Pat Proctor From Rainbow Air Inc

Thursday, June 15th


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Right now we're getting ready I need like helicopter music or something like that to talk about this next thing. I don't Niagara Falls check characters on film and a copy cat aria. It really did so well what company's name rainbow. In order where I'd portrait. Street now all in doubt. You're the yellow helicopter that people take rides around falls on the US side of the falls like you see that helicopter takes off. Right almost right by the false it's incredible. For a actually care about aircraft that were today they. And called on the idyllic and about match error on its side the other aircraft that the league DP. It. I have Wii is driving out of banner pat and it's just listen to Janet and good morning I'm feeling like this is a good opportunity. For us to get a little bit of coverage can you make it happen. I. I. And a let's talk a little earlier helicopter top what kind of conditions are they this morning for the stunt is its eighth is as it gonna be able to be seen easily. And it's very you know after the Qaeda leader he struck birds but the idea. I think well currently were. Couple little rain chart part of the leaders of the trip north or. The not one out by a lot right now shall flee. Gotta love a little bit heavy rain and all we did this site bookmark well put conditions right now for the starter at. I like cats are this big flying will lend us on how hard it is this stunt to duty at bank. Got to go over that evolved into it. Overly or should follow the tree call option and thought. Did you call for care given new. That I'll monologue a little over. A course record in jail waters that ultimately. But I. Doubt that. What are your other there's a lot that goes. I'll still be the air a little bit on. So pet she's going to be 300 feet above but he she 300 feet above the bottom of the falls or. 300 feet above the top of falls like ground level yet like we're. A level above sea level there are up a little shook it. Yeah are above the for all. Little time on Saturday to try this out pat after she doesn't need I think not downright. Chance of being able to try dislike us normal people. Doubtful that our American ball. What. Ought. Your. Ed Ed Nixon didn't see them as a fighter and this is the better for glimpse may be the I don't put my hand up and the average a little bit against we don't like I'm right here you guys. As my stuff have you seen practiced just like I should just. I just saw an overnight. Although it throughout. He got through outlook that. I ordered take out front. Obstruction of of or not walking around on the arm of the law ought to. I aircrack. Like ecstatic I know that they. Earlier in the other it up for air. Plug it away. Guys are out there. Oh you do it don't ever it. Yeah I guess so it's exciting what have you heard what she's good at what we're for this flying will lend us on the where like. Ali get tired or act Cate. Have you seen anything like that. Our our urban area can accomplish. Italy with a. Yeah and yeah you're going to be. Helicopter. As I started for. Us that. Things that are. Utley. To the quicker. Or believed there would quote it's. It's water winner at the exits. They feel they have the medical bill that you did you know elements. If you spectacular view. Pretty helicopter pilot how hard is it. To pick up and put down a human being because she's starting on top of the parking garage right. How does too slowly just kind of how does somebody got her now when she's on ground. Well. About aircraft carrier where as we have a single engine. Meaning. Like they're. A bit of the Capital One of their attention to it. Or it only barrels or every flight. But where are you like night how worried about. Or that track or are the long view and that you want a what. Each yesterday. With the aircraft is. You're there'll. We trapped these thirteen and older. Probably aircraft. It doesn't need much I'll be ready and except as being able to help aircraft and it sort of are. Not in the public or equity storm by. Spell out more bank. An Intel helicopters with what you do you do tourists around false. Correct or well thought out. Triggered pattern over and eating. From all orders. For a lot of people. Don't look at or not the main reason they fight it out all the immediate well. Right exact I love so went so when the helicopter takes on if you could just be walking right by and still get a rush that energy that you feel from wind blades. It's a lot of fun and to get up on it is house is I want to do will lead us solve these in front of the helicopters what I'm thinking okay. A different much ahead. I want it. It's not vote. It's perfect and I love it. Well isn't safe flying this morning will look for you look for Wii's hanging from a helicopter kind of trying to be his own flying Landis on that's pretty exciting like. Let it fly girl through a big shot at by. I doubt that by forty year that it could be out of our hearts. Go out. It is go time congratulations we look forward to seeing this topic to mourn and I just 98 point five. Two ticker.