River Warrior Details With Patrick Hall & Maggi Thorne

Tuesday, June 26th


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Patrick called. American engine war contestant he also owns the hybrid ninja academy that. People go to Patrick. Has put together this event this'll be the second your hi Patrick. Morning I don't. We are we're good we're ready we're constructing of course as we speak to seduce with. The war while I don't know why Phil thank you definitely can't. How how does it down their elected duke got a lot of all sizes and its side and big. How high is the adult and how high is the kid and of course are what they can do. Several picks that we have a fourteen foot ward off the door adults we have been 210 footers for the kids. All with different states. What's the trick of mastering the war let me just describe the warp also got this bend to it so you've got to get like a good running speed. Angela and take big steps up the wall and then grant. And finger grip that's compressed Patrick. Both to her this two run up but not at its and to not be scarier than people think the big ones. The small. A that new thing what you've got to keep clipping that bar and going around that they're doing on the new course on TV has Philip secondary that had ever done that. They. I have never done that general lack computer on the short seasons five and sixty obstacles were not yet as expansive state is they are today people train being nice for the sport also obstacle. But crucially have their hands full. And so tell me a little bit more about what's going to be happening. Well you refer warrior dot com is website to go to be that's sketchy. Yeah any kids in Western New York who loves America usual. Parents go to Ebert were ordered dot com are turning bottle over works into American and we have side by side on the road liberal bent kids. Are. With the child on an into war and of course his purpose for kids great coaches and. And it. And yeah and ketchup wherever you are losing you a little bit if you're in a gym which you probably are just get to Atlanta daylight it helps sometimes hard here on your phone via just a little bit so on I would tell Lester got a chance to see this and I saw. How much fun everybody was having in terms of it not intimidating a person if you're physically active you'll have fun with these ninja warrior courses. Because it neglected or just stand at the shall we have recreational courses sort of anyone ought to try. Our competition is Saturday Rivet its competition and the gulf cup. Saturday and Sunday for the competitive with anyone up and show calm down or try recreational course we also have. Who wanted only grinch. So Isaac called the Euro. It's going to be down here's what I'm in the awful today he's very excite and Isaac is literally going to be on the court coach in the kitchen cooks Udall. Are there and Friday and Thursday night we have not pressed look Isaak has a light shall put up. They're really behind scenes look from where it a quarter. And I secured the airport like short Rick Down who stork brought. What would like to do you know art rock climb the child the transition massacre in the order that would reflect when it. While that's incredible how do you think people have to train to actually. Get to be on American ninja warrior. Are depend on the individual chance for all its talk it is actually. You don't that's actually trilogy at that level as is that we shall we see a lot of talk all very physically. Compact sector they're your country now that it takes our. Some pitcher when they fall into the water on American ninja warrior. And we're talking with Patrick call right now when may fall into the water and hit that next does that hurt that looks like it hurts. Like I can speak to that could actually no one of the workers what thought I would. See you on that Chris Cook a I I get it you know it doesn't. Governor heard the moment but there's definitely some Bruce's both physically and got equalize that they'll. Do you sign up I'm like hey if you're nose breaks by the wayside but we're not responsible budget repair he really at all. Certain precautions when of course. So we Maggie thorn also on the phone her tagline is never give up is meg going to be joining us. So right you scored Peters out so Friday. We have a real autograph session of meet and greet with Isaiah meg each other start to the silver to leave here with on the show last flight back. And make it I just in the rest of the edges are going to actually to a guys trading session. For kids and an adult. Only 35 dollar Friday like after the IP autograph session. Like you were last year regular start bashing south appropriate little girl western York. I held a hybrid energy academy and all these girls are common with both of her serve like meg and invited speaker we're running out. I love that I am put on hold for just a second pet because I've got meg on the phone maybe how are you. Pretty worried yeah and then you such a cool story how you go from going to college to becoming an Angel warrior tell us that story. You know I Nguyen is working in that high hard jab and then you know he's earned architect and project and that. I just felt like it ended the day I wasn't exposed to just build buildings and spoke with the people I lock someone really cost an ally and a have got out on the journey where I literally just get to travel the world. And and our people and love on them and I watch every little girl to grow up feeling as strong as he can. Doing anything she can for the rest of her life and gracefully I'd be able to you that through ninja warrior. And other efforts than I am you prelate inquiry did beat in New York this week in McCarty got practiced some of that. Yeah ladies you're called an excited and and Kelly get to meet everybody. So what tenth of an athlete were you growing up and when you started training for American ninja warrior what did you find you weren't good at that you had to become good. I actually never played sports during up my immediate have a lot of money at that. I didn't do a single sport till I was in high school when a teacher took that hey you know what you look back he should run track. And I ended up becoming one of the top runners in California California teaching at the end. A decrease in the black cat while actually I lived through May swing at sketchy grass in college so. You know here we are fifteen years later the best friend and both of assignments with warriors since Sydney and yeah it's you know it's just funny how how Langford patent you know. Premiums go. And it for me it's. Definitely need it then that a focus on upper body I have extremely powerful aid which has been an asset and a lot of ways. I'm but I never had a chain upper body I would track happily into I've focused on that a lot the last couple years but the cool thing about and death. Is anyone can get any aides like Patrick Kane yelled whether you're experience not come out and Chad of course it's a unplanned challenged. It's a great way it actually is a part of the group I'd encourage people to come quicker. Sure and carry tether on and that's one of the favorite things to me like you're part of the awesome awesome Q you need that is positive. It's been parried immediately go to try to use typical things all the time. Maggie when did the blows become a thing for you. The boat actually represent. Four little girls specifically and adults feel that when you're younger you hear you can be anything beads. A print that the doctor an actor not a teacher firefighter. And Delaware along the way as people grow crap they kind of forget that and I think they let. Other people start to tell their story and it's just a reminder is a huge story and they'll let anyone you know tell the story of your life what you wanna do that. What I've been doing people about trading leaving my job and I love the journey has been on and so it's. A huge staple of what I view and highlight the work with people you know I'm working with a Girl Scouts to create something pretty special. So low that is gonna represent a lot of things for little girls from entrepreneurship. Says you know learning how to be healthy with others I think that they can take along with them are huge lifelong journey. On the phone with fan favorite mega talent from American ninja warrior so why are you surprised you weren't allowed to do. But when you gonna do the American ninja course. You're on TV what to say you can't do when you're going through the courts. It's not a lot you know don't let the trapped. Is usually one of them. And it and that means. You have to kind of really puzzled and figure out that outscored yourself you know eight can be it. Korea. Making b.s you know that the in the very daring Larry you know hey you try to get from here taking risks. And has seen hot turns out though. It's a lot of fun. Especially when he shot you know you have so many Arab. But a lot of Menendez you know again a part of that and into community which is super great city of heart has. If they can properly calmed me down in his chair Eli and that definitely got me through the course in the crowd at. Can use your hands with any of the sticky stuff to hold on because it seems like narrow our own camera is everybody can look into every isn't you yelling they'll be clutch. Yeah I know chalk nose sprays. That the non issues. And it. This union sliding hand when you're put her. You when you're in the moment do you notice it with your family whatever cheering you want the crowd strangers like do you tune that out or do you. Does it affect you. Doesn't back me and I feel like. It goes in waves I mean I really can in my kids say three kids mart to its rough and rock stars of the bunch or any other on the you know I look governing you know battered them like are rightly they need to see me get every last ounce of what I have weather. I succeed or fail like I want them. It will succeed and we like it he got in them. And then I do easier you know friend that McCartney was on my and then last year and he is definitely has allowed boy. And then all of a fan I looked over and I got a pink and I saw Bozeman. Everyone is going crazy out right after my tactic what a moment and it just this huge amount of gratitude. To have people come from so many states that come here in the irons as some pretty special. Maggie dorm and one of the favorites from American ninja warrior could you hear hot bar like. Giving the colors that he gives to each and every person's course like huge cracks me up. I'll art and Matt are quite did you herself body and being tutored grade team and that. I you know I expected that I I heard what he went to Spain but I just did it I figured the crowd and my family and I think that's what people sports here this weekend you know when their river warrior. And they're getting cheered on and there out there and you know are out their deadly strain on a lot of people right if someone could come in and they feel like anything featured on. Come find me at that part of the community and and they're gonna find that out as. Then I injured community where we're excited cavium buffalo thanks to talk with us this morning Maggie and Patrick this is going to be so much on year to. And so one more time the details of river warrior. So go to do you root for warrior dot com treatment schedules they're it's Friday actually all we get the law could we have all. How accurate serve as awful but works for the one Rakers. Crucial runs all weekend long all four days. And then we have our flights to what I think they're they're like yeah I'd be trading him meet and greet autograph that's what I could make Heidi I. We have market competition Saturday are all up it's Saturday night in the finals cope once they get Isaak. Actually impeding this we also that coach everybody whatever energy they have left are gonna lead me. I'm Opel them very well and it because we of course welcome up. Could meet all the awful it's in all the ball with all lautner to order a reduces that we go Jennifer wants and we are excited. And so general admission is free but then for the VIP stuff that is says some ticket pricing. Well what you wanna do is go to Hubert Warner dot com as well things are free for example would be great and autographed poster signed Friday night it's pretty. The court of course runs to carry a flight cost as well but yet Dietrich. We'll also have fun this weekend it's gonna be so cool lava. Eric Eric Cooper mark.