always being written. Yeah. I didn't happy for that. That it just was really quickly and I wanted to attack and the flowers as part of hours earlier I read it. The flowers were hand picked I hairy for Americans from his mother's car. We do yeah I'd. And like it eat legislators and I agreed that the that was really me. And that's the death of royal tradition where the groom. Will pick some flowers that were going into the bride's bouquet and I agree I think that's so lovely. Yeah it was really pretty hearing that it went it was. I think it BC did anything over the cap that would instead. Hunter are important to you know. I agree so my favorite thing today that has come out was a picture of the queen. In her car and she's got mega mart pulls Beagle with her. She's watching Megan stopped docs and. If you die but it that even the queen dogs since I love it I just look around and I'm glad you called Kimberley and just not 8 point 5 morning. Asking about your favorite part. Might do their part wasn't the way it it'll look at each other. Like they weren't completely. They just absolutely go loved how they're very aware and her Amal men Perry wearing loose. A wedding ring. Williams didn't. Who chose not Errol I mean there's just spell out what our. Yeah he's solid and I buy it I think it's amazing. I think it's amazing tale idol blog so where there is some is. Am I believe that cello player. It was just. And I am. What is. You don't Kimberly I also agree with collar couple calls ago that talked about how. How well put together and can't remember exactly how she said at the wedding guests were at that was fun to see two was senate. Oh why is simply just. Amazing all of our our. On the billion about the current Michigan's so why you know this is only now this isn't a hunger at the wedding that's got to show yeah sure addressed and it's really Smart or aren't aren't hey. Yeah. We you know like are we obviously none of them runs in those are ready and her it was like showed tell how. It would have interrupted the sermon guy. Armed with an. Excuse me but I have some just opt I'm glad to help outlets did she didn't. It to me. What would you think a part of the royal wedding. Well well. Our. All remember so. Oh. OK that's. A very L spot when they. I'm. I want it about shall. There was a lot of 000. Well Alan I'd love oh I loved it would be I bought. It was our current stretch was at two. Beautiful it looked allegation by giving up Audrey Hepburn you know yeah. Theory put together very polished. Up all that I look a little boy epic bad. I. Come. Pop. Was he looks like he could have been Macaulay Culkin yeah like that was I. Only did the click the comical and you write about yet Michael Malone was I the only one that in my head I felt myself. Hurrying down on the island sitting in snuggling next to Megan's mom says she wasn't alone I think it's. I'm. All. Right but I guess it's a. I mean she says Evelyn says she's a stronger how critical is the dress you're missing the biggest part but the nine and 68 blue jaguar and heard I didn't miss that he's tight yet turned into an electric current electric car and I'm telling you that it was about the class he has to its class he gets on well play. They did that don't sticking while I was drinking and driving of course I'm beyond it like they don't attribute the reception I'm sure there's a royal. You know I'll boil designated driver that comes out and takes them back down a school that was. An awful. Lot like the procession after they you know we share and it left the church out there. Are many. They're like grilling will let a cat or we think it would but may think it's and it was a 08. It was a beautiful day still trying to get the crowd numbers from the trump administration they are monitoring very good at this time comes what it. Seven million. Now and 48 and you'll find these people there'll be somebody who wants to say how much they couldn't stand it it's not gonna last it was all for show. Those people have to Sweden now we need to talk. Yeah well it's. Well are often and I write about it does doesn't it. A lot. I a 100% of you boy they're good looking couple I'm glad to call thanks amber you're on to study point five. I I'd like. Something that you know is that yet is. And each hair that was Matt. Yeah. So. It. That list LE. All my heart and everything else you think urge that we looked at other flowers. I hate being. Spend ten under with that accidental now you know everyone wants it to be that that was for Princess Diana but apparently. The palace has said it's not necessarily. That wasn't meant to be done that way it was just giving Prince William room. But maybe they did mean to but they won't acknowledge it because it did look symbolic did net. I think you'll let them out I get all the you know the royal family do acknowledge and I and I that was a huge statement. But I was one under and Herbert. I I guess Diana's former bodyguard tried to show up at the church. And was seen having an argument with security and then escorted out so it was kinda interesting. While I didn't I didn't know about yet of his little bits and pieces but I still high I don't know about you number but I cannot wait to find out. What made her fifteen minutes late like what was the thing. That she was having difficulty with you know. I I. It could event. It and could event but if I was her sitting in the car I would've been like laid out she was in Staten and we use it neck kind of satin. If you'll get like that horizontal line ready your hips were you back when she got. Out of the car off whoever was assisting her whatever did the thing where they like patted down her belly. Just make sure everything was like picture perfect because obviously cameras everywhere and were they wearing. I see. It actually looked absolutely dot I have to say that app and Brad why. War yet. That was stuck with that's the delicate the reception that I like that better than the wedding one for me. But baiting her. Nobody in the oil got very strict national but I think things got really show off her personality. I agree and I think she was thinking about the wedding dress as this is going to be in museums. This is going to be in pictures for hundreds of years to come and you want to look appropriate in the royal. You know history books and so I think she picked the perfect dress. I my sisters are still freaking out over the hair wispy then they didn't Paula I. Maybe not so much money at all but aren't there isn't it I like her out I thought it was. It would Alec. In theory that's like someone is about an ice. Funny I've mics on the phone hi Mike. There you go and very good television favorite part of the royal wedding seeing all the armed Erik Bedard got off. Yet that so a lot of her costar through suits are there and obviously you watch the show so you recognize them the producer was there. There was that whole angle of this is what she doesn't mean no one from Deal or No Deal because she was a suitcase scurrilous sort of surprised. But it's folks and they thought I cut them already kids where were cool just knowing that. That's what happens across the way cared Ron. Yeah and that the reason that there was this suspect William. But because nobody it's in front of the queen. All of that some time. Ago okay I'll ask Stanton who's that little kid that was behind mega insurer would have taken math simple Mike did. Those kids are so I was so like literally let out noise when I sighed Georgian Charlton who like that's how much of a dork I am did you wake up early for the wedding like. Mikey there. I think we lost him and that's it Thomas to say I are good morning Heidi doing. Good they did not think things remember Diana. And DL wedding. Oh tell us. Her thought was. Do diamonds were from her personal collection. Arm of flowers sort of got not. Those were afraid of flowers. They have. One the and they played as you know letting their critical funeral. So little there was nine connections all the other. That her sister gave the opening. Each meeting itself yet there were nine they've got to go to Florida incorporated Diana and there. You know for anybody that is getting married I think it's nice to have ways to remember somebody that you love so much and wanna so badly to be added import my. Jack and so they they did a lot of very special things that I think could give people good ideas. I how to pay tribute to Sam and the TC DM teacher. Airport or governor and now I'm glad because Tom thank you. You could what bush or favorite part of the royal wedding that's the question we're asking 644985. Out. Mike hit heartless that he got up again and they are eating eating dead and that he got app that we have what he thought. My track. They got that kind of boring to me about trivial. Yeah. I can't get them adopted very you know popped it plain not overdone. It's interesting that you watched on the BBC because you know I did so I started out watching NBC. But then getting too silly yeah. And I. Yeah I felt like it was you know Kathie Lee was just going I just wanna to be in the moment. I didn't need I say too much and they were getting so so silly I skipped over to I want to CBS I went to an. The whole I think I haven't read the morning a lot like they. And eighteen ED I edited by what everybody but. Then. Then I got up got a lot of all of the data thought to be what I thought that. You know each time I never stop. The rocket could be ended dot. Look at the rocket on the right channel and I went back on it like how they are a lot and I you know I'd have bet I'd even be I didn't. Vienna credit. Eating you know aren't. I. Didn't act like Andy he would act I mean we're as happy they did what I liked it. I like you know you know one it really of the deal and and nick I know you love Al Roker. But so he was out on the route that. Mega Markel was taking when the car Kaymer can't amber was yours. Even socially about it like he was annoyed that he had to do that and a guy. I yeah at the end of what I woke up but I saw on Internet or through an adjustment there that's why swing because they were making about themselves and how about. I was. Born. Yeah well they're not going to buy everything I don't know what the biggest advocate in the yellow well. You know you what you think that you know and I don't have a boy is what I birthday. Did you know that Arabic is huge party you know you got op board even the airport it did not united. Yeah but what good are they don't they help egg area like a hearing though. Nobody. Knew what that I'm. Cranky bog that we get every. You don't want any future and little wind that we might. It laugh but they will. They they're obviously they're gonna compare the feelings that their print ads. Adding that IP and I don't know that people are I mean little bit about it. Agent or in art and the like they're about what they get married and you don't know not yet know what video picture. I that they detail. I hear a lot. Oh wow good for you do. That's amazing thank you so much for calling Karen you're anxious not eight point five your favorite part of the royal wedding I all right. That when you look at the end I am so lucky. Yeah that and and the mother yeah see you look at her and uniting and her daughter yeah yeah her out and tell how well. She handles herself absolutely beautifully. I wouldn't be surprised if the mom. Ends up over in London helping out her daughter and doing good things over a month that would just wouldn't be surprised. I let them Larry reach of the other. And that I got into the media. You know he would not stated I welcome back into my category yeah hardly out one good. Yeah right exactly a it was it was sure it was sure fun to watch something akin to inquire blew me away with that offers I'd ideally I'm here in the morning. Oh were they really all of this has been great yeah. I don't want yes we can upper arm them out. We just about the horses could have duly appreciated Tony's not. What are. It is all about just. The kids the kids just looked like a bunch of kids and it is important 210 my goodness. You need to do a little girl or I'm now yeah Alex X. Yes I loved it I just what Karen and I noticed. In the air undersized six. When's the wedding it was it a requirement. Yeah I don't know I aimed at work there but. It was an easy according to America right now in Iraq. It was never known that now I'm glad to Kyle thank you.