Oishei Childrens Hospital Update October 18th

Wednesday, October 18th


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I didn't realize he was as famous as he is until you start throwing his name around and it turns heads and it was like oh my cash. And I hear the story of the very famous. Joseph lions owner of Joe's Delhi change hurdle to June oh I don't know if we put in a something for that where where Tryon good morning. I'm dying to hear the story and then it this is technically the Irish I Children's Hospital update you'll see how. Joe's dally fits in with the new John are shy Children's Hospital but separate your story because. Successful belly. Indiana we've. We've grown quite a bit from when we opened back in 2006. Coup and this this next stage of growth that at the aside Children's Hospital is one that where Mary very excited to to be a part of what need to open deli in the first place were his first what was on her the first on line journal Wednesday and 2006 we opened her uncle and move and we. Open the Delhi out of a lifestyle. They just got married. In the end was working in fine dining restaurant and catering and a lot of late nights where you're close up the facility new home to 3 in the morning. And they knew we had a baby soon so. I want it to treat something that was more. Comedy into our lifestyle you can manage those hours doing regular family stuff it's a little tough it's a little and little tough than that and the restaurant oil so. I training wasn't in the deli. Business but I'm adapted to it and and its angry so far what's your go to sandwich from the beginning like what's your what's your classic. Our classic. And we follow in the footsteps of old. With our location which was an essence for fifty years before us it was a Kosher deli so corn beef. Pastrami Rubens. Have been there now is a staple. This is from Crist in fort text in a row my daughter. Tell gel I get the Josie basically Turkey dinner it's amazing Turkey dinner on Santa Christmas and I right. It is one of our Mary most popular ones and in a funny thing about. The Jozy and a couple violence for children and after my choice pregnancy whatever she was creating wheat and I'll look at him. As all good fruit should be you know does he was there are is their fourth child so. Those those ingredients or something. That's girdle and location is for me that is Joe's Delhi but I know you have the locations and then you have something very new happening at the hospital. Yes we Leon. We open yeah colonel in 06 and then we we treated the awful catering company 2009 which is. Our. Catering kitchen that's on Tacoma north buffalo grew. And then and thirteen we opened fire only location which is little different we we have a full bar there banquet room service staff. And we opened our Amherst the case in this past spring some fourteen maple road. What's the signature sandwich there. That one is we're we're putting the final touches. We have two of them. So we're we're trying to to narrow it down. That we've been me Carol pastrami as of late so that is weighing a close one. And the other one we have a about a in my buttermilk fried chicken. Toss in Tennessee. Hot sauce with honey slice pickles and assassinate on. So it's like a sweet spicy fried chicken and. What's the crossed into the possibly Iran in on maple maple and north for. Originally their daily and bottle nails right now yes I know and when topic literally it's dangerous for her it's rare event and talks about you everywhere I animates the funnies thing. On deck to get that chicken sandwich I fill it may be coleslaw on an or something like that and the boatload cranky and yeah he has some. That can be you know your stuff. I'm what's the special sandwich going to be at children's. What children's. And it elect in the past week we gauge our customers three inning gave Steve the staff of the hospital patient families and see what some of their favorites are. And almost like a contest. Room and see what goes overwhelm them in is probably be something that's a little Mara and the healthy round. Mom being in the hospital in them. The rules yes it is they grilled cheese to every time I'm not feeling good among grilled cheese and tomato soup. Well chief we have a kidney fidelity and beat them and I was a look and I. An hour and a gallon I was gonna sit out loud but I got basically. Sergeant who. I used so excited I know that there is a lot that goes into deciding whether or not to open a deli in SATA the hospital we're talking about the logistics. Yes it is a quite an undertaking but to be a part of the excitement in in the medical court or and him buffalo them we're just thrilled at the opportunity. To to serve the staff there and have an offering that. You don't normally get in a hospital setting. You open up the day after the hospital opens for everybody that's inept medical quarter because I think we've all the doctors and nurses and patients listening to him. But how will only get your sandwich is quickly can they place pre orders. Yes so we will have. Well first of all where we you know we're very quick service. There'll be stuff that's meets ordering an answer entry mean if there really isn't really in a hurry. We have an online platform that they can use from their phone who in order. Is that a net. It's through through our website so yes mobile friendly right and I went thing. And order it pick it up right away. Oh wait in order in person and we'll have made him a loyalty program since a lot of our customers will be repeat yes. Christmas throughout the European. We access not just staff there but it's it's people that are staying at the hospital would every got a lot of people that are relying on you to get it right and you're destined. Absolutely yeah we're salads salads on homemade soups wraps. Specialty sandwiches we're also going to have AMO salad station that they intend to build their own so I like death. We'll also have dearly different entree side starts that they can they can choose from doing quite a variety that will be offering. Nat and change your game at all because obviously you're successful. Have you sweet greens. Have you ever heard of that franchise and on and so it's like you know there's the shields up attacks on in his and you want this I want this I want this. And then they toss up in the ball and put in your thing in the developed them yet. If your own talent isn't built don't tell but they do it and then they tussle with whatever addressing or however you want it. And put in the container and we've got. What Allah have containers could Austin cheat you know for what about hours and stuff what are you planning to be open or is that still fluid no we so his hospital they'll never closes -- will be opened 65 days a year. From a ebony and Ian White. And let me just people that work option two will will will you be able to by the pre made stuff when you guys are open would that be something that's available now when are open but we do hit all the shifts so there there will be friendly. Items to store sorcery he's got a plan. And it. We have cutout cookies of fun shapes and colors and where it would definitely have cookies and brownies and suites and a where in our and the. Normal yet not for nothing that I have David Gloria on us. The actors mom's Christmas cookie recipe if you need it. That's the only recipe I have share with you exactly if you let that. I have one that affecting your going into the ocean I Children's Hospital. How wanna give you one piece of advice I want you to pass on all of your employees that are going to be working at that location. When a parent or family member has a child at second hospital it like rocks your world. So tell all the employees to make that extra eye contact and they'll be able to tell us somebody's going to something because it might not always be a 100% nice like it's lunch time. They could be dealing with some heavy things on their shoulders and that interaction with your employees that are also amazing. Could be a make or break moment for just having a little bit of hope. And so everybody that's in this hospitals going to be such a special component. And everytime I don't windier Delhi's everybody's happy so I hope that energy and spirit comes to the hospital took his film needed their sometimes is bad days. Absolutely and that's that's something we stress a lot in an collar locations is to build a positive culture and to. Have a customer experience when they command that this is something that they can. Enjoyed XT for a few minutes again and have I am a great meal and and agree experience so absolutely camera training where we're letting him now. About the bigger picture yes you personally when you most excited about for the hospital. I'm I'm just really excited to be a part of. This new state of the air facility and where buffalo was in way where we are now. Two it's this is an exciting time in the environment. And to further our brand throughout Western New York. In today have an offering and and hospitals adding that. You know it everyday. You mentioned your child Jozy. There's three others in at at at. Jozy is our youngest. Lucy is Carol lists as she's. She has the Turkey blt ammo teetering nice lea her second child. She is key at the rapper would roast beef with each month. Horseradish in May well at a scenario rappers and backs Madison tomato and. And then Jane's and my only son and I hit com. He has a sweeping meetings so it that's around all straight name and he's uses the sweet sweet guy. But and that is Ireland which we access our clean that thing with that one is. If Brad and avocado that we me. The riot act now to drive or a man. Nancy at their currency arm I don't there with chicken tomato to pull the ranch definitely unique expertise now. It's ones with a different of your kids who got the best elegant makes this and if you think Boof. That the closely you know had dinner every night they do ask me who sold the most sandwiches. Get off. Are you going to happen a little. Way of the world now. Good luck and the opening only should stop signs and Heidi you. Joe's Delhi with all of these locations now you know the inside story. And used nearly two lines in studio with us as we get sent to open you know shy. Children's house I'd love that this doesn't get more local than that this is use buffalo this is the right thing. Absolutely and you know we're. Locally owned and operated its means and here every day I'm very very involved in the name today. And I just only I only know that we do have a few slots open so that returning to fulfill a Children's Hospital where. For chefs roofs for shifts OK okay they aren't just at. You can go in and went they chose Delhi dot com and apply the special people that they had this highly art absolutely. How long shifts. This shifts anywhere between. I see six to eight hours but we're at where vary dominating depending on their availability and. Would be special job. Children's. Book shortly indicated this canisters that it can absolutely right at. Nearly completed on time have been trying to come up with a sandwich for Joan I can't be in his game poems now. I've the cheesecake I his truck my cheesecake against his. It was a rough go but I guess we aren't as he did get my car. Los record at the cheesecake now. I'm about us and cook with some kind of sandwich and go against you with YouTube with your best original sandwich and come up with mine. It. I think he got a I'm surprised your peanut butter and jelly on the Kidman. There there is we won't happen at. The hospital act as the England manager is now we do happen and we've been burned talent usually than we have it all Saturday. UK yet because you're around somebody kids and stuff and that's the thing you've got to be very hyper aware of allergies and obviously you and hospitals and your staff then so make sure whoever you hire. That they're very aware of that yet the rate it's a kind of Smart. Absolutely critical data and our job to educate them and train them in and make sure that. Our on the same page sweet. In the kids' menu we do have kids eat free every Tuesday night and on allows. Amazing. It's cool well so much and so I can take out like keep doubting and to me that have heard so much about it. Mike who is that I had not yet like existence yeah it would give you said it's me. It is you you're out Joseph did and how does so you started on hurdle how are you from room I used it. Rumor right down the street blocks right and Michaels actually designed to me he's so inferior of children's and omelet aha so it it'll. You'll see some pictures online it the next few days it's unlike any other U little luck has it that PDT to Unionists have a sweet and as I do I racks and we're all good friends all right and now we have a we have the goal and a little angles and. There's still time to get a burst calls it not now doubled on an eye problem and an animal. I could share white actress but it was nice to be I wish all the success in the world you're gem here in westerner think it's a much ocean Children's Hospital update. Next time your children's of one of these places depressing that Joseph lions owner. Of Joe's Delhi and kissed ninety point five.