Oishei Childrens Hospital Update November 8th

Wednesday, November 8th


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Time video shiny Children's Hospital update. We have a very special guest in the studio and you wanna talk about working countless hours to open up. The shy Children's Hospital Allegra Johnson the president of the HI Children's Hospital highlight how are in mining and great thank yeah I can remember. Like a year ago. These conversations about what is. And it's gonna happen and then it's in the process in the near react this week. It's really it's incredible it's so exciting the energy right now by the team and edit edit speak for Sharon we aren't and look what has the hospital done to prepare for them. So we have spent the better part of this year outside of construction and the incredible teams have been working on the new building. Really preparing ourselves for moved days specifically in the state transfer all of our patience our team's hands spent countless hours preparing. Boring and seeing educating themselves and the new space what's gonna take to get from point a to point B. And have really really prepared themselves and enough how patients. Approximately are you moving on move day Friday. About a 150 that will change given chair next few days and we're planning on about a 150 so one in each ambulance. One patient per ambulance correct OK so and it's time. Walk me through the move day and when will the first patients start moving who gets to be patient number one that's kind of exciting and then who moves well and and. Talk a little bit about how long you think the actual physical move we'll take her somewhere estimating it'll take us somewhere. Around 24 hours to move all of the patients who were at 7 AM on Friday. Disease. Bryant street women and Children's Hospital closed on new admissions and the bush I Children's Hospital on delicate street opened to on the admissions. Both the hospitals will be fully operational essentially for them. Majority of the day down across a hill and so we have all patients safely transferred over. So when in my key points everybody and feel confident. Coming into the hospital. We're ready we have. It's essentially double the staff. Ready to care for your patients. At any given time out we are we are very prepared for that transfer pay. He picked the first patient to move it it's kind of fly. Have we I don't. We will finalize them then manifests in the plans for the patients tomorrow so I'm based on patient need them and our pediatric icu. Will have the first patient that that definitely. The PD at OK so that's and it's yeah it would appear to me the most critical get moved first to say that that's correct and if that answered about curb with each in each of them share units now. We will start that with the sickest patients and couldn't but our sickest units that are most critically ill children will be moved first we'll start at their pediatric IC you know. Are he mentality psychology patients. And and then all move into our neonatal icu and those that that transfer patients and make you there's right now about forty patients. It will be transferred aren't from that unit but you know how to mall Bob of that and we know how to do that though it's so easy you know bad. That is absolutely. You know. I think that can be done center hospital transfers happen often often yet so so we have not only had the team from top to bottom practice this move. We had nine Mac. Mac moves over the course of the last few months or twice he's been we've had twelve map of them and while last few months. And not only have we practiced it but our teams are neonatal transfer transferred. Transport team as well there pediatric transport team they do this everyday now is going to be moving our patients. Total confidence and that's. This is so exciting I can't even believe it's happening on Friday. I sell for all of the girls that a pregnant right now and maybe dare date of expecting. Is around November 10 on Friday. What if a girl goes into labor on Friday morning at seven. If a woman is in claim she should go to. I its own path on market street dynamic and and tried and will you play that new lullaby song that we allele and a little bit louder because Harris baby leave now they don't really be celebrating a first and gonna celebrate the last. And our first in math and my moms and babies will receive are really beautiful care package how good those of us treatments and gags and handles SP. Kick some wondering so what do you have a baby. It is has ever been throwing these what if questions that you. Okay see you're used to prevent Europe what a what if you have a baby on Wednesday at Children's Hospital. What you need to be in the hospital for a couple days. Do you get moved with your baby to the new one. Yes if you are not going to be discharged on Friday Lou you and your baby will be transported together. That's the one exception and so on rams and their newborns hello and one ambulance to gather all other patients will transfer. I'm four people that work downtown will Rhodes be closed. Roads are not going to be closed so we do have 45 pass and thank you for bringing it up because we're going to be talking about that allotment next couple days we do want the community. And and if at all possible to avoid them right will that be closed but we will be busy at them and care taking care of our most precious at that such children as we move from Bryant streets Alec yet. So please be cabinets and of that and please try to avoid those routes in between. I think about get all those people that live on those streets and what if that's the day you want the movers to comer to tree guy coming. Keep that in mind probably not the days to have stuff done it's gonna be Cole's gonna be veterans day so it's it's definitely. Going to be less traffic than usual but. Be aware of where you watch him go in and you're down there to I'm on Delaware all the time and there are just some people I know I didn't cross the street looking at their followers he had little glare and unaware. So I have a feeling we're got the buffalo police department our finest. I have been so I support yes and and and the city has while so they will have those roads. Very well prepared for us and now be escorting us and making sure that all of our patients to get get to Alec is street safely. I am just like in off that our community. Because if you ever around for before when people said couldn't shouldn't wouldn't. And it became it will happen and it is happening it's. Happened. It's such a spectacular. Accomplishment and I know you've had so much to do with it congratulations look. Well thank you and it really is and it's a testament to buffalo and everything that's going on in our community. And the fact that this as well this is so important to us who knew that we we've answered this happens as a community. How many children's hot freestanding children's hospitals are there in this country. There's 43 across the country there's one in New York State and it happens enough money and how many of those 43 have female presidents. That's a great question and not enough of that again and I just I I I end up I'm proud that nearly went to New York State NRA is minding your the only female president of the Children's Hospital in New York's this isn't an accomplishment and I just want girls and women. To see what's possible to break through that glass ceiling and keep. Striving to give any advice for women that are going into the medical field. You know great my advice is it's a great field to going and man or woman and don't be held back by any they have no fear. What are you most excited about with the opening of the new hospital. For for me it's really the opportunity for our community come and feel the sense of buffalo and have a stated the heart. Location for our incredible care providers are physicians or nurses are pediatric. Team. To enhance that care for our kids and pets at all about him and this new environment will allow them to do sell. And to. Really. Laden may be experience for our patients that much better. Isn't it amazing. When you think about the thought. Of thoughtful miss. The love compassion like for every corner of that hospital. Whether it was a family that wanted to give. Part of their wealth to the hospital or company sharing their revenues to make a spot in this hospital. I think about all of the different people that made sure that their hand print went into that hospital whether it was an idea for a garden or. Or mural of all of these different things so many hearts are already inside that. Hospital you know are so we're so blessed to have her own Children's Hospital. And pain and we're so lucky to ham on the incredible care providers. It's evident this community. Appreciates. The only thing that they do for us. And you can't be can't locking into one step and this new cinema John Nash I shouldn't have to and that feel our community Nazi reference to our community. That C a piece of art that somebody donated and raised in order to make us. Feel comfortable feel comfortable when you're in a scary that two years. Your team and your staff is so representative of all that that love and skill and dedication for the city of buffalo. You talk about the Renaissance in buffalo this is proof positive like. Yeah doesn't get any more clear than this is a very special event. Give them their time and space on Friday for the move and then go down there and celebrate the hospital. Honored that you're letting us broadcast from the hospital that day thank you so much it's going to be great to scrub some. White coats I mean I I can get my hands Sambo I try leftists still am but like I what do you think what you gonna Wear. I will be wearing. And these. Blue Jackets okay it depicts him as the commander in chief of this day nice as I get that. Net possession and I like and and and things like facts okay very countless is the only yeah. Everyday Wear a downer when I mean she wants to act on it I you shut it would it be funded now again. And I don't I'm between scrubs or white coat. How we sit up and she's both cold and this is the coat was facility like this is gonna just proved that this is what this city needs for someone who doesn't know what that means what's the coolest part. For our patients and families they are going to be able to park in the new parking ramp that is at 854. Delicate little and leave their car walk over bridge into the size of anti government on. Covered the the alarm. And from there if they need to go to medical school making it to the month of excellence in medical schools open if they need to get our outpatient facility it commence this building. They can watch great opportunities they want to go to the TV higher buffalo general. Or Roswell they can enter into. Yes I children's hospital and will be able to lock throughout the entire camp and allow for care. That is amazing yeah well congratulations again Pratt is an exciting day and that we kiwi to be there. Thank you nation and Aaron electorate are as president of RadioShack the only female president of the freestanding Children's Hospital in New York State. That's girl power I like.