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Wednesday, October 11th


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It is Wednesday and it's time but if Shaq Children's Hospital update Gary Quenneville in studio the keybank. Upstate New York regional executive. More important carry your wife listens to the show her name is Christine she's Kristen religious. Listeners there is seen. Obviously you've got the good taste and I appreciate that and you listen to Gary but the morning welcome to kiss not Warren went five. I thank you very exciting what you're doing with the new. John hour shy Children's Hospital you've made another donation. Right great news announced last week that we would contribute 300000. Dollars to the Children's Hospital to. Assist with the move we move today to our relocate the patients from women and children's. What led because this is by my count. There was a first Niagara donation which is keeping right now than it was a keybank donation so this is another keybank donation. That's a lot of donations yet what's not said this one. So this is the third donations between the two banks in the in the two Foundation's key interest stagger foundation. And down the first two were to help with the I'm. A capital campaigns to do the construction and to fund other programs. But this was specifically targeted that at assisting with the constant to cover the costs of the move. Ended originated really was in discussions between Nigeria the Mayo and Gary Crosby who is a former CEO first and are now keybank board member and and Gary are shared with us that the hospital had a need and we we stepped in and agreed to cover that. The I'm. The cost of the move that are not associated with labor costs so. Transportation then. Comfort provided to the patients on on the move. So you know when I call friends to help me move their daily tests first are gone. This is the one friend keybank is the one friend and Children's Hospital thing that is there when you need them that's amazing in this move. Is such a very. Difficult there is so many details that go into this move I love that you guys. Our partner in the Children's Hospital yet. Very complex move from the areas as we would imagine and it was articulated tests last week when we toured the hospital just how complex that is. And Morgan help in anyway we can also outside of the funding. We'll have employees that are gonna assists hospital employees with. With. Transport in the media. A patient's health and move on move assisting where we can. People keep we do have good people yeah highway I was giving him ever Martin. And and they they know me so when the change happened. I was having my debit card things since I reported back to Gary that everything with my account has been working spot on I love it. Well we're certainly in a different place than we were last year it looks at her like that very pleased about that. The convention is building is where all the outpatient clinics clinics for Children's Hospital where they're going to see. Pop pediatric ophthalmologist or dentist or. Physical therapy. That's where everything will be in the convention is building and I saw that you opened an ATM there thank you. Because they need to go to Tim Hortons in Jonestown and yes so where did you put it. So we have a new ATM and we just recently opened our newest branch in the command to spilling as Lowrie on the corner of the of mean enough right. He state of the art and it's all connected and as you go from the command is building rate through Children's Hospital you can. Transverse. A large proportion of the medical start of the medical campus in that was a goal of ours we have a lot of partners on the campus lose that bank with us in for sure we wanted to be on the campus in part of everything that was going on there. So excellent location yeah it is closer than yeah they're great Vanessa it's gonna help so much for anybody who is that you know. Any of the hospitals looking to. Yet that himself that was the point we wanted to be in senator but I'll end on the medical campus on mad ants this and his team are good partners of ours as well so. That was a good fit for us and a good location for crimes could now we can talk about ATMs have gotten all the good stuff but Children's Hospital. So it's hard for me get my Catholic what are you building an AT&T. Building for a particular car like all ATM's are going to be built for this kind of car. Because the next car by. Is going to be whatever car you all are. Building your eight. TMs for yeah I don't think it's that easy now now. Does we question hang Ellis out Christine thanks so as I'm sure she does now the the only thing that varies is how we spot the ATM in terms of to build out on the building itself so current that he ATMs themselves are. Make sure it's not where we might Wear a mirror or the car will hit it got to be the right height because you're going from sports car at your feet right there's a lot of variable. I was gonna I'm not everybody has long arms I was vehicle and not being I was gonna bomb attacks are based on what ATM cars and keeping the specs to us. That'll be good but this argument is there's natural branch there yet to post her eyes yet which he anywhere yes I like to have to be asked to do about this month. I can't keep on trying so hard to keep up with all the new stuff you guys are rolling out. Because I love you can deposit a check just may take a picture of a super cool that you can do that. Yet you know those. The move. Future generation on my daughter does it all the time our clients is definitely mobile and digital access to a force out and convenience so it's it's just that's table stakes in its and we have a good that it's it works well. Your app is amazing I use it all the time and it's good because. Might it seems to have more money than my kid's accounts. Like one cent child might have had twenty dollars in their count yesterday Emma what's happening right now reliant tiger I know I usual trend is there press the plus. And you sense of money and like that they have money again. Yup it's just a hug and a slight hug us but I'd just like inflation that's event but I like I like they keybank. Has been able to work out all of these these glitches 'cause I know it was a lot for our local employees here. To have to deal with the merger because that's not easy to do it. Well we converted you know as you guys know million clients over the I don't generated doubled the size of our bank. So that's you know it's an easy undertaking and you know too ghetto systems lined up the match didn't clients onboard and access to online in particular that the time was a bit of a challenge so but weren't good place and I we're back. What is usually what's the next big thing keeping that what's the future this is something we're looking forward to. Yeah there there are so many things going on in the industry and online Internet types of products regarding. Payments transfers its. Moving more and more towards specialists society. Especially. With colonials. Moving money back and forth is is. Is pretty much to cash becoming an old school kinda thing right and I understand your eyes on the idea of the banks have their own bed and most systems share he had yes they do you have that little by. You know it's some of the Internet services are not necessarily regulated the way the banks are so action you know make sure we tighten the securities and those things should our. Kids that are event mauling and people that have been going should they be careful about stuff like that why you should always be careful or anything you're doing online and in through the Internet but on you know most of the systems now are pretty well protected but you do have to be careful when you have to be a cardinal sin that you are on line and your transmitting information so you do want to be careful Gary swindles and studio with us the key bank upstate New York regional executive. Not to. Call out one particular branch a might richest super good like decline and transit branch. That's like I don't know if you picnic and BP's at a mall there but that's a good brand so we have so many MVPs and I know he'd do that and project I. Or say hi Amanda and that bridges is terrific that's oh so my neighbor yeah you know what it's it was really fun. When I wanted to introduce my kids to banking. They took each of my kids seriously as a young adult secure and help shoulder the week and I feel like. It's one of our responsibilities as parents to show our kids how to protect your money take care of it. Be responsible. There's no question to that three of the often though what you have to do their fiscal year you'll see are you one live to organize their. What he almost six I'm just joking around but I I do love keybank in that as a generous donation that you're making for the move tell me about what you most excited as. Get ready to open the doors of Children's Hospital like I think I mentioned earlier that we had an opportunity to take a tour last week and the hospital is. Awesome. Collided did just a great job. With the design and layout and the openness on the you have to spend time in the hospital this is on very bright. The atmosphere is terrific. I was really impressed by. I think that as it goes for patients this will be a very comfortable really world class facility. It's exciting to when you see all the doctors. Who touched Children's Hospital maybe not on a daily basis but they have their practices that bring in there. Everybody's excited about yes we're so close. Women and children's is an icon right hand around Western New York in you know we expect that this will be this will be the same so generations from now they'll look back on it and it's X training for key to be a. Part of it so Robert they had everybody keeping thank you very much stereo they are not shy Children's Hospital update with Gary Quenneville keybank upstate New York regional executive. I'll be going to the keybank branch today just say thank you to them because they are helping finance the actual physical move of the patients. From the current hospital to the new one and that happens in just a few short weeks we will be there for that opening day this is kiss 98 point five.