Peter Kim Founder Of Hudson Jeans

Wednesday, April 11th


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Guess do you point 50 welcome boost to the show. Well he looks it looks like it. It is I always hear that you are ahead of the curve in terms of the way that cuts of the premium denim are going. The sky ills indeed different washes. How do you see that in your head how are you able to create and it becomes a good trend. I'm not pushed it and I didn't believe in our team live the most global people have. We do people not only Paul Mara how Hawaiian bird you know just good people bet on the local even the police so the company. So for guy and girls can you tell me. What makes for good fit like what you look for and what we should look for when we put genes that. The government has a lot to do it ripped. You know way back when I first started. It was really liked a rigid. Movie camera like. Palestine ever which is an incredible is I. The technology and Republicans win it more culpable British French and it down our nose still looks like classic at Roland you know that's what I can. Barely worth anything that doesn't have stretch and it's calm in any gonna work so. I think that both those first they keep part of the arm the less than anything is due to gravitational. It is we have so many different truth and so lacked certain. Northern skinny or. You know loosen or athletic arena so I mean really comes down to our conference. I who also typically. Seemed a little more suited. Typically look better cult. Tell me you wanna see black jeans worn. And I are pretty much where all week block for the most part though I need to do. You. I wouldn't boot and he called what can beat these mountains like the threat Palestine that you don't want to come back. I think watching him block anything you can work anywhere Lou it was always the first political hole right there. We're on the phone with the founder of Hudson genes Peter Kim so it's all about showing the ankle now like what do I need to know about the type of Denham I get. They got to show a little ankle between like the moody or the heels. I uninstall password. I think everything you can call good morning if you wanted to circle call it don't thirtieth. Don't let you know I I mean I don't we do like the solo trans collected just do what we do it and offered a pollutant. You know people can work whichever way they wanna work that you have a lot of options you know you can Wear them with slippers or collateral whatever legal problems it is kind of hard book I didn't lost so. A little while with a thug on both those. We're on the phone with the founder of Hudson genes Peter camp Hudson's charity ethos is all about youth empowerment. It's gaullist who inspired the power of self can you tell me a little bit about that. I'm sure this sort on Austin then I'll move. Well it's come from Lou which I believe villagers. In under the new powers that one person and wonder is just incredible and it's ringing. First and capable of one person. On the negative side can do so watched it's so they can have a cable that he had look at certain can go to. Well articles like this happened. And who does one person who was able to do you know creates so much how they can go for it. But you know you're I don't believe that you know every quarter of an equal porcelain the sort of backed. On the positive side it's like is much there was one person do that how much could someone can do. We think what's happened especially pleased. That I believe. So courses Kabila I was leading try to shook away at our power because he's told that you know we're not kick more worldwide oil. Or one particular angle you'd have thought a lot of recent thought he knows well where children are. Look down upon we're not gonna listen to children and I actually. He's the author that I actually don't believe that the doldrums until this course some quality controversial book. Colonel Carol let's put our locally grown ups have anything to release all her youth group we should be this completes the how close are we should be learning from the kids should be gloating from would you. And what we usually typically features are old habits are bad habits are. He knows bill and walking customs and traditions like racism or bigotry you need to recruit top you know that hard and we look generation. We gym literally stuck. All of this in one generation at least I'm literally teach itself but did you crews are just learning could really inspiring you know there weren't what beaches for twenty years now and predominately and blowing com. At the risk. You can't. It seems are another CD Jude's. What they have to go do they have to endure but they still get up every day and look we've got these kids are the future so we. Represented rebellion we represent you know what shall discuss coal which showed how the system and you'll sort of you knew where Obama thinking so. I love that founder of Hudson genes Peter Kim and you study eight point five. Celebrities are obsessed with your brand right now. Aria one of my favorites source Christian crowd I think he's learned and I couldn't lose the you don't really good to order them. You know right now we have. Ulterior you know alms car whether they're a great. Ownership approach our that you are what his campaign and it's a really good girl group greats downwind so. You know that's and respond. And my final question for you because they can't wait to hang out with you at Tony walker for the eighth annual runway Wednesday. So for somebody that's looking for the right pair of denim to enhance their but because a lot of girls are always looking for that. Pair of denim that makes about look good you know in the genes are just makes them feel like good about themselves. What they look for in a pocket because it's all up the pocket. Are you know I'll look. We started our business we're crowd around the flop pocket which I think you've always been like you're a great staple he charmed. Well we've actually spent a lot of karma engineering to pocket the placement to shout insults or it sort of looks proportional to correct. Arm about somebody that's been always very great piece sort aren't understood that there are having Parker at first and foremost and I think at this thread throughout and Sprint Cup the ball a little bit but. You know again these are determined so many dimensions and trying to look into who we just depends on the portion of the O bomb I. Well ditching into the body so. We cannot wait to have you with this party thank you for talking to us this morning. And we're getting ready to give away a pair your jeans nice talking to you Peter Kim. Cool thank you for having me. Irate eighth annual runway Wednesday party add Tony walker and company. That is the founder of Hudson genes Peter Kim on kiss 98 point five.